playing my 2 worst steam games
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playing my 2 worst steam games

October 8, 2019

ok today we’re gonna be playing the
worst games of I bought which are these three you can tell by the time I’ve
spent on them that I really really do like them now fuck no you ain’t going on
like SSD you going on on my hard drive this is painful just watching them
install you know what let’s do them in order of smallest to biggest if not only
you to throttle No Limit goes high as your heart desires which is eleven point
seven megabytes per second ok we’re gonna do it for as long until my until
my body ends up saying fuck this shit I’m out ok that’s my failed attempt you
know what we’re gonna be doing were swishingOBS because It just record the
screen doesn’t record anything else and it gives me like a preview ok so ok I
know I said that bandicam sucked in one of my videos but this isn’t even
gonna load it so we’re sticking with this I’m just gonna have to hope that it
loads and as soon as it loads up I’m gonna have to see if it did it or not
ok but now we’re checking ok I know I said oh my god oh my god it’s beautiful what am I having an orgasm but at
least it did it I’m ready I am ready to go. always scares me
I hate EA. EA is shit I mean they make horrible games can get a representation
okay good the arrows not being fucking retarded anymore no fuck you exit the tutorial
to exit in play city oh god this is it you have to remember that my computer is
a gaming computer this game is horrible my computer isn’t even like messing up
who the fuck are you a Tornado what autosaurus Rex
UFO volcano fire meteor robot attack tornado lightning earthquake okay
those are reasonable don’t know about this one I can’t even like my eyes I don’t even
want to focus on this I’m not even joking fuck is this shit
I found the UFO obliterate city ok can you fuck off now we’ve got some horses and bears and
llamas the fuck are these I love old games cuz they make no sense
what what what what what they’re going to another universe
oh wait nope I only came back from the universe that hurts more then anything what about the metor the robots all the way down there how am i hearing it up here looking at the deers the Bears and the
horses all living together in harmony this has never happened before in the
wild the Bears wasn’t of eating the deer deer getting eaten by a bear or just sitting down there’s a big table
just coming up with kindergarten ideas like this game and then someone
in the corner just says that we should we should make a city a city game, and there like
they’re like yes we should that’s gonna give us a lot of profit we don’t care
about a customers we don’t care about the profit now what now what should we
involve it in Jimmy go ooh I’d like a robot and maybe some tornadoes and
volcano and a big lizard man that comes down and eats everything does that
happen is sometimes I forgot one but it does that happen it’s stupid okay
Jessica you’re in charge of the roads how should we build the roads uh
straight anything else No straight no turns just just straight we
don’t have to budget for turns so we’re gonna go just straight okay you build
the regions how the fuck do you like doing that I’m just gonna go to Google
Maps and just download the earth okay you do that now me me because I like the
money I’m gonna put in the code where when you want to click alt f4 doesn’t
work haha no can leave now if the game stops
responding for you and you don’t have two monitors well fuck you you can’t get
out anymore hey this game shit I’m leaving okay now time to play this shit game
I bet you this one’s by EA as well sixty Hertz this game
doesn’t deserve it Oh God well this is fun advanced oh yeah
we want everything give us everything look at that look at that awesome thing
coming down to me winter summer winter summer winter summer winter south wind
sound winsome winsome (texting a friend to see what to say) my boyfriend’s fursona name now let’s figure it out
I really hope we didn’t mess up we must know how where’s the building menu that
it place station oh how do you do that yes finally guys we managed to do it
suck a dick developer… dev know I’m gonna go look at this one first
we’re gonna watch it go up you shit now’s the best tip I’ve ever seen
in my life did you guys see that tip it’s a tip ID fuck you

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