Pigs Playing Video Games! – Pigs More Intelligent Than Dogs. Farm Animals and us
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Pigs Playing Video Games! – Pigs More Intelligent Than Dogs. Farm Animals and us

September 14, 2019

big ignorant dumb as an ox silly cow birdbrain but as you will see these
labels no longer fit what we now know about animals that’s okay you’re doing
good pigs can use computer joysticks hens can learn from watching TV but we
allow these animals to be treated in ways that we wouldn’t dream of treating
our pets the nearest most of us come to farm
animals is in the supermarket where we buy their meat milk and eggs but do we
know how intelligent and sensitive they are the conditions they’re reading and
how the decisions we make every day directly affect their lives recent
scientific research has discovered that farm animals are far from stupid this
Hema spent her whole life living in a small cage despite a life in a cage this
hen has learned how to navigate this obstacle course to get to a nest box
driven by her instincts she has to use her intelligence the computer won’t open
the door until she pecks three times her instincts tell her she’s about to start
a family and she should find a suitable place to build a nest in this feeding
experiment the hen has learned from watching television in which bold to
find food even when offered a yellow Bowl she goes for the red one as seen on
TV it’s not only birds this is Hamlet he’s amazed animal psychologists by
learning the computer game design for chimpanzees Hamlet has to move the
cursor into the blue area around the screen when he does he gets a suite the
scientists make it progressively harder for Hamlet Yeti succeeds every time can
other animals do this here’s Rex a Jack Russell dog flex is
willing but even after a year he hasn’t quite got it and needs help Hamlet can do it without help and can
learn to distinguish between different shapes this and other experiments have
shown that pigs are at least as if not more intelligence leaders sir but how
does Hamlet compare to chimpanzees these pigs have made the connection between
joystick operation and these simple side tasks even faster than most chimpanzees
and much faster than some chimpanzees in the outside world
occasionally pigs get the chance to display their intelligence this
notorious twosome escaped from a slaughterhouse pen they knew something
was up and they were off nothing stood in their way it kept going
I think he’s thought about it for about half a second and thought that was
better than where they were going originally and so they jumped into the
river and that was here they were swimming I never seen anything like it
really swimming pigs the daring pigs touch the nation’s heart so much that
they were saved from slaughter and now live in a sanctuary but pigs can not only save themselves
they can also save us this reconstruction retells a remarkable
rescue story 999 style when she heard the scream of the boy she quite
naturally swam directly to him boy grab the harness we both went under twice
before she got her swimming stroke but she knew that it was either live or die
she didn’t get that swimming stroke that she took around it seems that pigs are far from ignorant
the animals we care for at home like dogs get special treatment we become
very fun of them most people don’t think of pigs in the same way why not are they
just pieces of meat or living breathing thinking and feeling creatures so how
have we come to treat farm animals so differently from the way we treat pets

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  1. Thank u for this show. Make more like this ! When my mom was a girl she had a pet pig. To this day she still says it was smarter than any dog.

  2. …If pigs are smarter than us..
    ..And we are what we eat (BACON)…
     Bacon = Good for you.


  3. They had me till 2 pigs ran away and pig gets a surprise when it swims out to meet screaming boy.

  4. I don't mean to sound awful, but it would be interesting to see the pigs playing an actual video game.  For example, I've seen bonobos play Pacman, which has more complicated rules.  As it is, teaching a pig that it'll get food for moving the light in certain directions is about on par with teaching a cat to flush the toilet.

    Maybe I'm really wrong, though.  I'll have to watch the video with sound on later.

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