Pokeone – Best 3D Pokemon game for the PC 2019 – Install Tutorial

September 8, 2019

Oh what up guys my name is Dell and this
is pokey one if you guys are so tired of the 2d Pokemon games and are looking for
a brand new Pokemon game to play on your PC then you came to the right place cuz
pokey one is the 3d alternative to that and on top of that guys it also allows
cross play with your friends and also teaming up so you can actually team up
with your best friends in a group of four and go and take on the notorious
gym leaders from all the Kanto and Johto regions so go check out pokey one guys
I’m gonna show you guys how to install it right now alright the very first
thing guys is you’re gonna want to head on over to your web browser and go check
out the meta fire link that you see on the screen right now or if not look in
the description once you’re here guys you’re going to want to hit the green
download button now this is a 1.0 4 gigabyte file ok guys now that you’ve
finished downloading the file you’re going to want to go locate the file and
you’re going to want to drag that onto your desktop you’re gonna want to open
it you’re going to want to extract the contents onto the desktop ok now that
you have another desktop guys you’re going to want to open the p1 setup I just make sure you guys click Next and
store everything properly and once you have it installed guys you’re going to
see something like this make sure you start it up and it’s gonna take a while
to pretty much finish downloading but just make sure that you let it install
once it’s fully installed you just want to click the Go button and right here guys you’re going to want
to sign up and make a brand new account don’t worry about it it’s free once you
have your account you’re going to want to enter your credentials you’re going
to want to click login and you’re gonna start the game as a normal pokémon game
from the beginning and that’s pretty much it
hi since I already have an account of course I’m ready a little further ahead
but as you guys can see this is a three-dimensional Pokemon game so yeah
guys think you guys so much peace

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