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  1. これって日本垢じゃ


  2. Sony's; re make APE ESCAPE AND DARK CLOUDS FRANCHISES THANKS.. .PRETTY PLZ. PS4 Title's THANKS. new settings, open world's and new combats systems too thanks..

  3. Wild Arms 3 is one of those where the f*** am I going kind of games. Unless you played it before I say it's borderline unplayable without walkthroughs.

  4. who?. ape escape
    metal slug
    dark clouds and season after fall too.. PS3/4 too.. DISC VERSION OR VIA NORMAL DIGITAL.

  5. PlayStation stop holding people’s accounts hostage, let cross play be a thing and stop being ignorant of your community, or else you’ll lose it to Xbox, PC, and Nintendo switch. If you don’t change The end of PS4 will come quicker than you think.

  6. Game Pass is your biggest worry Sony. Emulate it or give us something better. Streaming games is ludicrous.

  7. J'appelle Imad et j'aime les jeux électroniques pour la PlayStation, mais élevé pour le prix que je ne peux pas acheter a une PlayStation 3 ou 4 et veulent lui a donné l'envoyer à moi et m'a envoyé, je n'oublierai jamais connu pour toujours c'est mon adresse je réside mon titre Maroc Maroc Casablanca No4 rue13

  8. I use Xbox Game Pass instead because it's cheaper and I can download the games instead of stream them. If Sony does a better job with PS Now I would use it instead because I like my PS4 more in general. Sony, take some advice from Poppa Kratos about PS Now "Don't be sorry, be better. "

  9. May I ask why Croatia with great internet speeds and who is official EU member still doesn't get ps now. I saw people making fake psn accou ts and they are able to play here.
    Sony pls make service available here

  10. Wild arms <3! Hey Sony since you are on a stride with single player games, could we please get timesplitters back? Don’t want to plea but…that would be cool!

  11. Cross play when you allow that with other consoles and have your exclusive to make people come to you

  12. People wont to play with thier freiends in playstion could not in xbox and switch and pc could why choose ps 4 next when you can play with three platforms on onthier ones like switch or xbox

  13. you need to put auto shot in metal slug games it's so annoying clicking for every shot doesn't work that way . i need to hold the button and keep shooting . please fix it quickly

  14. Add more big games PS3 !!! You dont have backward compatibility on PS4 so you need to add more PS3 Games . COD BO1, BO2, MW2, MW3, GTA 4, Little Big Planet 1 and 2, Motorstorm 1 and Pacific Rift, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted, Fight Night Champion, Battlefield 1943, BF3, Bad Company 2, Assassin's Creed, Assassin's Creed 3, Dirt 2, Dirt 3…

  15. PlayStation review hello l a youtuber with a loll of and would like to promote this produce Free Sony PS4 Pro 1TB

  16. ps4 update file에 멀티미디어플레이어 포함 시켜주세요.
    포함 못시켜 주겠으면 offline으로 설치할수있도록 ps4 update파일처럼 멀티미디어플레이어 파일만 따로 다운로드 파일 받을수있도록 playstation 홈페이지에 올려주시기 바랍니다.

    제가 알기론 음악.동영상.사진을 보고 들을수 있는 멀티미디어플레이어는 온라인 다운로드만 되는걸로 알고있는데요.
    멀티미디어플레이어가 샘플게임도 아닌데
    온라인 다운로드만 지원하는건 아닌거같습니다.

    빠른 시일내에 ps4 update file처럼 멀티미디어플레이어 기능을 offline으로 다운로드 받아서 ps4에 설치할수있도록 해주세요.

  17. Welcome to the new cheating immigrant platform where playstation or game devs have no accountability or recourse for the indigent wave of cheating foreign trash.

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