Phenomenal One-in-a-Million Shot!
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Phenomenal One-in-a-Million Shot!

August 11, 2019

Hey guys, this is Paul with Archery Tag. There’s been a lot of people out there who do trickshots. You know, they shoot an apple off someone’s head… …or they shoot a coin out of the air. We’re going to one-up them today. We are going to shoot a snowflake out of the air! Alright, Emily, point out a snowflake for me! Which one should I go for? Go for that one! You totally nailed that! Alright, this is Emily; she’s our new hire. Now she’s gonna shoot a snowflake out of the air! Go for that really fat one! Oh she got it!!! Whoooo! Right there! Right there, baby! Whooooh! Yeah! Give it up! [Christmas music]

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  2. Wait hold on a sec did you just claim you shot a snow flake. How were you able to tell you did/did just the one you must have jig loads Ii mean its logic ice vid but stupid logic/goal. If someone can prove me wrong please do

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