Playing by the rules
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Playing by the rules

February 13, 2020

What happens when we play by the rules
versus we don’t play by the rules. Is it fair? Does it work? What do you
think? Hey, there powerful families. Christian Arias here with an important
update about this week’s life-changing, powerful words lesson on… Fairness. Last week we started
talking about fairness. We remember we said that fairness is
treating others according to what is deserved, needed or appropriate. We talked about when a situation
is fair or it’s unfair, and we discussed how we ensure fairness
at home and out in the community. I have to tell you the
conversations were outstanding. This week we are discussing
playing by the rules. How do we play work and live fairly? Many kids are given the message
that they must do their best, and that they must do whatever it takes
to be seen as the best and does that mean bending the rules? Breaking
them? We’ve seen it in sports, but also beyond sports. Think about
the college admissions scandals that has recently been revealed. So go ahead and ask your kids
about this lesson on your way home. It should definitely be eye opening. And your powerful family challenge this
week is to keep seeking out all of the times that your kids
showed fairness in any way. Remember, fairness can show itself
in a number of different places. So keep your eyes peeled and let them
know that you caught them being powerfully fair and that you’re super proud of them. I hope you’re ready for
this challenge. Remember, we’re all in this journey together, so thank you for allowing us to be a
part of your village. Have a great week.

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