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Playing PUBG With Luzu!! | Gaming with Marshmello

August 27, 2019

all of us I love to hear manures game in gone marshmallow you understand okay hello everyone this is Lulu welcome to came in with marshmallow yeah we’re gonna play pop G I know that you’re super into for tonight I am too this is like the dad of fortnight okay we start the same way the first little item that you see is the military base do not go there it’s awful it’s nightmares are made of this island no don’t drop yet okay oh we know how ahead look at that I was telling you this place is made of nightmares we don’t have a head and we’ll drop in it’s cold let’s go let’s go this is like the the main building that I always go to if I enter and there’s someone with a gun then we’re done I need a gun I need a guy oh no no no no they phonus balonus I’m so scared you’re scared no we can’t come here we need to go somewhere pretty near the water come to me you think you’re ready I mean it’s really it’s hard for you to do worse than I did you know what I mean oh yeah don’t look at the screen I’ll tell you when to drop okay just look at me all right and now as great as any let’s go we don’t need weapons we’re just you know we’re gonna survive we’re like Bear Grylls like we don’t need anything we’re gonna find around us whatever we need go there go to that building oh there’s a motorcycle you’re gonna get a motorcycle after it be careful because these ones are very bad I bet you 100 bucks that within a minute you’re dead in the ground from the motorcycle I trust you I trust you but I just want to make this more spicy you know full speed so the hundred max okay go for it go go go go we need to get to the safe zone we have two minutes and I don’t want to lose a hundred bucks 30 seconds go full speed take the junk you’re right oh oh oh let me see come on come on 100 bucks [Music] come on there you go but one of these is gonna kill you for sure Oh horse clothes but Ivan you wonder you wanna babe I just lost a hundred bags oh there’s a guy here and there’s a guy there look at that that’s someone just follow them and whenever they stop you can have your chance to prove yourself don’t let him hit you with his car because we don’t have life if you drop from the motorcycle you’re gonna die you’re doing so good with this thing she killed you with a scar but that was great you made it through five minutes I did not last that long with my first game let’s go for another way yeah miss your way until we load he’s taking so long we’re gonna stay here okay people are gonna drop ice injected in blood kill each other whatever we have 99 people now I bet you by the time we make it to the floor they’re gonna be 45 okay all right all right right I feel I feel the support oh that’s so nice actually I need some money to wait did why I was telling you heroes are made of good decisions not bravery all right all right I’m gonna run I’m gonna make it we’re building oh no I need to keep calm right right what a game – go back [Music]

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  1. Fortnite or PUBG?
    Also, special thanks to Luzu for dropping into the mello cave to show me how it's done.
    Check out his channel:

  2. Un momento -.- marshmello no habla? :V ,luzu sabrá quien se esconde debajo de la máscara de marshmello?


  4. Me gusta mashmello es el mejor no jugando tambien me encante que este interatuando con latinos se con entendera lo que escribo pero para eso existe google translate ?

  5. Hey Marshmello bigest fan why you are in fortnite and not pubg can you be in pubgmobile your skin and helmet can you answer plz

  6. All speaking Spanish and thinking that this is the best video in the world, marshmello you are the best I love your music keep it up even if you never read me

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