Play “Name that Fuzzly!” Game w/ Abby Hatcher + PAW Patrol Super Fan Quiz | Nick Jr.

August 15, 2019

It’s time to play Name That Fuzzly
with Abby Hatcher! Let’s meet the three Fuzzly friends
we’re playing with today! Harriet, who loves styling hair! Hair Flair! Otis, who loves to push buttons! Ohh, buttons! And Princess Flug, who…
is a little bit sticky. Round One. See if you can guess which Fuzzly
is behind this mess! Woah! Who did this? I look fantastic! There’s only one way
to make hair look this good! The tiny Fuzzly
with the pink and yellow hair must be using Mrs. Melvin’s brush! Ah-ha! She’s gotta be close, Bozzly! Oh! More hair flair! Quick, she’s getting away! Hmm, looks like this Fuzzly is stylish
and does marvelous hair! Time to guess. Can you name that Fuzzly? Is it Harriet, Otis or Princess Flug? That’s right, it’s Harriet! You named that Fuzzly, great job! Voila! Beautiful! Round Two. Can you guess which Fuzzly
is stirring up trouble now? The competition will be fierce today! The winner could come out of nowhere! And fly away with the trophy! Oh! My favorite rose covered judging hat! It’s gone! This Fuzzly seems to favor fancy things – Look!
– And leaves a sticky trail! – Fuzzly?
– Let’s go! Onward, Bozzly! Time to guess, can you name that Fuzzly? Is it Harriet, Otis or Princess Flug? That’s right, it’s Princess Flug! Way to go! [giggling] Round Three. Can you guess which Fuzzly
is causing all this commotion? Oh, no!
He ran away again! What’s he so scared of? No, no, not scared,
Fuzzly just wants to ding! That’s it!
Fuzzly like buttons? Yes, so I’ll bet we’ll find him
some place with a lot of buttons to push! But where? The elevator! Wow, this Fuzzly
really loves buttons! Close, open!
Close, open! Come on, Bozzly! Time to guess, can you name that Fuzzly? Is it Harriet, Otis or Princess Flug? That’s right, it’s Otis,
Fuzz-tastic job! Open! Hey, little guy. Splizzacular! You named all three Fuzzly friends,
great guessing! Now let’s answer questions
about another furry friend! Hey, Paw Patrol super fans! Time to see how much you know about Skye! Question One. What vehicle does Skye fly
when she takes to the sky? [clock ticking] You guessed it, it’s a helicopter! This puppy’s sky fly! You are an amazing pilot! Next up, what does Skye love to say? Is it, let’s take to the pie? Let’s take to the sky? Or let’s take to the French fry? [clock ticking] Yeah, it’s let’s take to the sky! Let’s take to the sky! OK, next question. Is Skye afraid of eagles or beagles? [clock ticking] If you guessed eagles, you’re right! I’m not a fan of mean eagles
but this puppy’s gotta fly! Last question. What’s in Skye’s pup pack? Is it rings, wings or springs? [clock ticking] Yep, it’s her wings! Wings! [jets roaring] This pup’s gotta fly! Great job, super fan! You really know your stuff! Great job, everyone! Catch even more Fuzzly fun
on Abby Hatcher! Weekdays on Nickelodeon! You can find more Abby Hatcher
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