PewDiePie Gaming Chair Comprehensive Review
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PewDiePie Gaming Chair Comprehensive Review

August 27, 2019

okay so what you saw there was yesterday and arrived the day early and I missed it I wasn’t home and UPS wasn’t able to drop it off but I came home today early sat home all day and voila look at that it arrived but it arrived in pieces meaning I have to put it together there’s only one problem though I can’t read hieroglyphics so I don’t know how long it’s gonna take me to put it together but [Music] that didn’t take long at all it was pretty self-explanatory and I better just jump into the review of this wonderful masterpiece this Lamborghini of gaming chairs when it’s nice sleek red and black design I’m dizzy actually the whole room spinning with me oh no don’t you don’t you don’t puke on puke on puke what the hell was I thinking all right that was a bad idea let’s answer some questions one is a more comfortable to sit on this 399 piece of hardware or it would it be more comfortable to sit on actual 399 dollars let’s find out so I got here four hundred dollars in one dollar bills sitting on the actual four hundred dollars is not it’s not that comfortable okay that clip was taken 30 days ago when I ordered it I since then cashed that in because I’m pretty damn poor is this cherry gonna make you a better gamer and the answer to that is hell yeah it makes you a better player one of the most important tests is since this is the chair design for long periods of sitting time how bad is my ass gonna smell once I get off let’s find out it still smells like fresh leather okay I’m gonna get this out of the way I’ve been waiting to do this for months months I say boom so the only negative things I can see is right here right here I understand the design of it but you know if you’re eating Cheetos or have a lot of change in your pockets are gonna get filled up especially with dust and wind and I’m gonna have to take a little bit off the score with that one but this concludes the review and I’m going to give it a three point 99 or meatballs oh yeah be sure to LIKE and subscribe blah blah blah blah blah blah blah watch me spin around [Music]

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  1. i want to buy it but i'm a bit on the short side, would this still be a good investment for a person who's just under 5'5?

  2. Can you take apart the lower cushions in any way?

    I know you can adjust the top ones for your head.
    But is the big black one you sit on removable at all?
    Or is it sewed in

  3. So it’s worth the money? Or would you say there are better chairs out there for the same price?

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