Pixar Theory: Darla’s Origin
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Pixar Theory: Darla’s Origin

August 21, 2019

Hey, brother! Ben, Finding Dory has been out for a couple of weeks now. When all of the easter eggs are starting to float to the surface, and I’m sure we’ll make a video about that at some point but today I wanted to focus on the one that has been Intriguing me the most and it’s actually one that we’ve known about for a while now This picture of Darla in the quarantine office How and why did this photo end up here? Well, I aim to find out. *theme music* Hey brother! Unfortunately, we really don’t know that much about Darla because really she doesn’t get that much screen time. Mostly what we know is just that she’s the niece of P. Sherman, the dentist. But that only makes the mystery of the photographs that much more interesting. Especially when you consider that actually, there’s a third photograph in Toy Story 3 where Darla appears on, wait for it, the cover of a magazine…? This girl, THIS girl is on the cover of a magazine HOWWW? What explanation can there be that possibly ties all three of these things together? Well, I think the first clue is actually the content of the picture we see in the dentist office and in the quarantine office Darla holding a bag with a dead fish in it. It has always seemed odd to me that anyone would FRAME THIS PARTICULAR picture like, “hey, you know what I want to be reminded of EVERY single day? That time I got my niece a fish, And she killed it.” Odd, right? And yet it appears in two locations and since the dentist is the only character we absolutely know owns a copy of the photo you could guess that After the events of Finding Nemo when all of his fish escaped and probably he assumes they all died, he falls into a state of depression, abandons his dentist practice and moves to America to instead save as many fish as he can at the Marine Life Institute. But, I kind of doubt it. Personally, I don’t think P. Sherman switched jobs. I mean this guy LOVES being a dentist. The other picture he has in his office is of himself accepting a golden tooth trophy. His boat is called the Aussie Flosser, and one of his patients is apparently the Prime Minister of Australia [movie scene] “Wow good thing I pulled the right one, eh Prime Minister! [J] So yeah, this is a guy who’s obviously incredibly good and dedicated to his craft I actually think it’s much more likely that a different member of Darla’s family, like say her parents, work at the Marine Life Institute. Remember she’s just P. Sherman’s niece. We have no idea what her parents do so it’s possible They live in America, and if her parents or at least one of them works at a “fish hospital.” It would kind of explain Why they would frame this particular picture that? Probably not many people would. Because if you’re the dentist who appears to be a little bit arrogant remember one of the other pictures in his office is of himself accepting an award if his brother or sister works at a place where they save fish for a living and that’s the reason you get their daughter a fish and then she Immediately kills it That’s kind of hilarious. I can totally see that becoming like a big family joke *in a poor Australian accent* I guess saving fish doesn’t run in the family eh? It also kind of explains why Darla is so excited to be getting a fish because it’s what her parents do or at least one of them And I mean kids look up to their parents. So great! Darla lives in America and is visiting her uncle on a trip to Australia when we see her in Finding Nemo. Mystery solved righ?t Ah, but what about her braces? I hear you saying because yeah P. Sherman is obviously her dentist and I doubt she’s crossing the ocean every time she needs a checkup. True, but there is a difference between dentists and orthodontists. The orthodontist is the person who adjusts your braces every time but even when you have braces you still go to a regular dentist for like Cleanings and stuff. And since Darla is a family member I’m betting she gets a free dentist visit. So yeah Why not get a free teeth cleaning while you’re visiting Australia and spend some time with your uncle while you’re at it? But what about the gift itself? How was she going to get the fish back to America I mean They don’t let you take that kind of stuff on planes and even if she could it’s not gonna live that long in a bag Post-credit scene to Finding Dory notwithstanding. Okay, I admit the fish is a problem But not a deal breaker. This theory can still work because Darla’s parents could just be divorced. One of them living in Australia and one of them living in America working at the Marine Life Institute. In fact, that offers an even better explanation for why Darla is so excited to be getting a fish because the parent she doesn’t get to see very often works with fish and that all sounds great, but there’s still one more issue Why is she on the cover of the magazine? It just makes no sense! I mean what notoriety does she have? And if Toy Story 3 takes place in 2007 and Finding Nemo takes place in 2003, Why is it such a young picture of her? Why hasn’t she aged? You should be a lot older by then? This has been bothering me for years, and then I kid you not. This morning the answer came to me in the shower. And it has been staring us in the face FOR YEARS. So simple. Just look at the words on her shirt. “Rock ‘N Roll Girl” That’s right. Darla is a singing sensation. We even get to hear her sing a song! [movie scene] I get a fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy! [J] Okay, yes, that was horrible So maybe Darla is not a singing sensation, but I bet one of her parents is. That’s why she’s wearing that sweatshirt That’s why she’s on the cover of a magazine She’s the daughter of a rock star *mind blown sound effect provided by J* That would even support her parents Being divorced, because like celebrity marriages almost never last and it could explain why the prime minister is visiting What appears to be a small family dental practice because it’s a recommendation from his rock star friend. But that still doesn’t explain Why Darla is so young on the cover of the magazine. That is because Finding Nemo does not take place in 2003 like we thought. I’ve always just assumed it was 2003 because that’s the year the movie came out and the dentist buys a filter for the aquarium called the Aqua Scum 2003. Seemed pretty solid, but today I noticed something new. The calendar in the dentist’s office You’ll notice it’s November, and that Darla happens to be visiting on her birthday. Sounds like an awful way to spend your birthday if you ask me, But hey, some people like the dentist. But more importantly, you’ll notice that the first day of the month was on a Sunday and in 2003, the first day in November was on a Saturday, but presumably it’s still happening somewhere in the late 90s or early 2000s. So I did some checking and the only times November starts on a Sunday is in 1998 or in 2009. At first, 1998 seems like the obvious choice because that’s the year Finding Nemo actually went into production, but then the picture of Darla on the magazine in Toy Story 3 in 2007 would be a lot older. And yet in the picture We can still see she’s clearly a little girl, but if Finding Nemo takes place in 2009, then the picture we see of Darla on the magazine is actually a younger picture of her than we see her in Finding Nemo and that’s why I think that one makes the most sense because I don’t think she would look that different from 2007 to 2009 and if you’re now suddenly thinking that this Disproves my theory from last week about how Finding Dory fits into the greater Pixar theory because now Finding Dory would take place after Ratatouille You’d be wrong. Because one, I don’t think the amount of pollution would change that much and two, Ratatouille could actually take place in 2010 depending on how you interpret a tiny little bit of handwriting in the movie so no. Nothing changes. If you haven’t seen how I think Finding Dory fits into the Pixar theory you should click the card to go see that. And speaking of things you should check out, Ben and I were on the Now Conspiring podcast earlier this week with none other than Pixar *Theory* Author John Negroni Interestingly, his version of about Finding Dory fits into the Pixar theory, was like the complete opposite of mine So we had some fun friendly debate about that that I think you guys would really enjoy. I will include a link to that down in the description. But what do you guys think? Do you agree, is one of Darla’s parents a rock star? Let me know your thoughts in the towel section down below. These socks are amazing! Guys, thanks for watching as always please like this video if you haven’t already and subscribe so you don’t miss any future Pixar theory videos. If you want to see how I think Finding Dory fits into the Pixar theory, you can click right here Or if you want to find out the truth about Finding Nemo you can click right here But Ben, that’s all I’ve got for today man. I will see you in another life brother.

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  1. I don't understand why the photo on the magazine needs to be from the same year? Like couldn't it be an article like "See How These Star's Children Have Aged!" some kind of 'see them back then, this is them all grown up' clickbait thing.

  2. There was more than one diver in finding nemo… Maybe Darla and her parents were on holiday, and the other diver was Sherman's brother? If both of them were avid divers when they were younger that would explain Darla dad's profession and the Sherman's hobby. Darla's mother could have been the rock star

  3. You wouldn’t capture a picture of yourself getting award for something you love? Why? I’d wanna capture that moment forever.

  4. my idea is (on the mag) [insert mom or dads famous band name here in caps] KID USED TO BE BRACE A FACE!?!?!? LOOK PAGE 18 TO SEE MORE ON THAT SHOCKING STORY!!

  5. American theory makes sense, rock star theory is a stretch.
    Plus the PM isnt just hanging out with their rockstar mates ?‍♀️

  6. What if Darla is Kari McKeen from the Incredibles? Braces and red hair are in common, plus they both wear their hair in pony tails. Sure the obvious name change but just a thought 🙂

  7. Or the prime minister is the dentists brother and the dentist calls him prime minister in a banterful brotherly love way… And darla is on the cover because world leaders kids become minor celebrities (Obama kids)

  8. What if boo is her mum? That could explain the picture… sense metaman is her dad and he's able to talk to fish. Boo might have been in contact with the aquarium, and if she were to develop that same power working with sick fish makes a lot of sense… and also working there would make a lot of sense regarding that the sea is still very much a mystery, the monsters boo remember could be a hidden sea world, (from her perspective).

  9. If she is on the magazine because she has a popstar parent then why is the section with her name on it called girl power?

  10. There is '2003' written on the Aussie Flosser lifebuoy. It can be the year the boat was built, so I'd say it's happening in 2009 too.

  11. I'm sitting here and my brain hurts…how do you think of this? You have to be very logical and not at the same time. Yah, I'm not logical so this is just….okay?….

  12. I think I know why she is so young on the magazine. The calendar thing sort of messed it up for me because I was confident the movie took place in 2003 because of this, but I think that Darla is so young on the magazine because after her mother or father was a rockstar, she followed in their footsteps and became a singer. The magazine could have showed a younger picture of her like they usually do with child stars on magazines, maybe to show the difference with what she looked like when she was young and what she looks like now.

  13. Omigosh. Maybe. But also Darla and me share something in common that I never new….our voice (I'm horrible at singing lol)

  14. I was watching all the old SuperCarlinBrothers videos in order from oldest to newest and I noticed that 4 videos are dropped from between the Year 4 playlist and the Year 5 playlist. If you want to watch them, they are, oldest to newest:
    Simba's Magic Roar Explained
    Saving Dory
    How Finding Dory fits into the Pixar Theory
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    Hope this helps all you die-hard SCB Friends!

  15. wouldn't it be in 2003 as Australian is one day ahead of the USA, it is likely our year did start on the Sunday whilst it was still Saturday (American time)

  16. Righ?t
    What the heck. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, turn on the captions

  17. Ok, I’m Australian and I HATE when Americans say ‘Aussie’ it’s pronounced ozzie or auzzie you don’t say the ss it’s zz

  18. Don't feel bad you could be Darla the ? killer learn more in today's article for uncomfortable girls this could be the subtitle of the magazine

  19. I Put A Comment Like This On A Video On Another Channel Bu Here It Goes. Why Do So Many People Think Darla Is Evil? Because She Got Excited And Shook A Fish And It Happened To Die? The Girl Is Like What Five? SHE'S JUST A KID!!!!!!!

  20. New theory:Pixar uses people's Pixar theories too fill up the stories for characters they couldn't care enough about
    Or use to patch up plot holes

    They just change it around a bit and use less extreme and more realistic theories

  21. Sherman n James p sulavin p Sherman James p sulavin omfg sully from monsters inc is the dentist from Finding Nemo

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