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  1. Huh….I think we need to be investigating….. these accidents weren't an accident. What political party are these people on? Have they noted it on social media? Because weird stuff is happening. I feel that I'm being followed all the time. I'm no longer on any Facebook because I got plastered on terrorist sites. I think we should be checking into these weird accidents and deaths that are happening around. I think they're being taken out buy American terrorists and they're aiming at your children or adults personally and I do believe they're going after Conservative Republican people and they have your names and your addresses your car where you work where you go everything. And I think their suicide terrorist they do things like this. This is just my opinion but that's what I believe that is going on. look at how many weird deaths and fires that have been going on in the cities and around the cities. All the corruption and homicides think about it. You need to be looking at the backgrounds of these people and finding out if they are taken out conservative people one by one.

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