Phineas and Ferb: Quest for Cool Stuff  FULL GAME 100% Longplay Episodes (X360, Wii, WiiU)
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Phineas and Ferb: Quest for Cool Stuff FULL GAME 100% Longplay Episodes (X360, Wii, WiiU)

October 10, 2019

hello you must be my new janitor Leroy
I’m just guessing that it’s you because this is a free record I can’t actually
see you for all I know it can be my nemesis perry the platypus Danny hope
whatever you do don’t jump over this conveniently placed crate that’s one
house rule that I have oh and do not disturb me while I’m working on my new
and hey gumption so knock it off now whatever you do do not bounce on my norm
control one bonk on the head out to the rest of the bed don’t figure I
programmed them to attach anything that’s cool don’t ask me why for long
convoluted backstory ever the dancing sheets are you’ve got some real problems
with authority don’t you as soon as I say no boom that’s the next thing you do
attitude anyway I’m really hoping you will not pick up these useless loose
sprockets haha I wanted you to pick them up see
who’s the evil genius now disobedient janitor guy okay clearly we got some communication
problems today so I’m going to make this next border very simple don’t point red
button got it don’t okay so if you’ve made it all the
way in here then clearly you are no janitor perry the platypus
my agent detect inators will recognize your duck-billed fedora wearing mine and
destroy my agent detective Akers well don’t expect to be able to just
wall jump your way out of this one oh and Levi’s a janitor if you’re listening
you are so fired I mean really I’m not paying you to jump around this race like
a sugared up kangaroo they’re the Platypus what are you doing
here didn’t you see my messages huh I spent so much time and effort making
those videos and no one appreciates them I’ve already had to fire one janitor for
not paying attention to them sorry don’t get me started anyway you’re quite early
today I just barely started to work on my inator and I don’t even have a trap
ready for you so you know sit tight oh that that’s the self-destruct button I
always build that first Wow sunshine and birds singing I’m
calling it Ferb the last week of summer vacations got all the best days you said
it oh there you are Perry Oh finally I found you mom and dad just
left for some antique convention and while they’re away I’m in charge okay
cool we were just about to head over to the museum oh no no no no no dinosaurs
and time machines and alternate universes that case is just trouble
waiting to happen besides how do you guys already been through every inch of
that boring old building by now you know what you’ve got a good point Candace of
course I do now keep quiet and stay out of trouble I’ve got important things to
do before school starts sorry Stacy so anyway ducky Momo is trying to cross
this river Ferb I know what we’re gonna do today let’s fill our old museum with
the coolest exhibits ever but where should we look for cool stuff the way
force outer space under Buford’s bed a map of the legendary temple of cool good
thinking Ferb you’re always one step ahead of it
this is the perfect time to try out your all-terrain transformatron Ferb let’s
head to our workbench you whoa I guess we ordered a few too many
parts this time let’s see denote the ATT you can start working on the wiring nice work Ferb you up for a ride just
pick a spot on the map and let’s go you there it is for the legendary temple of
cool I gotta say I’m glad we saved this adventure for the last week of summer
yes it is quite exhilarating ready let’s see what this baby can do
Ferb will you do the honors indeed watch these temple Guardians with my dad moves
you can lead your spin attack or jump on top of them
I bet it send them back where they came from very cool hey what’s that a ducky Momo
plush better pick it up it could give us good luck I bet I can slip beneath us
then we can drop down below you think I’ll tell this music roadblock grapevine pardon me but these poles are made just
for me you got that right go ahead sir wait awesome job first very cool that was awesome
next up the Museum of cool grab the sprockets from the toolbox hey Phineas Isabella’s here no way is she wanted like I lost a
machine a bill today for this last week upload paint job what do you think let’s
paint the machine cut CV the Machine City wait what do you mean other girl
let’s try some new stylings out for the ATT yeah if you like you can try this
new color how should we decorate the machine this time it’s true great awesome job / what a cool treasure yes looks like he found something special Wow
that was an adventure with a capital A you offer some more what don’t worry
Candace we’ll fix it for you say I bet we can make this even better you know a
juice it up a bit just what I was looking for awesome job fur there you go Candace good as new in fact
it’s even a little better oh don’t take her off the hook
mom good fact you guys are so busted glad to help come on Ferb the clocks
tickin and we’ve got a lot more treasure to find before summer ends with all
these cool parts the ATT is looking pretty sharp you yes looking good fantastic
awesome job fur whoa wait a minute we can’t go there now finished up whoever you got dropped on
the package for you no but did you ever notice how Jeremy’s
hair I was looking for you you highs awesome job fur what a cool treasure fantastic what a cool treasure Oh yes Valjean is here to you how should we
decorate the machine this time guys I have a little problem my summer
school perhaps includes a rare artifact show-and-tell and I have nothing to
bring in I mean something to find me something that is cool and that is found
at least 15 letters to some national non-academic reason the longer the name
better just find me something that is cool and
that is done with at least 15 letters you looking good awesome Badbeard of the mistake beer yeah you
can use this color to make your machine even better I hope hey where’s Perry good morning Agent P
we’ve had reports that Doofenshmirtz is rebuilding the inator that you just
neutralized I know I know he usually moves on once his machine is destroyed
but for some reason he seems to be emotionally attached to this one hmm
contemplating his evil psyche may be fun but ultimately pointless just get in
there and do whatever it is you did last time this place is quiet a little too quiet
honey I don’t think I’ve ever said that before and it really seems like
something I would say Gary I know patrollers carry the platypus I need your help my
norm patrollers have turned against me it turns out and I’m so cool that
they’re trying to destroy me ah this could be a trap
investigate but be careful agent Lee serious subtle ever you guys dropped off
a package for you you let’s you additions here you let’s say the HDD is one fine-looking
machine fantastic looking good awesome job fur oh wait a minute we can’t go there now looks like we found something special you help pay the bladder was my norm
patrollers are after me who knew I was so cool certainly not my ex-wife ah
they’re out to get me alright Agent P do what you do best then
head back to HQ monogram out these noisecontrollers are seriously
evil I’m actually pretty proud of their design I don’t remember programming about exact
did you teach your macro perry the platypus Thank You perry the platypus haha I have you now you know I’d like to
say that I planned all this but I totally lucked out I was I was working
on that trap when the norm patrollers turned against me
but you know now that you’ve rescued me I can finally complete my attract cool
stuff Anita look I’ve prepared a little slideshow who doesn’t have a slideshow
have a snack want to explain to you my evil plan okay you know I’m a scientist
and you know I make these amazing and neighbors and you know I enter these
competitions and you know that I always lose – baking soda volcanoes right what
you don’t know is why I’m telling you all these things that you already know
it’s because this year I’m going to use my attract cool staff inator I’ll steal
away all the other inventions and my inator will win by default
I’ll get the prize money become rich famous etc etc it’s a it’s a foolproof
plan now if you’ll excuse me I have to go warm up my attract cool stuff Anita
hasta la pasta perry the platypus that means until the pasta it’s Spanish
I don’t know you you there you go
I can’t wait for Manya back let’s go Ferb we’ve still got a lot to
do before summer ends you what now bird I can’t see anything in
these caves look at that this is awesome yo this Beaufort here hey hey guys
trained to ignore me tough luck get over here Phineas I do
believe Buford has something important to say
you’re probably right we better go talk to him before he gets angry I ain’t
letting you guys do anything until you prove to me that receiver Junkin race
unless you chicken you okay okay so they have a junction speed
yeah take this I found it on my way here I was working you how should we decorate the machine this
time what a cool treasure fantastic wait awesome job fur what a cool treasure very cool you okay sir
surprise good job on successful mission number 200 this summer
I’m sir Agent P hasn’t returned from Doofenshmirtz’s lab yet blast but you
said okay well I was starting to say okay sir
here’s your coffee oh well that does merit his celebration
nothing like a good cup of coffee while your unpaid intern cleans up the
confetti yes sir there’s no way you can stop me this time
perry the platypus look i’m not just saying that to pop up by shagging
self-esteem tell you what perry the platypus if you
give up now I’ll let you have a five percent discount on all the cool stuff
that you’ll be forced to buy from me once I rule the tri-state area they’ll
write books about my licensing fees yes not you my in a box sitting warming up Agent P we’ve managed to reestablish
communication this looks like the final room of Doofenshmirtz’s lab you know
what to do in all these cool parts the ATT is
looking pretty sharp I think the museum could really use a
technical nature treat I’m sure you can find one somewhere if I can find it in
the temple of staff I’m sure you can find it in the temple of cool you awesome looking good always good you you great fine cool awesome cool awesome job fur looking good look ya’ll these sprockets sorry guys but after thinking about it I
will need something even cooler to show in class like gold nuggets if you can
bring me some gold nuggets from your temple
I am guarantee an A+ you guys are awesome here take this
you will make your vehicle much cooler I must say my 82 is one fine-looking
machine Ferb you awesome the highs I’d say this is pretty incredible this machine eos has got some fancy
moves but you gotta push the envelope if you want to impress me which you fantastic wait you okay okay clearly this thing isn’t as
lame as I thought tell you what I’m gonna give you these signature wheels
that’s right sign to myself now you ride in style let’s see how we can make this machine
look it is better okay this is embarrassing I know you went through a
lot of trouble for me but I just saw another kid from class but the exact
same objects what are the odds I know this is a long shot
but if I could get a lost Atlantis hire of this I would totally know the socks
of the teachers and get an a after the class I was gonna keep my
record-breaking grade to both of you here take this off the charts hard math
test I bet you guys can create something cool out of it
like making your drill tougher because it is hard did it never mind you are we looking for this is awesome trying to kick it up another not change
er is places aware real races come on race come on a danger away this shit is
perfect are you crazy you cool are notorious it’s just piece of scrap metal son here
take this make him sheet shine man let’s try some
new stylings out for the ATT very cool awesome job Ferb awesome job perk fantastic okay I just thought of the ultimate race
channel I’m not even gonna say it out loud because it’s so intense fantastic you don’t get cocky perry the platypus the
worst is yet to come not the worst as in bratwurst but the
you know the worst like the not so good but you know what I mean we’re counting
on you Agent P good luck that’s going to evil can something I love the practical
side of the evil super there’s no way you can stop me now take nature to warm up alright painter
warm up Anita too late perry the platypus
i won and well I do because I ever said that sentence before I won and don’t
even think of using that self-destruct button cuz I took the precaution of
unplugging at this time what a great day I can’t believe we packed so many cool
treasures into one little Museum I just got home I’m sure everything you to get great I bet you love to take a ride in
our ATT What Is It Candace oh hi there boys you a giant machine the large Scullin that’s
nice Candace alright boys come inside and tell me all about your adventures in
the backyard wait a minute what’s this note da dr.
doofenshmirtz thank you for hiring me as your janitor before I left I took the
liberty of plugging the self-destruct button back in sincerely Leroy Leroy the
janitor you boys are so creative you know back in my day
kids just dreamed of going to the moon third I know what we’re gonna do
tomorrow no way around it this is the coolest
Museum ever with all these cool parts the ATT is
looking pretty sharp I must say you great patrolling isn’t as fun as the
brochure implied patrolling you let’s see how we can make this machine
looks even better cool what a fool treasure yes looking good nice great fine now that’s not your run-of-the-mill
treasure look at all these sprockets let’s try some new stylings out for the
ATT okay mr. fancy-pants whatever you call it can race on earth but what about
the mom can race on the moon that’s impressive
not bad here use this to make it look as awesome as me how should we decorate the
machine this time you right we are victorious ah there we go the credits look a lot of
people are all these folks on the OWCA payroll Carl are we paying all these
folks asked us to portrait look at that well I’m sure they’re all probably very
talented people doing a remarkable job wait a minute you’re not recording this
are you why would you record this this could be use against me later we work
for a secret organization Carl you think you would have learned better by now
like that’s it I’m leaving well there’s a lot of names here who are these people
these are the developers what a wonderful group of names this is taking
way too long don’t turn the Machine off now you
should read all of their names I wish I was a person who worked long hours and
got a small nametag some of these guys must be janitors or something the way sir Levi the janitor these
credits I can’t believe so many people worked so hard for so little nice you like

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