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  1. i really hope they change the baseball game at the last sec becuz no one really cares from what i seen and those that do care would most likely already own it

  2. They better change that freaking baseball game not one European cares about. Also, 95% of Ps4 owners already have the last of us remastered.

  3. I get why they are putting the last of us free in this mouth of october, but why baseball shouldn't we put a scary game? Or anything else but baseball it really doesn't make any sense.

  4. Ok a game i already have and a sport i dont even care about like at all…. I was so hyped for a new month but it just got ruined. Also october is my birthday month.. That two ps plus games definitedly werent a birthday gift 🙁

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  6. Oh wow and I really wanted mlb the show too for the past two years just never bought it because it was the exact same game and they removed online franchise mode. This is a win to me!

  7. As a person from the US that enjoys the game of baseball and is VERY excited about TLOU2 I’m happy with the games for October

  8. glad the last of us is coming bc i sold it earlier this year but they could really exchange MLB for like outlast or a resident evil game

  9. So you replaced PES 2019 (A game which i was very excited for) because people in America don't watch football and now you give us a game about baseball (a sport which only people in America watch)

  10. Can someone help? I have ps plus, I have gotten every free game that ever came out, but for some reason these 2 games dont show up as free even though I'm on October free games.

  11. Cool, i already bought the last of us on ps3 and ps4. Also i don’t like sports game, and i am French so i dont give a f€@€ about baseball. Is this a subtle way to tell europeans that you don’t care about them?
    Gg sony

  12. Everyone I know already paid full price for the last of us and could careless about sports!

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  14. No more sports games for ps plus!
    It just doesnt appeal to everyone, it honestly is the least requested type of games for ps plus.

  15. There's always that one guy who doesn't care much at all about The Last Of Us even though they play on PlayStation…

    That one guy is me!

  16. Ok… so a game EVERYONE probably has and a sports game(even if The Show is probably less bs then all the other yearly sports games)

  17. You should seriously consider not offering anymore sports games, these are very specific and directed to a very specific audience, it would be better to offer a more generic game that would satisfy a bigger base of players. Thank you

  18. Please give us wwe 2k games and cars 3 driven to win on ps plus free monthly games. WWE 2k19 server will be closed next year in April, they are very high priced I won't buy them.

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