Playseat® Gran Turismo introduction by PlayseatStore
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Playseat® Gran Turismo introduction by PlayseatStore

August 25, 2019

Are you race fan? And is Gran Turismo
your favorite game? Than the Playseat® Gran Turismo is
perfect for you. The Playseat® Gran Turismo is specially
designed for fans of this legendary game. It features the official Gran Turismo
and PlayStation logo. But there’s much more to tell about this
beautiful seat. The alcantara fabric looks amazing and is both strong and soft. The shape of the seat is perfect for many types of race games. And puts a driver in the optimal position. The Playseat® Gran Turismo is suitable for any age. Because it’s fully adjustable. You can move the pedals, the steering column, and you can even adjust the height of the wheel, to fit any driver. The seat comes pre-drilled for all the
wheels and pedals available. The framework is covered in a special of coating for optimal durability. In order to facilitate easy storage, the seat foldable, which means that the back of the seat can be folded down. So takes less space when not in use. Thank you for watching this review of the Playseat® Gran Turismo. If you like it just as much as I do,
check out for more information, And like us on Facebook. See you next

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  1. Which material would wear more? The alcantara or the leather. In going to buy one of them, just wondering if one will wear more than the other

  2. How stable is the wheel mount and peddles because it seems as if the mount wobbles to some degree and peddles a load crap?

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