Pocket-Sized Slingshot is Crazy Powerful
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Pocket-Sized Slingshot is Crazy Powerful

October 8, 2019

These are the men of Vat19. Their mission– destroy
everything in sight. Their weapon of choice–
the Pocket Shot, a compact slingshot
that can hurl projectiles up to
350 feet per second. Word of warning– the
Pocket Shot is not a toy. It’s a weapon, so use caution. All right, we found some stuff
around the office to destroy. So let’s start shooting. [MUSIC PLAYING] That was pretty crazy. But there are still a
few things left unbroken. So let’s do this. [MUSIC PLAYING] The Pocket Shot also
shoots paint balls, making it one
violent paintbrush. Do we have anything
left to shoot? Jamie, the only
thing left is this. We found it in your office
labeled employee gifts. You can’t shoot that. That’s your guy’s holiday bonus. So ungrateful! [MUSIC PLAYING] Mission accomplished? Shop for the Pocket Shot
and hundreds of other gifts at Vat19.com. (SINGING) Vat19.com. This little guy is
absolutely not a toy and can do plenty of damage. For some gifts that
absolutely are toys, check out these videos. And make sure to hit that
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  1. Nah, we made this DIY for our school project and we gat an E because the teacher said it can hurt other people?

  2. Hahaha… Made in USA… yeah, 'course it is… Funny how I just bought 10 from the Chinese manufacturer, and they sell them on AliExpress lol…

  3. Why buy one though you can make one with a gatorade bottle and balloon I use cherry seeds but in my opinion the ammo you can buy is better

  4. Let’s play a quick game whatever the end of the like number says you are them

    1 jacksepticeye
    2 Jamie
    3 markiplyer
    4 evantube hd
    5 Teresa may
    6 boris Jonson
    7 vikstar
    8 prestonplayz
    9 wengie
    10 pocket guy aka my friends utube channel

  5. Now i know where'd my friends get the idea of making a diy pocket shot and shooted everybody in the class in 4th grade

  6. All you need to make it is a bottle and a balloon
    1st: cut bottom of bottle off
    2nd:put ballon on top of bottle
    3rd:use rubber band to keep it secure
    4th:have fun

  7. The king of random YouTube channel shows how to make one of these for free don't charge money for something you can make with a bottle and a balloon

  8. I used to make these with heavy duty rubber gloves (cut the fingers off) and a wide mouth soda bottle (cut the top off).

  9. Hey there ??
    My seven-year-old watches you ALL.THE.TIME and is looking forward to his invitation to your warehouse ?. Anyway, I like that you mentioned in your video that this is not a toy, but maybe you could add, “so kids, this one is for grownups.” That way my kid doesn’t parade around house chanting POCKETSHOT waiting for me to order and then being disappointed when I tell him it’s a weapon not appropriate for a 7 year old. Anyway, keep reviewing cool products. You have a fans in Chicago!

  10. vat19 crew: we found thing to destroy in the office
    me: i found a baby


  11. Not to be rude but i have favorites in Vat19 aswell

    Joey is my favorite bc he is positive brave smart strong annoying sometimes kind and helpfull
    Kara bc shes smart helpfull kind positive honest brave not to hyper fun ect.
    For Jammie why did you call vat19 vat19?

  12. Airport security: pulls out pocket sling out of my pocket What is this?

    Me: Just a condom

    Airport security: ok, you're clear to go

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