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Piharakentajana Kaisa Mäkäräinen

January 17, 2020

Just like building that house, at first it felt like we can´t do anything and even where to start, but.. Kaisa Mäkäräinen as a Garden constructor Just ask some help at the beginning and the next wheel starts to roll.. Well, concrete blocks for our house came from Lakka so it felt natural to order also paving stones from Lakka. Then I got a tip about Karjalan Piha
-constructer and actually they were installing paving stones right here on our neighbor at last fall. Seppo from Karjalan Piha came to check our yard and that´s how it all started. As there are kind of narrow paths in our yard it felt like it was necessary to have professional help to design all the details. What kind of plants would grow in each position where to plant the lawn and where to install paving stones. If we had planned and installed this all by ourselves we obviously would not have done those curvy shapes. When these professionals have done the foundations correctly it is pretty easy to pile all the stones. Choosing paving stones By the sample stones that we saw black and grey stones felt like a safe choice, but Now when the large front yard is paved with those brown and bronze coloured stones I really would not change them! I´m really happy about these colour choises. It kind of brings more light to the front yard! Age and usage doesn´t show up that much in these patinated stones. These stones has a kind of “lifelike” -surface, and that´s something I really like! Garden dreams We were looking for something pretty easy to take care of – like everybody else. But in my opinion it doesn´t mean only conifers or any boring plants. it´s not the same thing. It can be versatile and include bushes, trees and cover crops. And some useful plants of course, as berries. So, we´ll keep waiting for those berries! Just like any other new thing – at the beginning it feels a little tricky and takes a little commitment but after a while all these stones seems to snap into place all by themselves!

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