Playseat® Motion sneak peak by PlayseatStore
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Playseat® Motion sneak peak by PlayseatStore

August 27, 2019

Welcome at Playseat®, today we’re glad to introduce the Playseat® Motion. A unique addition to your way of racing. The Playseat® Motion is an electric system, designed to create ultimate racing
experience. The Playseat® Motion is able to produce spot on realistic track feedback. This allows you to feel every bump on the track. And feel the G-forces as you hit the brakes. The Playseat® Motion is compatible with every Playseat® gaming chair. The Playseat® Motion has a user-friendly interface and is now available for PC Check out for the
latest news about this product.

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  1. Very happy to see that because I already have a PlaySeat base… But, is that your system is as reactive as D-Box? Or better maybe?

  2. Can you control the motion movement level? For Formula One that level movement looks a little extreme, but would probably suit a game in Forza. Also when is it available, money here is waiting – TAKE IT!!!

  3. Guys this is not gonna happen..they been announcing for 5 years now..look what they constantly answer…@playseatstore just tell us how it is …save all that sorry for the church 🙂

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