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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – PUBG (React: Gaming)

August 22, 2019

(gun firing)
– Oh Jesus, no! – It’s [bleep] go time, boys. ♪ (upbeat video game music) ♪ – Battlegrounds? I don’t even know what this is. – I’m gonna die. I see a gun. I’m just gonna die. – Someone was telling me about this
when it was like, what is it? H1Z1? – Everyone’s playing this
on YouTube. I’ve seen it. Basically, you gotta kill off and survive until
you’re the very last dude. – (FBE) Playerunknown’s
Battlegrounds is a survival shooter that puts up to 100 players on
an island in a free-for-all battle to the last man standing. – That sounds cool, actually. – It’s the Hunger Games. [Bleep] yes! – I’m going to do terrible. I’m not even good at Overwatch,
so I can’t even do this. – I probably won’t make it
as the winner, but it’s gonna be a fun attempt to try to to kill everybody
and take their shit. – (FBE) You’re gonna
start by dropping onto the island with nothing. You’re going to have to scavenge
and collect all of your weapons and items once you hit the ground and survive as the map area is gonna
get progressively smaller over time. We’ll teach you how
to play off-screen, but we’re also gonna be giving you
tips as you play through it. We’re gonna give you two matches
to see how well you can do. Think you’re ready?
– Yes. (whoops excitedly) I can feel my adrenaline
pumping already. I haven’t even started the game, and I’m just gonna be, like,
stressed out the whole time. – Hello, everybody. Okay, so that’s jump. Oh yeah, I can swing. – That’s run. That’s jump. That’s F. Crouch. Prone. – I’m gonna get this guy
in his underwear. Get back here. – How do people already have guns? I don’t’ understand what’s going on. I’m already so confused. This is gonna be
a [bleep] nightmare. – This countdown is
already stressing me out. – There are certain places
you shouldn’t go to when you’re falling from the sky, so maybe I’ll try to stay away
from those places, but maybe just to
get the feel for the area, I might just drop
in a populated spot, and see what I can get, and just kind of
dip my toes in the water. – It’s this whole island? Damn. – This is a [bleep] massive map. – I’m not ready. I don’t wanna jump yet. – Now. Yay. – Boom! Let’s go, bitch! Okay, cool, and I can
navigate where I’m going. Yeah, I’m gonna release now. And I’m gonna go towards
that area around there. Oh [bleep], there. Okay,
one person’s going down there. – Can I release it now? I don’t know, I guess. (chuckles) We’ll see what happens. – I see you. – Trying to aim for where
no parachutes are, but buildings. So all the parachutes
seem to be going that way, so I’m gonna go this way. – Oh god, everybody’s
landing that way. Nevermind, go the other way! I don’t wanna land where
everybody else is landing. There’s like 30 people down there. – Maybe I can find myself in an area
where there aren’t any other people, and then I can just
chill in that area. – There’s a bunch over there. All right, straight
to the buildings. – I better get a weapon quick, or else, I’m [bleep] toast. – Land. Get, get, get. – I’m gonna fall in a tree. Okay, no. All right. – Okay, we did it. Yay. Let’s go find a building
and some weapons. I know some dude landed over here, so I gotta be quick
and try to find something. Ooh, what’s this? Ooh, bandages, pretty good. – Weapons, weapons, weapons. All right, I got a helmet. – Oh yeah, police vest. All right. Can I just?
Are those guns? No.
– What is that? – Let me just…
Just, I’ll take all this, goodbye. – Ooh, what’s this? Aw nice, backpack. It’s good, I can hold more shit. Yes! Okay, cool. I’m packing, baby. You said R to reload. Cool. – Oh, so I can only
have one gun at a time? – (FBE) One gun of a type at a time. – Gotcha.
– Oh, oh, what’s this? Oh, but I have no ammo. Oh. Okay. Yes! Now, we’re talking. Cool, I got two weapons.
I’m all loaded up. All right, let’s start moving in. – I’m just gonna sit right here
(chuckles) and wait. – It’s already giving me
the warning, the five minute thing, isn’t it? – (FBE) Yeah, so M on the keyboard will bring up your map,
and you can see. – What happens if I’m not
in that zone when it starts? – (FBE) If you aren’t inside
the blue circle when it closes in, you’ll start taking damage.
– Okay. It won’t kill you immediately,
but you will start taking damage. – All right, I think I’ll make it. Damn, 30 people have already died. I hear gunshots! (guns firing)
– (gasps) No! Can I find a weapon first
before I die? (humming) (guns firing in the distance) Didn’t I just come in through here? I’m so lost.
(guns firing) (gasps) Bitch, you [bleep] just killed me. I couldn’t even get a gun. – I’m just gonna– (guns firing)
Ah! That sounds really close to me. I’m getting hit!
(character yelps) Okay. Sick. Could’ve done a little
better than that. Oh my god, he’s like
on top of my dead body. – Well, there we go. I’m gonna wait for this bitch. (guns firing) [Bleep]. I’m sure I coulda had him if I just would’ve shot
a few more times. I kind of got scared. – [bleep]. All right, you’re a trooper today. I am not safe out here. – I’m not gonna make it. (bullets whizzing) I’m getting shot at. – Think we’re good. 10 seconds and I made it. – Ooh, ooh. Ooh, buddy. Ooh buddy, oh boy, boy! (guns firing) Get the– no! (gun clicking) I can’t reload. – I’m honestly so
stressed out right now, because the player area
is restricting. Is it restricting slowly? – (FBE) Yeah.
Oh, then I’m good. Okay, I thought I was
just gonna boop. – Uh-oh. Okay, so it’s getting even smaller. Probably start seeing people now. – I don’t wanna shoot at ’em
and cause attention to myself. Oh, he knows. He’s just
hiding behind the tree. (guns firing) Bad idea. (bullets whizzing) (gun firing rapidly) (motor rumbling) Where is it? Where is it?
Where is it? Where is it? – Let’s go up here. Let’s go up here where
it is safe and sound. I can see everything right here. (bullets striking)
Oh! Oh my god! I didn’t do anything!
I didn’t even get to kill somebody. – Where’d he go? (gun firing rapidly) (gun fires)
[Bleep]. (Gun firing rapidly) Aw shit, that area
is closing in quick. (yells in frustration) (character grunts)
– No, no, no! Where’s that coming from? Where is it? No! Oh my god. I swear to god. I didn’t even see them. That sucks! So is that it?
That’s it for the round? Oh shit, here it comes!
Here it comes! Oh my god! Ho ‘kay, I got to get
into the map, though. I just gotta run. I’m just gonna start taking damage,
and I’m gonna die, watch. Ah, I wasn’t paying attention. – (FBE) You may have picked up
an item that could help you. – Oh! I did, huh? Use, how do I use it? Oh, just kidding. Oh [bleep] me. That’s where everyone’s
going right now. Oh my god, this is totally
the ending of Battle Royale. Ending at a lighthouse. Ay, someone was here. Just kidding.
No one was here. What’s that? I don’t need it. I don’t need it. (gun fires rapidly)
Holy [bleep]! I died at my lucky number, so I’m good. That was fun. – That was bad even for me,
like, come on now. – Okay, that’s barely
in the top half, so did better than most. – (FBE) What do you think?
You ready to go again? – Yes. – But yeah, I’m gonna be a little bit more cautious. – I wanna try to find a gun. I don’t know if I’d able to use it. – I kind of went for an open,
but, like, large area, where I knew there was
probably gonna be a weapon. I think I’m gonna continue
with that strat, but I’m gonna have to
start killing quick. – All right. The moment of truth. – What if you’re like stuck
on this part of the island, and the thing starts, and you have to get
all the way over there? You’re just– you’re [bleep]. – I’m gonna drop over a town. – I think I’m going to do a drop
in just like a random house that I’m sure no one would
even think of going to. – No! Someone’s already
falling there. Oh, [bleep] no. – Oh! Oh, there are three of ’em. This way. Go. I feel like
near the cliffs is a good– there’s some buildings over there. I’ll go look for a gun. We’ll see. – Oh my god, that’s so many people. – Damnit. At least he’s lower
than I am, so I’ve got the edge. But I know he’s here, and I wonder
if he knows I’m here. – Shots are already going off,
so people are already droppin’. – Let’s go in here. Anything? Ooh. Yes. What is that? Yes, I got a hat! – Look at that. Gimme, gimme. No! I don’t have any more space. [Bleep]. I need a backpack. – Okay, smoke grenades,
energy drinks. That’s a start. Yes! I think I got a gun. Yes, all right! – I’m gonna book it
the [bleep] out of here, though. No, I’m not. Now I am. All right, am I going the right way? Here’s probably
where it’s gonna end. Is that an airport right there? Interesting.
– Here I am. I need to start moving
towards this area. Where am I? Oh, I’m right here? Okay, I’m good. – There I am. I could just chill. – Oh, and I’m already inside it. Perfect. – I mean, 75 people are left, and I haven’t even
hit the ground yet, so maybe it’s better to not go fast
in the parachute time, like just let the parachute happen,
let it be you know, nice, relaxing. – It’s not necessarily
about getting the most kills. It’s about who can last the longest. I mean, it’s a survival game
after all, so that’s why I’m not super concerned
about going out and starting to kill people, ’cause it’s more
about how long can I last in the game rather than
how many kills can I get. – I feel like I have
to keep staying closer to the center, because
it’s just gonna get smaller. – Oh my god, I found a gun. Okay. Okay, so I have a gun,
and there’s another gun here, but to be honest,
I don’t know the difference, so I’m gonna
go with this one. (laughs) – Let’s just close that. (breathing nervously) (gun firing)
Oh Jesus! No! (whispers) Oh my God. I hate this game. – I really wonder
where everyone went. (guns firing)
Oh shit! No! (laughs) That sucks. – Getting your shit
squared away early is definitely where it’s at. So right now,
I’ve got a sniper rifle, I’ve got a scar,
and I’ve got a pistol. I wanna find a shotgun,
and then I’ll be safe. – I need to go inside,
because I want to kill some time, because there’s still 44 people left
and I wanna be number one. – 49 people left, which means I made it
in the top half. I am the next Katniss. – Doesn’t look like
anyone’s been here yet. (gun fires)
(character grunts) Oh my gosh. (gun fires) See, he got me with a shotgun,
which is exactly what I was going to try and do. – All right, so
I’m in the safe zone. This means I’m probably gonna start
interacting with other players. It’s too open. Yeah, there’s a lot of gunshots
coming from over there. There’s a lot of action over there. 50 people, 51 people– Shit. Someone hurt me. That’s a car. Where’s it coming from? There it is,
there it is, there it is. All right, is it go time? Is it go time? It’s [bleep] go time, boys. – I hear a motorcycle. No! Oh, you bitch. Where are you? They’re like… (gun firing) I’m too far. (gun firing) (character grunts)
(gasps) No! – Avoid people. That’s how it is. I got a gun. I met my goal. Oh my god, there’s
a person right there. (igasps) They’re going in that hou– Ah! Oh, god. Jesus. They weren’t even
shooting me. (chuckles) (gun fires)
– A few warning shots, huh? (gun firing rapidly) (character grunts) He got me before I got him. I just– I’m very bad at aiming. I can’t do shooter games. – I’m running to the person
that’s shooting me. (guns firing) I’m not even– No. – Go in the house
after them and see. (gun firing)
Ah! I don’t know if I shot them or not. I did click the trigger.
I heard my gun fire. – Map. I’m here. Yeah, I gotta traveling again. Oh, I see what he’s doing. He’s [bleep] covering himself. There you are.
Oh, it’s this fool here, too. (gun firing) [Bleep]. I didn’t see him
come up on me! Damn, that was a good one. Aw, man. – If you wanna play this game, get good at being
a first person shooter. – Initially, I didn’t
really like it that much. I thought I was bad at it, and then
I just set goals for myself. (laughs) I met all my goals. – It’s super intricate.
It’s more than just a shoot-’em-up. It’s really like a strategy game. – Someone told me about this game
and said I would love it, and 100%, I loved it. It was awesome. It met and exceeded
all of my expectations for what a game should be. And I can’t wait to go home
and get this for myself, because my girlfriend is gonna not talk to me again,
because I’m gonna be playing this the whole time. Sorry. ♪ I’m not gonna
write you a love song ♪ – Thanks for watching us
play Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds on the React channel. – Don’t wanna miss out
on our next game, so make sure to subscribe.
– Bye. – Hey everybody, Derek here,
one of the React channel producers. What do you think? How long could you survive? What if it was real?
You think you’d do very well? I think I’d just cower in a corner.
I wouldn’t last very long. Eh, we’ll see you next time!

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