Play Android Gamepad Games on PC with BlueStacks 4: Find out how!
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Play Android Gamepad Games on PC with BlueStacks 4: Find out how!

September 7, 2019

Hello and welcome! My name is Luigi from BlueStacks team and today I’m gonna talk about one of the most new exciting
features of BlueStacks: The Gamepad Feature. Personally for me that’s the
single most exciting thing on the latest version of BlueStacks. With this feature
you can play your favorite games on BlueStacks 4 using only a gamepad
controller. And before this was implemented you had to do some workaround to use
the controller on BlueStacks. Now those days are gone. You can do all this inside
BlueStacks with ease without any headache. So without further ado, here is
some information on how to use the Gamepad and all its features. First of all games with gamepad support
enabled, show this small gamepad icon below them. Example of those games are: Soul Knight, Asphalt, Shadow Fight and of course my favorite, Brawl Stars which I’ll use as an
example in this video. For now just a few games have this gamepad icon but I’m sure more and more will have this implemented in no time. So if you have any game in mind you want to play with this feature, let us know in
the comments section. But let’s get back to Brawl Stars. Just plug the controller
and you are all set. And just to be sure I tested with many controllers and they
all worked right away. All the game controls are set up and ready so you can
jump right into action. By default use the Left Stick to move
and the Right Stick to shoot at any direction you choose. The Left Trigger is
used to shoot the nearest target and the X button to use your special super attack. If you want to make some adjustments to
default controls or one of your favorite games don’t have the gamepad icon, don’t
worry you can configure gamepad keys using advanced settings UI and all keys
can be mapped to your liking. First of all you can add 360 degree movement for
the analog stick on the gamepad instead of the traditional 8 directions on the
keyboard, giving you more fluid movement and
control. You can also map multiple buttons to achieve one function
increasing the number of keys. This enables achieving different
functions with the same key press. For example, again on Brawl Stars, we can set
up X to use the basic attack and the Right Trigger + X for the special
attacks. The Right Trigger here is the modifier key. This gives you virtually
unlimited keys to map even the game with the most complex controls. You can use the controller just like a
mouse to give you full control on menus and interface interaction. The ‘Start’
button on the controller can be used by default to enable free mouse, so when
the match is over and you want to start a new one or change your Brawl Stars event
you can move it around to navigate menus that can only be used with the touch or
in our case, the mouse. The Left Stick will act just like a mouse and the ‘A button
like a press. So, you’ll never need to take your hands out of the controller,
meaning you can play your favorite games in the couch with no problem.
Pressing ‘Start’ again will disable this Mouse Mode, so you can get right back
into the game. With this new feature BlueStacks can
improve your gaming experience even further. So, no matter if you prefer the
keyboard and mouse or the good old controller, they all can be adjusted and
customized to fit exactly your needs and I’m really excited to put this new
future to good use especially on Brawl Stars. And you, what kind of games do you want to play with the controller? Share with us! But that’s it for now, thank you very much for watching, see you in-game. Bye-Bye

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  1. How can i bring up that kind of mapping editor ? whenever i click the keyboard icon, a mini tray named "Advanced Game Controls" show up and not that elaborate looking mapping window. I cannot find any setting to change it and it has been stressing me out since i saw this video. Thank you

    P.S. i forgot to mention, im trying to play Honkai Impact 3

  2. Can you make a gamepad template for SURVIVAL HEROES?!? Please I been wanting to use Bstacks but without survival heroes I cant.

  3. A tutorial for Identity V. I try it by my own but, i have problems to set the camera movement into the right stick.

  4. The game that I want to see with the gamepad feature is Free Fire.
    Please do acept it, its the only reason why I love so much BlueStacks!

  5. I played nba live mobile last night with my xbox one controller its was amazing felt like i was playjng 2k19 but unfortunately today i turned it on and controller did not work im afraid i bumped a setting because this menu thing came up today and i hit clear and restore and now it dont work can someone please tell me how to fix this so i can play again please

  6. The game does have gamepad icon below it but it says "Gamepad is turned off". Also i am not able to use gamepad on the main Bluestacks screen. Any ideas to solve?

  7. The only thing that works is the options when you press the xbox guide button. BlueStacks doesn't recognize the controller inside the games.

  8. I'd suggest if possible they honestly should add a Blue Tooth option for Controller support similar to how you sync a controller to an actual Android phone because no matter what controller I use or plug in etc it never wants to pick up any controller period with Blue tooth supported it would make controllers that are also wireless to be able to connect and there would likely be a wider range of support I'd think?

  9. Shaowgun: Legends & Dead Trigger 2 Should work with controllers without having to set it up…because my controller works fine with my pc but I can't figure out the setup. Xbox one S controller, wireless. Though I learned about Bralw stars and that works great. Btw thanks for the controller support, you guys are doing a great job, Love me some Bluestacks!

  10. When i plug my controller, Bluestacks recognizes the controller, but only controls the mouse instead. When I try to personalize mapping, there is only a blank window (unlike the video). Help pls?

  11. To all those saying this didn't work… I always checked within the Bluestacks 4 software for updates on the About section and was told I had the latest version. This was incorrect!!!

    If you go to the official website and check the version there against the version you have it might be newer. I did not have V4.60 the latest version as of typing this.

    I couldn't get my 360 Controller to work, I even came back weeks later and tried again, still nothing, I always assumed it was a bug due to seeing others here saying it didn't work for them either.

    I'm so glad I checked the official website install download and saw that the version was newer than mine!

    So much for this video being from BLUESTACKS OFFICIAL, it really doesn't explain at all!

    BlueStack guys, can you PLEASE STATE THIS IN MAIN DESCRTIPTION ABOVE… If the controller is not working, try noting your version within the emulator under About section, and go to the main Bluestacks download page and compare it with the install link version number.

    I downloaded the new install but when I clicked it it said Update (it must have seen I had it installed already). So to update your version it seems you just download the latest exe file from the main website if it's newer than your own. It's that simple. Why have a 'check for updates' area within the emulator if it does not work??? WOW

    Sorry for caps but wow Bluestacks, thanks for making me pull my hair out for weeks over NOT EXPLAINING SOMETHING PROPERLY that is so easy! I'm only typing this to try to help anyone else.

    After I updated (please do a backup in case you lose anything, but nothing was lost for me) I had V4.60. and yes as soon as I turned on my 360 Pad, up came that notification within Bluestacks.

    Once again, wow guys, if you cannot explain to people to check via your own website install for the latest version and update if it does not work…. then what is the world coming to eh? I read many people so frustrated here and I was one of them.

    I forgive you now, but had to say this. Sorry to rant, but wow just wow. At least it's working now at long long last. Communication is the key Bluestacks team!

  12. Is there a way to DISABLE controller/keyboard support? I can't run Bluestacks in the background while playing other games because of this feature. I've unfortunately had to switch to another emulator just because it's become way too annoying to deal with.

  13. um hello i powered on my Xbox 360 controller twice in bluestacks and nothing popped up and 1 game that i knew that had controller support well it didn't work Minecraft. i have the latest version of bluestacks installed and my 360 controller wasn't even showing up as detected in it windows only showed detected.

  14. The emulator detect my Xbox 360 controller, but I can't use it. I'm trying with Arena of Valor. This is because there is no support to it?

  15. Please make these game compatible with bluestakes

    Life is strange
    Tank battleground
    Unknown fate
    Eclipse isle
    Boku no hero acanedia the mobile game
    Manga rock

  16. when you're setting up a controller for an unsupported game, you're in some menu where you select a gamepad instead of keyboard? where the heck is that? all I can find is a vertical menu on the right for mapping keyboard controls.

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