Point Blank Range … HOW BAD IS IT ?
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Point Blank Range … HOW BAD IS IT ?

August 14, 2019

at syndromes gy6 vids and in today’s episode we have guns versus ballistics-gel at point-blank range this thing’s gonna blow a hole so big this whole shoulder might come off okay so we’re gonna get right into it we go from gun to gun to gun and step up the calibers as we go and change them up a bit starting off with 9-millimeter we are using the Lehi defense these are some nasty rounds firearm are using is the Taurus PT 92 nine-millimeter a rash [Music] alright so next up is 45 ACP we have a 1911 this is the Kimber Eclipse pro 2 and we’re shooting the HP r 185 grain jacketed hollow points smooth this looks like in the chest barton hole [Music] why stop at a single 1911 when you can do a double barrel 1911 we have the Arsenal firearms 2011 this is a double-barreled 1911 shooting – 45 ACP rounds using the exact same HPR rounds rather than doing it this way where the high speeds only gonna see one show that’s just it’s the kill shot we have two and three – what [Music] all right up next 44 Magnum why not this is the Taurus Raging Bull 44 Magnum do the Barnes vortex 225 green hollow-point round definitely we use a decent hole in whatever you shoot we’re about to see it firsthand my job [Music] clearly we can’t move on past any type of firearm without using the Smith & Wesson 500 this thing is a tank and a fire breather hopefully we’ll be able to see some fire on the gel the are shooting Hornady xt p 500 grain projectiles comparing this to the 44 magnum round it’s like child’s play it’s like putting in a lipstick container [Music] yeah merica good god you feel the difference the concussive forces I we’re doing the five five six air 15 alright let’s get into it done that then I’ve done that hmm I highly doubt that’s gonna be nearly as cool as the Smith & Wesson 500 this is gonna be our drum that we won’t care if we get the hole in it is this one’s about to go right through this barrel you guys ready rock and roll ears in alright up next ak-47 decided to switch it up a bit brought out the stubby little micro ak-47 this is from Century Arms so much fun probably one of the most fun guns I have I shoot it all the time and it’s blast and it breathes fire like crazy so hopefully we’ll pick it up in high-speed ammunition we’re shooting this g2 Research’s trident rounds this is the 760 by 3 9 round they’re making now it expands out massive expansion so hopefully to leave a nice big hole in high speed let’s see what happens god I love this gun whoa [Music] this thing’s gonna blow a hole so big this whole shoulder might come off alright last but not least and I know what you guys are thinking shoot more rifles 308 300 Win Mag 50 Cal I just may just let me know if you guys like these videos I need to know because I don’t want to post up it’s just boring you but for right now this will suffice and last but not least the Remington 870 12-gauge we are definitely gonna do the 1 ounce slug round 12-gauge I’m gonna shoot them right here just about the heart it should give us a nice dislocation of the shoulder to say the least alright 3 2 1 look at the size of this hole [Music] okay guys hope you appreciate that video hope you enjoyed this is something that’s gonna be very similar to what we posting as standalone videos on our secondary channel gy6 slow-mo head over to youtube.com forward slash gy6 slow-mo click the subscribe button there is a playlist of certain types of videos are coming I think you’re gonna enjoy very unique and interesting to see trust me you want to go over and subscribe video is gonna be coming that you’re gonna want to watch and it’s gonna be standalone only on GOI 6 limo not here on gy6 vid so it’ll give us a way of posting easier quick videos on that channel that we’re not going to be able to post here on gy6 vids due to the fact that this channels been for longer duration videos the main sponsor this video though is audible I can’t say thank you enough to audible fantastic program you can go to the link in the 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    *Note* it's in his first shotta flow he said the lyrics "2 bullets in your chest that's a nipple"

  2. Try to stuff the barrel in the gel while it’s expanding and try to get the gel to wrap around the barrel

  3. The bullets coming out of the double barrel 1911 was crazy. It was mirrored so perfectly. Also you should put ribs in a dummy and shoot beside them to see what the shock of the bullet alone does to them. Also I posted this before the shotgun blast and O. M. G. That was intense.

  4. How about something that deals with the ruger sr40 calber full size I would like to know more about this firearm.

  5. The wave or ripples that you see in the target are what some would arguably call hydrostatic shock. Some say it's a myth but once you see what the transfer of energy does to the ballistic gel it gives you a better idea of what it means…

  6. This guy has got to be the best gun handler ever. Shot a snub .500 S&W one handed and barley looked like it kicked. Hand power my friend I applaud you there. Good video though.

  7. You can hoof a gun. Do good at holding back recoil. I takes a lot of shooting to hold the fire pellets down. I'm impressed. You my friend get the title of crackshot. Lets see you one hand a nitro express. That would be impressive.

  8. First of dope vid got straight to the point. I am curious though, what kind of fking Bionic Arm are you rocking man. This dude barely flinches on recoil.

  9. You know some one manly as fuck when he shoots a fucking 500 magnum one handed looking backwards and literally make it look like it has no recoil at all

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