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Playing OVERCOOKED with MessYourself | Gaming with Marshmello

August 29, 2019

hey guys it is mess yourself there today we are playing over good it’s a cooking game where you know you need to work together you know communicate we’re gonna struggle with that well you know we’ll be fine okay we basically need to cook dishes alright let’s just jump into the game in terms of characters I always go for the little pussycat because he looks so cute and adorable he just looks not bothered at all there’s a character with the cardboard box that kind of resembles you okay so the dish we’re making today and the kitchen is soup now soup needs three onions okay but before we put the onions in the pot we need to cut them up one of us cut and one of us passed the onions okay so go over to the side of the other kitchen on the bottom where the cutting boards are I’m gonna pass you them I’m gonna policy the onions and you gonna pick them up by pressing X then you wanna take it and chop it up come on quick quick no no no they go here no I need the chopped onions right now quick chop off Viet no don’t pass me those onions chop onions on the top board chop up the onion press square square square we’ve got the way marshmallow okay I’ll just do it alright just move out the way yeah just just sit in the corner okay I don’t need you anymore okay la dee da suit goes on the plate take the soup out he just never listens to me okay I tried talking to him okay and he just doesn’t want to open up okay it’s like I’m talking to a cardboard box okay it’s like I’m not getting anything out of it okay we have four more orders of soup and when we’ve got no Steve being worked on at the moment I think we’re gonna get fired I thought you were good at cooking I thought you knew what you were doing can you at least not just look what I’m doing okay you’re just running around the kitchen I think well no the soup is not even cooked yeah you’re trying to give them Ross soup oh no oh no oh no you left the soup on the inlet too long you have to soup on too long I gave you one jump no put on the quickly grab the burbs thing we’re sharing the corner for it quickly we’re just gonna burn down Oh ran out of time okay hours oh really all right a kitchen nearly burned down but I think we got away with it we got one star okay I’m sorry I’m sorry we’ll try it your way we’ll just try it your way then okay okay all right okay we barely got onion soup sorted out but I’m sure we can manage with now tomorrow see all right you’re putting the tomorrow okay hang of it I even got you it a $2 tip okay that tomorrow okay that tomato soup customers getting really angry at this point okay I think they’re gonna leave they’re gonna leave yeah okay if you think about it it’s not our fault really because this is kind of a stupid place for a kitchen right is in the middle of the street we’ve got people walking in the middle of it okay I’ve got I’m trying to run a kitchen over here okay marshmallow maybe soup is not your dish okay maybe let’s do a little bit of a driving around session and see if we can find a better kitchen we pick the hardest level this is the worst this is the worst idea ever okay this is the last time I’m gonna let you drive a car you need to step on that little platform on the bottom left and that will open the door now every time you want to go through that door you have to let me know okay but I can’t talk so you’ll we’ll figure it out so I’m gonna pass you the ingredients on the on the on the hop up on the right gives letting it going in the trash okay well that’s just a waste of ingredients all right well I’m okay I just kind of realized I’m trapped in this room now so I just gotta wait okay why are you dropping on mushrooms when we need tomorrow’s and why aren’t we let me out this room because I can’t do anything I can’t cook the dishes unless you let me out this room okay thank you thank you if you would communicate with me more we wouldn’t have one dish prepared by now all right what do customers getting angry I was getting angry just expanding quick a day we’re getting that we’re managing it okay it’s fine I got it now I’m letting through all right go through now I pass it to me and then go through the door and then I’ll go through and then grab the tomatoes all right we’re doing it they go through now quick quick quick quick quick hey sorry okay I’m letting you through got to go through tomorrow’s funny okay wait wait wait okay I’m managing it you had to pick up the hard levels’ I think many go through well I don’t think we did one dish okay so orders on delivered we got zero the tips we got zero and a total score of zero but you know what maybe cooking just not your thing not really for you you know it’s not like you cut your own cooking show or anything like that yeah okay well and anyway you want to play some fortnight or something yeah [Music] [Music]

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  1. I never thought I'd see anything like this. Messyourself and Marshmello? In the same room? Wow. Also, 999k views? Another thing I thought I'd never see.

  2. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  3. Marshmello and Messyourself
    Brandon: relaxing

    When Brandon plays game by himself
    Brandon: you bloody s**t

  4. Thats the game in roblox but its random map but it looks like that and i want to play overcooked

    funneh is nice,good
    pls doit marshmello
    1 sub to marshmello=so marshmello play with krew

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