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Pokémon – Evolving The Gaming Community

August 27, 2019

[Intro Music] ♪Luxior / Moth♪ This year marks the 20th anniversary of Pokémon. A property that over the years became as much a social movement, as it was a gaming experience. This platform for players to connect with each other, exploring and discovering together, while transcending language, age, and culture, creating this global community. Beginning in Japan, with Pokémon Red & Pokémon Green, and later Pokémon Blue when it was imported into the West in ’98… …where it found a massive audience in American consumers, who proved quickly, that this wasn’t just another fad, like Tamagotchi. But it all started in 1996, with Game Freak. A small team of developers led by Pokémon creator Satoshi Tajiri. And, just to clear up a bit of widespread misinformation… This is NOT Satoshi Tajiri. This is current Pokémon Company CEO, Tsunekazu Ishihara. THIS is Satoshi Tajiri. The founder of Game Freak. A company that started as a small self-published gaming magazine where Tajiri could express admiration for games and game developers. But on April 26, 1989, just 5 days after the release of the Game Boy, Tajiri, with the help of Ken Sugimori, the magazine’s artist, turned Game Freak into a video game production company. What drew Tajiri to the platform, was the potential he saw in the Game Boy’s linking functionality. That data transfer system inspired a dream, in which he saw little creatures, crawling along the cable, from one game to another, and Tajiri was also a big fan of the Japanese series, Ultra Seven. A show in which the protagonist can fight with monsters hidden inside little capsules And out of those two concepts, the idea for Pokémon was born, with production beginning in 1990, and taking nearly 6 years to complete, Then, by that point, the Game Boy hit a major lull in popularity. But, despite the hardware being nearly out of date by the time of its release, Pokémon went on to become one of the Game Boy’s most profitable titles. Boosting at sales over 250% after launch. And its popularity spread across the globe, with the still ongoing anime series and the trading card game, each of which simultaneously contributed to and borrowed from one another, shaping Pokémon into being this international multimedia phenomenon, with every kid in the world wanting to “catch ’em all”. As a child diagnosed with autism, Tajiri spent most of his free time collecting bugs, and that played a major in developing the mechanics of the game. The concept of collectibility really resonates with gamers: Trophies and gamer score. Every game has collectibles, and sure you can collect things in games like Sonic and Mario, but those coins and rings don’t really mean anything. If you have ever played 52-Card Pickup, you know that THIS is not a game; it’s a chore. But these collectibles were special; They were yours, something that you can showoff to your friends, and they could show off to you. And that’s where the social hook came in, because Pokémon games come in pairs, each with there own version-exclusive Pokémon. So, with Red & Blue, each game had 11 Pokémon only available on one of the two games, in addition to 4 Pokémon that would only evolve when traded, which made out of the 151 Pokémon, a tenth of them were only accessible by trading. So, through the game’s design alone, the community was built from the ground up. It’s brilliant marketing, because not only does it promote sales, but it also encourages collaboration, which is required to achieve the main goal of the game. Gaming typically gets a bad wrap with marketing, especially with pre-order exclusives and bundle exclusives, but with Pokémon’s open barter system, as long as you have 1 game, every piece is there for the taking. The exclusivity only extends to your ability to interact with other players, and that’s laid out for you, right at the beginning with your starter Pokémon. Players are immediately broken up into three categories, when introduced to these three Pokémon, two of with you cannot obtain in your own game, at least not alone, and that kickstarts the sociability aspect. You have one SAVE. You pick Charmander, you gotta go hunt for Bulbasaur and Squirtle, but not out in the tall grass, in the real world. You gotta socialize, you gotta participate. It gave a lot of shy kids, myself included, a foundation for conversation. Young introverted people tend to have difficulties with ice-breakers. Pokémon served as a sort of… …blanketed interest for most of us, which made it a lot easier to make friends. It’s why people go to the movies on a first date. It gives you a topic of conversation. A starting point for the relationship to evolve. Pokémon was designed to be a social experience, even though the Game Boy was very much a device to escape social interaction. It isn’t just built on the connection with a player and their Pokémon, or a player and their game, but with a player and other players. If two games share data with one another, they’re linked forever. When a Pokémon is traded, it remembers the original trainer that captured and raised it. And its stat sheet is branded with that player’s name. And of course that alone won’t create lasting bonds between people, but Pokémon’s encouragement of cooperation and competition will. For me, growing up with these games played an important part in learning the merits of sharing, and sportsmanship. And you get that from athletics or summer camp or church, but, for a lot of people, it came out of this little 350 kilobyte cartridge. I grew up in the 1st Pokémon generation, but now every generation has their Pokémon. Every game will be someone’s first and every kid will grow up with these characters. That 8-bit journey we started 2 decades ago isn’t over. Because there is still so many new people to connect with and so much more to discover. [End Music] ♪Tyler The Creator – Hey You (Prod. Toro Y Moi)♪

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  1. "I grew up in the first Pokemon generation, but now every generation has their Pokemon."

    Every generation? Like…Generation Y (you), and Generation Z? I guess that's "every" if you start counting at Y, but punches pretty weak when you realize it's only 2 total.

  2. I've been contemplating whether or not I should get a 3ds to play pokemon and you've finally convinced me to take the step

  3. They just give away the best Pokemon now, games are easier, more legendaries in each game.. having good Pokemon isn't really special anymore.. and thats where they went wrong, Well, that and arguably changes in design styles over the generations.

  4. One of the best channels on Youtube imho and I've watched a hell of a lot of YouTube. I like video documentaries like these and like on the channel 'Every Frame A Painting'. Your style reminds me of his in that you're both very thoughtful about the details, the pacing, and the overall production as a piece itself, instead of a part of a totally formulaic series. Keep it up!

  5. And then wonder trade took interaction away, lol. But at least we have other ways to share our love of the game. Great vid

  6. Hello there! I just found out about your channel, and love the way you introduce graphics and animation into your explanations – it makes them look very unique and entertaining to watch.

    I noticed you used one of my drawings in your video (Pikachu with the starters, at 3:43) and would really appreciate if you credited me somewhere in the video description as the author. It would really help me out! I even have a speedpaint of that very drawing in my channel, if you'd like to see it 🙂

    Thank you!

  7. im actually surprised you don't have more views man. I watched your gambino video and that was amazing. Keep up the good work man i'll try to spread the word about you! stay awesome.

  8. just wanted to say your videos are killer and the editing and info are top notch and very interesting. keep it up dude!

  9. I wish pokemon would encourage a lot more online trading with a inbuilt economy like csgo, it would add life into its more 1 player based modern releases 🙁

  10. ok hold up, how does this video have the least views out of every single one of kaptainkristian's videos
    not saying the others arent great, but this is without a doubt the best video to date
    anyone have any idea what the deal with this is??

  11. oh man, ive been close to tears on many videos, but this one legit made me cry, pokemon has been such an important part of my life and its so amazing to see it is the same for so many people
    thanks to this little game i was able to meet so many cool people, including my lover whom ive know for 8 years and deeply love

    when people talk bad about it and use it as an insult or dont know how big Pokemon really is it saddens me because this is not just a game, its an experience that made a lot of peoples lives better

  12. Anyone play Magikarp Jump? It's surprisingly well built. It looks like a full blown Nintendo DS game but with a satirical gameplay and message. I wish the effort put into that game was put into Pokemon Go.

  13. The information that you're sharing is so well laid out, but I find myself watching over and over again to study your use of motion graphics. SO GOOD!

  14. 350 kilobytes!?!? Holy shit I can't believe how small the original games were, that's amazing. They seemed like huge games when I was a kid. With all this stuff you could do.

  15. Grew up playing the Sinnoh Region generation.. Memories draw out playing as Pearl (or Dawn, idk). The hi-jinks and hours poured into the game is a memento of my growth.

    But alas…. Nothing ever last forever. A mark of maturity was to delete your own save file for your little brother. I can't be a selfish sister; he too must also experience the joy I had. 😉

  16. Gigguk: "No one in the anime review community is in their prime. When ever KaptainKristian makes a video related to anime he blows us all out of the fucking water"

    Maybe I should go see this Kristian guys videos.

    ….Oh holy shit

  17. Sometimes I want to download fire red rom and play, but I can't be satisfied like I was back when I had my Gameboy and Pokemon blue, :/

  18. My wife and I are together because of Pokemon. We both started in gen one as kids, and met and became friends in gen four. HG/SS got us really talking, and soon after dating, now seven years later we live together and are very happy and excited for each new game. So ya Id' say it really brings people together.

  19. i discovered kaptain kristian's channel by his spiderman video on ign.. after watching it i immediatly watched all his video one after the other.. the quality is just over the top, quality of the video as for the information, editting, pacing, you just cant get bored he is a unique youtuber someone who is able to deliver such unique content is raw talent… some of the videos that he made are things i dont even like but still watch the video cause he makes the subject interesting… us viewers scavenge through youtube to watch things that we have interest to kaptain kristian is able to make you watch his video even if its something you dont like and that is just amazing…

  20. People who weren't a kid back in the 90's when Red/Blue dropped simply cannot understand the utter MAGIC it had. It was stuffed the brim and dripping with MYSTERY. It was a game so monumental that you got your ass out of bed at 5am every morning so you could watch the first season of the anime before you went to school. You just cannot understand the wonder it had on our young minds. This is why the most rabid fan base of pokemon go at launch was adults in their late twenties and early thirties; the 90's kids…

  21. Oh man, nostalgia.
    I feel like the internet has killed a lot of the magic of 1st Gen Pokemon though.
    You don't actually need to interact with people in real life to trade Pokemon anymore.
    Back then I often found myself talking to people in school I would otherwise never talk to, just to trade some Pokemon or tips.

  22. But all these points are moot when one has all the games and just catches all the pokemon by themselves.

  23. If there's one thing I can say about each and every video by our kaptain, is that the first watch is for the content and the 2nd and 3rd are for the crafstmanship.

  24. 04:11 WRONG => 'Americans' / consumer-bigots only know how to cooperate with people that are EXACTLY like themsevles, and are 'entitled' to be mean, alienating, 'upset' bigots towards anyone 'different'. Your comment about being "introverted" is total bull$hit, as ALL 'AMERICANS' live in asphalt, GRUELING traffic, REMOTE strip malls, REMOTE office parks, REMOTE Indian/Chinese/Mexican goods outlets / Wallmarts, REMOTE condo / 'townhouse' complexes, and MORE ASPHALT AND GRUELING TRAFFIC >when you live in a fake country that caters to oxycotin/heroin epidemics, outsourced labor, cars and asphalt, and 'entitled' alienating bigotry more than improving livability and cooperation, THEN WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU EXPECT than shallow brand identity driven crap like pokemon, sports teams / gambling, porn, drugs, cheesy lame deteriorating 'pop music', 'fashion' this is pretty much people waling around in their pajamas and underwear, all making an effort to avoid anyone that isnt into the same 'niche' as themselves???

    04:13 People go to movies on a first date to have sex, or make out in the theater, or to just not have to deal with talking -going to a movie on a first date is lame, unless you want to just get physical in the theater (since kids do not have their own apartment -they live at home), you dont even know that person yet and you are going to sit next to them and say nothing to each other for a couple hours??? >that is very 'American' / consumer-bigot. If you need to spend money and time at a consumer mass merchandising driven flick in order to 'have conversation' on a first date, then you are most likely from this fake @ss, sorry a$$ 'country'… and that is a POOR starting point for something to 'evolve'…

  25. Dude…your editing choices are fucking phenomenal. I especially love the hook sequence and how it pulls the next scene into focus.

  26. The first pokemon games are a technical artistic masterpiece that i feel is sometimes overshadowed by how big the franchise got. Every pixel and sound in that game has purpose, nothing is wasted. Definition of doing alot with very little.

  27. The fact that an autistic dude created Pokemon is so inspiring as I have Aspergers and being very socially awkward I instantly gravitate towards a replacement for speaking and communication which Pokemon did for me.

  28. I just watched this in 2019 for the fun of it and now I feel the need to replay a Pokemon game to relive my childhood.

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