Pokemon Masters – Part 12: Candle and Flame! (F2P Android & IOS)

September 16, 2019

Welcome back everyone! It’s, Abdallah here with another exciting episode of Pokemon Masters right over here on your Android and mobile device. Thanks so much for coming back and thanks for smash that like button Thanks for subscribing and thanks for turning on notifications. You guys are amazing at doing that Let me know in the comments if you guys have done all of that Anyway, today is all about the chapter 12, which is gonna be a pretty cool episode We are on our way to just beating the game. It feels like the PML is right at our fingertips. We don’t really have any Any people that we really want to talk to all these guys are kind of doing their own things They don’t have the magnifying glass on them. So they’re not really worth investigating but We do have on our main story as I talked to you guys about earlier We have the candle and flame chapter 12 that we’re going to be doing But before we do that, let’s jump into sync pair of stories. We got a couple of them. Oh, oh we got Yeah, we do have some because in the previous episode in case you guys missed it playlists linked in the description Sygna Suit Brock, we’ve got Siebold who we cranked out of the Gatcha and then we’ve got ha which is also an auto befriend So anyway, let’s start on the top Sygna Suit Brock! A day with Sygna Suit Brock Sygna Suit every character now, what’s the deal and then give them a new Pokemon? That’s how you make so many different Oh my gosh, it’s over Hey, perfect timing, Abdallah. Now. I want an honest answer. What do you do? You think this outfit suits me? Yeah I’m glad to hear you think so, too I’m rather fond of this suit myself, but I also kind of feel like it’s a little too much. Well, I do like it It’s a little embarrassing at the same time You look like Tyranitar! oh, you noticed – Apparently this Sygna II was designed to give trainers a stronger connection to their Pokemon I’m not familiar with fashion, but some so-called famous designer was very insistent that I wear this suit and Here’s the weird thing when I’m wearing this outfit. I feel like I’ve become Tyranitar. I’ve been training with Tyranitar for a while now I would trust them with my life. And before I started wearing the suit, I thought we perfectly understood each other But once I put on this outfit, I feel like I can knit. I feel like I can feel the same things He does like I know exactly what he wants me to do with incredible clarity At least that’s how it feels I can focus on honing the sensation to perfection Tyranitar and I should be able to reach new heights This Sygna Suit made me feel the possibility of becoming even closer to my Pokemon. What seems pretty cool I want to wear it – as a fellow trainer I can understand the sentiment Tyranitar is known as the Armor Pokemon The Sygna Suit is my armor now Tyranitar and I can fight even closer than ever Listen up Abdallah now that I have the Sygna suit, don’t you think? We’re the same as we were before we’re stronger than you can imagine Well, that’s cool nice to know you’re Brock I like the outfit yo, give me, Sygna Suit Misty and we’ll call it a day All Right. Here’s Siebold Now remember Siebold is not a free-to-play unit. He is someone that I pulled out of the Gatcha so This meant you may not have access to this. So it’s exclusive to this Let’s Play. Well, unless you were lucky enough to pull him Abdallah met up with Siebold to buy some ingredients for the his recipe Once they collected everything on the list they decided to go for a short break. You have my deepest gratitude Thanks to you I was able to gather all the ingredients I need in record time Soon with the expert touch of my chef’s knife These fresh crisp vegetables will be reborn whether the ingredients shine beautifully in the dish or end up ruining It depends on the skill each job. We chefs must carefully consider our ingredients and take full responsibility for the outcome of each dish We create ingredients in chefs Pokemon and trainers they tell the relationships between them are quite similar in a lot of ways I think that’s why both of them appeal to me so much I hate to change the subject so abruptly, but I have a question that I’d like to ask you Do you believe that Pokemon have limitless potential? Yes, I do interesting Many Pokemon live their lives very close to our own while others do not show themselves in front of people at all Most of them are shrouded in mystery. Therefore we can’t possibly know How limitless their potential? to draw out the hidden potential in our Pokemon to create a future full of Possibility is the greatest mission of for all of us trainers Personally, I do believe that Pokemon have limitless potential hidden deep within them The PML is is like a great brilliant stage where we can witness that potential with our own two eyes Nothing makes me happier than watching a Pokemon witnessing firsthand the incredible Potential that trainers are able to draw from their Pokemon leave it and let’s do our absolute best Always of course trainers can help draw out the potential and their fellow trainers as well, you know Just as I do with the recipes I create I’ve endeavored to draw out my claw answers maximum potential and With me doing so, Clawitzer has also Helped me draw my own potential as a trainer and just as certain ingredients and spices served to heighten the flavor of others in recipes To show to do Pokemon and their trainers we are better together. I’ve witnessed it in others and experienced the firsthand incredible Yes indeed But what it all boils down to in the end is this I want nothing more than to truly connect with my food Well now all of this talking has made me work up quite an appetite. We’ve already purchased all the necessary ingredients I think it’s time. We turned them into something shockingly delicious feast your eyes as chefs Siebold, draws out the limitless potential of the ingredients. He’s chosen for this dish cool if the battle began Okay, I was gonna ask if he was wearing a skirt, but he’s not that’s just a chef’s apron cool I don’t really remember anything about Sebold but hey, you know what? I like his, Clawitzer. I like what it does It’s a really good unit and we’re done from there. So here’s how Okay, uh, let’s bet how many times is he gonna say? Malasada? I think he’s gonna say it twice my bet is two times I’ve never seen I’m gonna he’s gonna say malasadas twice in the entire text Maybe maybe we just once. Abdallah, spotted at how walking into the mountains Concerned about righteous cries. He decided to follow Hall into the mountains Hey Wait, is that it’s, Abdallah. Were you following me? Yeah. No. Oh you don’t have to hide it I mean, it’s not really a secret that I’m here. I actually came here to Train I don’t know quite how it happened But somehow I ended up here in Pasio Oh as long as I’m here though, I want to get stronger. I know what you mean There’s somebody I want to beat my rival always comes at me and doesn’t hold anything back kind of like you But I’ve never won a match so I can’t help but feel frustrated and a little sad. What do you mean? You’ve never won a match you were the champion in, Alola What that’s why I’m going to meet a really strong trainer up ahead Alright, let’s go right you I hear this trainer super strong, but I’m sure the two of us can handle it Ha are you not feeling up to this maybe our sync strength isn’t as high as I thought but we’ve served so much Maybe he didn’t eat any malasadas? That’s true, Abdallah. Sorry, Raichu I forgot our promise today We were supposed to go explore in the town today weren’t we? I’m so sorry Raichu. Come on. Don’t be angry What what’s that smell it smells really good here comes ah Dang it. I must have accidentally touched, Raichu’s cheeks. What do you mean? If you ever touch an Alolan Rainchu’s cheeks the smell of Pancakes come wafting out. *Okay, so Localization team said you know, what if we put in malasadas over here people don’t know what that means So we’re gonna replace it with pancakes* Nobody knows why though or maybe it’s not I don’t know miss dawn the fact that nobody really knows why right? You look like the way they do in a, Alola there are people that say that it’s because they ate too many pancakes, but I think it’s the opposite Oh Tell me more Pancakes in Alola make you hungry with just their smell So I think right you’ll learn to ride on their tails so that you’ll find and eat pancakes more easily What do you think right you? I? Guess he’s just hungry. He doesn’t care for theories right now. All right forget training for today. Let’s all get some pancakes eat, dude I’m telling you. It’s come with us Abdallah and Once we’re done eating I’d like you to come and train with us I think you’re a lot stronger of an opponent than the other trainee dude. I’m telling you localization staff at DNA is like The people in Singapore and Canada are not gonna know what malasadas are but pancakes are What’s gonna be known? So let’s just we’re gonna solve the malasada. I’m gonna call that comb that down and we’re gonna show pancakes I’m telling you that was a thing that happens watch anyway Here we go chapter 12 the candle in the flame part 1 Wow Oh Dang, yo, Infernape, excuse me. Oh, but why Blaine why? Just when I need him the most he has to go and throw out his back I made it so far and now I don’t have a team right but just when you Think my fire is gonna go out. It sets the burn even brighter The grand tournaments had begun at last but for the girl a great challenge remaining, huh who talks like that? Sounds like somebody reading a book Sean tall all right. Whoo, we finally made it to Central City Chandelure Now we just got a hunt for a team. I hope we can find some nice people to join us Yeah Sean tall. Oh hello there Flint. I had no idea you were here on coffee. Oh – oh, yeah. I’m here Anyway, you weren’t thinking about competing in the PML. Where were you? Oh, yeah, I am planning on competing in the tournament as a matter of fact What is it? Is it something is something the matter Flint? Whoa, I just found the best possible team mate. What huh? Am I missing something, right? Come on, Chantal. You got to team up with me so we can burn up the PML together. They form a team with you I know good and well how fiery your spirit is you and I together will be the strongest team out there I’m flattered that you think so highly of me But if I compete in this tournament, I’m gonna be competing to win I intend to take that seriously Yeah, well, I will – as long as you both give it our all nothing is impossible Just look at your chandelure My chandelure, what about her? Can you see how she’s burning up with excitement? Hmm, I suppose so now have a look at my inferni You can see it right the same fiery passion sure But I don’t understand what this has to do with the winning the tournament Don’t you see Pokemon battles are all about how your spirit burns just like our fiery hearts Our pokemons bodies and minds are flames. I don’t think anyone can stop us if we teamed up we can definitely win this whole thing You really think we can win this together How about it Sauntall? I’m still not sure I understand your logic Flint, but I do think we have a chance at victory with your fiery spirit and my keen observation I believe Yes, let’s form a team! Flint a team of flames igniting our passion for Pokémon battling That’s what I’m talking about, Shauntal. Let’s burn the competition down to cinders Okay, cool, I like Infernape a lot So are up against you I heard a lot about you and how you’re supposedly the new ugly comments Let’s give it a let’s give it all we’ve got and have a burning hot battle with Chantal and me together you’re up against two fire elite four members a Fervent hot-blooded pro ready to charge any fresh young talent poised for battle flames of determination danced in their eyes The teams were well matched in power and skill, but only one could claim victory end Oh, I do hope it’s our team that triumphs at the end of this victory No need o for anything, Shauntal. We’ve definitely got two let’s show just how hot you can get right. We’ll give it everything we got All right, Abdallah, let’s see how fiery your passion for battles is Okay, so we just bring water types I Don’t think it’s gonna be that easy he’s probably gonna require like a psychic-type and like a ghost type right? I Don’t know Challenge Flint and Shauntal water and rock. Okay. We got some water types Who’s gonna who’s gonna do the word? Who is free to play by the way? That’s a water type? Free to play we got Barry. Oh we got, Misty. Uh, yeah we could do Barry We haven’t seen, Barry in a while He’s a little sick see Barry so he can do work and then who was our next one. I’m sorry Was it fighting? Let me look. Oh no hoes Rock. Okay. Oh dude Tyranitar. Yeah, we can bring Tyranitar. Oh All right, so let’s go no, I want Turan Attar to be the star of the show Rock slide rock solid finisher all this is gonna be good Very just does full heel car determination Yeah, I guess, Barry’s gonna be fine. All right. Yeah, this will be. Okay. We’ll do some work All right, here we go, two strikers and one support I’m not worried about losing. I just like I don’t feel the synergy with having two strikers and one support Anyway, here we go. We’re gonna give it a shot. I was saying usually you have one striker and two supports, but I think Okay, two weaknesses against water we’re gonna go no hesitation we’re gonna go X attack We’re gonna go talk Special Attack all no hesitation again X attack again special attack all we can do bubblebeam There’s one bubblebeam Boom let’s do another bubblebeam cause that was oh how in the world that you heal that 699 he’ll Stop healing him. Oh, he’s gonna own us Alright here we go and pulley on sink moon Late fee bubble beam Boom 35 Wow! Alright, so we’re gonna do a little bit of rock slide rock slide was a little too much Dang Chandelure avoided the rock tomb what? You’re not gonna avoid this rock tomb It’s not a sink pair so we’re fine He avoided two rock tombs Nice okay, okay Not too bad I thought that, Infernape was gonna hit us with that big sink move but like our Cooldown was right on par with what it needed to be All right. Good job team level 60s. We got an 85 supporter that worked out Tyranitar and brah pretty cool pretty cool for sure Okay, what’s next Okay, Candle and Flame part two we got a four star Infernape Wow Okay. Okay Infernape though. Let’s see. I hope he has fire and fighting movies That would be really good Flint is just in awe Oh Flint your flame can’t have been snuffed out that easily But I’m done for burned right down to the cinders Thank You, Abdallah This experience has given me so much to be inspired about. I feel like I could turn it into a spectacular novel I guess it’s not as easy to succeed in the PML as a boss We did have a burning hot battle. Thanks to you Chantal o Flint Um, Abdallah, would you be willing to let Flint here join your team Oh, what are you talking about? Shawn Tom’s? Flint you and Infernape have a fire within you your flames Your flame burns. Brightly and you still have the potential to burn you It’s time to use that flame to shine a light on Abdallah and his Pokemon, but what about you Well, I’m an author as well as a pokemon trainer Sometimes it’s better for me to take a step back and observe the bigger picture What do you think of della? Will you let Flint join your team? I’m ready to feel the burn All right, thanks Abdallah and oh and in case you didn’t catch my name I’m Flint the fire type user who specializes Battles, I’m looking forward to teaming up with you Okay, not too bad holy phone ring it ring it baby, okay, that’s not a problem For and let me tell you my heart’s always on fire cool Okay, new chapter unlocked boom 13, whoa is that Lorelai? Ooh girl All right. All right Here’s what we need to do and we need to go take a look at Infernape and see how good he is All right. So Infernape guys Infernape the jam That was definitely on my favorite. He’s so fast He’s speedy slept you turn on him close combat flare blitz Yo, I used to love competitive Infernape. He was awesome. He’s a staple on my teams He would steamroll through so many different Pokemon moves in skills. Here we go. Let’s see what he is Our level 29 Infernape. Here we go. So Oh a special move Fire Blast. Oh, man. He’s got fire punch She’s mixed attack. Okay, I don’t know I feel about that Fire punch has a small chance of leaving the target burned. It’s a – it’s a two-bar 47 physical attack. All right cool. Dire hit is more for crits raises the users crit rate Okay, you got fire blasts, which is a 3 bar Accuracy 85 that it’s devastating when you miss an attack, so that’s not that good 1:16 for three bars trash We’re on fire. It sharply raises the users attack and special attack Okay, so he covers both bases attack and special attack that’s decent I mean, what about his passive power goes up moves in a pinch? I mean and then added crit rate. There’s nothing to boost his accuracy, which is what he needs for his Fire Blast So I mean looking at him right now His special attack and attack are even so it really doesn’t matter. He’s not leaning towards physical attack or a special attack It’s right dead on in the middle. So I mean, I guess that’s pretty cool and he’s got the no Additional effect of overheat. So yeah, he’s pretty decent I Mean, I’ll give him the moves like this is it’s a pretty decent fire But how does he compare it to our other fire type on the team which is, Torkoal? You’d really have to pay some point fully got one. He’s a four-star. So he’s gonna be naturally a little bit stronger He’s got his bases covered for attack and special attack, which is cool The only thing I don’t like about him his fire blasts in the 85% accuracy mess That’s rough. So maybe if you have another pokemon that gives accuracy boost to everyone Maybe I don’t know he seems okay. He seems okay on paper. He seems alright and I don’t know if I can honestly unlock his level cap, because I’ve been like Stuck. Oh do it I’m on my last little punch. So does my strikes out of here? So yeah, there we go, that’s my last striker soda And yeah, we got a we got to start farming a little bit more of those So anyway guys that’s gonna be it for episode. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Oh No, not just yet. We have to do a summon sync pair Scout All right, here we go. Sync pair Scout happening right now. Make it count Sync pair Scout free-to-play Free-to-play gems. I’m almost out of them guys. We’re gonna be All these story modes are not giving us as many gems as they used to so It’s kind of the end of the line guys Give me a 5 star please. I will take a new type of dark poison. I Need turkey poison. Yeah, yo, I don’t need minna. Come on man I already have one. All right. Well, they’re gonna be a little stronger now That’s okay. I guess you know what you can’t win them all and yes You will get doubles. So you just gotta go for it. I mean Anyway, thanks so much for watching. That’s gonna be it I hope you guys enjoyed today’s episode if you guys did be sure to leave a like on the video that tells me that you Guys want to see me play this even more. Other than that. We’ve got more episodes coming for you We got the finale coming up soon We got to do maybe like two more battles of the Elite Four or something and we’ll go from there Make sure you guys are all subscribed right click on that subscribe button. It’s absolutely free turn on notifications so you’re alerted of the latest and greatest Pokemon masters content on Android and IOS mobile devices. We’ll see you guys all next time. Thanks for watching. Take care Captions by: @N1nt3nBr0

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