#POK18 Running Interview with Kaisa (CC EN-DE-RU)
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#POK18 Running Interview with Kaisa (CC EN-DE-RU)

November 16, 2019

[Music] it’s still a long way tighten your shoes shoulders and my fingers my weakest parts [Music] hey
good morning are you on a morning run?
yeah! Do mind if I join you? yeah!
Cool! I don’t have to run alone let’s go [small talk] [Music] I like the light in Finland the next months it’s not possible to get that much light yeah so I mean like last time I saw you we were in Tyumen and you told me I don’t know I need a holiday and see how it goes there: the beach… the book… did it go this way? yeah but first I went to Lapland to ski one week and it was really awesome, I had so much energy to ski the long tours with actually Selina, she was there too with her family so it was super nice week to end the ski season and after that we went to Thailand. In the first week I was really relaxed and I was like: oh so nice to be here and not to think about biathlon or to think about the sports… then the second week was really tough, I started to think: what should I do with my life should I quit there or should I continue? and all the things were so open in our team now and that was quite confusing because I know that I can train pretty much alone in the summer, but if I want to make success in the winter I also need a really good team and so it was a little bit stressful second week of holidays, but then when I came home the things started to figure out and then it was finally easy decision in the end here we are again! Good, should we keep on running a little bit? yeah keep going [Music] it’s biathlon: in these years I have except that it’s ups and lows for everyone, that’s the reason why people like this sport I think. Let’s have some stretch again. I ask people to join the competition just to wrote some memory about my career or if they have met me in the food store or talked to me somewhere or whatever now it’s almost 900 requests from last evening and then people are telling so cool stories… not yet anyone has said that I was partying with you somewhere! yesterday I kind of realized that ok that that biathlon has grown up really much in the last years in Finland and that’s something I can be proud of because this sport really deserves that. We have been so long time only the cross country and now biathlon seems to feel really!
what do you look forward to then for this new season?
I hope that I can still have fun, I hope that I can really enjoy my job, not only stress about tomorrow’s race and there will be a lot of races during this winter and I think that I’m more calm that what I used to be when I was younger, so I know how this World Cup is going on, rolling on… anyway some day it’s a bad results some day maybe better results… try only to focus on what you are doing and not stress about that somebody’s going really fast in the trainings so… so Kaisa, should we expect you back for what three seasons maybe Olympics?
No, not three seasons! One or two. I had a difficult summer and during the summer I was thinking many times that I only want to survive until next spring but you never know and everybody is talking about Antholz.. The Antholz world championships 2020 it’s I think that there are a lot of athletes who really wait for that it’s for sure one of the favorite places for everybody but you never know I go season by season now with this age with this body which seems it’s not working like when I was 25 and I have to accept that I have had good years and I hope to have one or two good years again okay hey let’s finish the run oh you know what I think I’m really slowing you down today so I see you at the stadium ah it’s still a long way to go but see you okay ciao

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  1. Great interview, really beautiful place and camera work, and of course Kaisa is incredible and is going to have a great season! #gokaisa

  2. Here is about 500 million people of TV audience per season in biathlon. But here on the official IBU YouTube channel we can see just 12000 subscribers. And it’s really sad. I think that IBU should attract more and more viewers through promotion and popularization of its channel.

  3. When I started watch biathlon in 2011 Kaisa, Ekholm, Neuner, Berger, Henkel and Domracheva were the best ones then. Ekholm and Neuner retired in 2012, Berger and Henkel in 2014 and Domracheva last season. But Kaisa is still there and fighting for podium places. Great and long career.

  4. Kaisa does deserve a great Season, just like the last one, she‘s such a fighter!
    More interviews with her are desired ☺️☺️
    #gokaisa ??

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