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Peter Fill apre il suo skiroom | FISI Official

November 18, 2019

My style of skiing is a little unique because it isn’t a very spectacular style and I am very steady What I like the most is when the ski enters a turn well, the tip gets good grip and then it accelerates a lot You can set up your skis in this way I much prefer racing on a very steep slope where you need to make some tight turns, I prefer that then just going straight I’m not too good at just going straight whilst some others are very good at it I set-up my skis to be able to go fast in the turns and not to go fast on the straight sections There I would possibly have to ask some advice from someone else

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The work on the skis for one winter starts very early on Even in the last races of a World Cup season you are already testing new models for the following winter… …and that helps a lot because in the summer it is difficult to find the right conditions to test them properly Only when we go to Argentina do we really get to test them properly, the snow there is good and that is normally when we find the right type of ski But we have to do a lot of training with them and then hope they go well in the winter It is very important that the skis have a lot of contact with the snow, they have to be used a lot so that they become much faster There are a lot of things you can do to the set-up You can move the bindings, you can lift them up, you can change the model, you can change the angle of the edge, have it wider or thinner…there are lots of variations Even the smallest of changes makes a big difference For instance if you move the binding forward then you come into a turn a lot faster, which is something I like a lot but then if you do it too much you risk not having any stability at the back of the ski You need to find the right balance and the skiman needs to work very hard because he prepares two pairs of identical skis for me a day… …But maybe on one pair the bindings are a little further forward so that I can immediately have a comparison when testing A typical day for me starts early in the morning when I head to the slopes. We take a few pairs of skis to be able to compare them all, different models with different set-ups Then once training on the snow has finished that is when my real job starts in the ski room I know that Peter prefers to have a very aggressive ski at the start of the turn so I try to keep his ski aggressive all the way to the tip, without taking anything off the tip He can put pressure immediately on the ski when he feels he needs to As far as the edge is concerned we have stayed with 88 while the tuning depends on the snow conditions but we range from 1.2 degrees to 0.6 On race day, about 80% of the time, we try to use a wax with high fluorocarbon additives For a World Cup race I choose take about 20 pairs of skis, 10 for superG and 10 for downhill, and then they all get tested, they get tested by the manufacturers As you can see here they are all ready, all with the same wax and then I choose the fastest one I choose which model I want to use in a race and they test them on the type of conditions we may have in a race At the start of the season you always have some doubts about new skis because you never really know if they will be good or not. It is always a bit of a risk So normally you take the old skis from last season which you know are fast and you compare them with those It is not always good to use the skis from the year before, even if they were fast, because after a while the ski tends to fade away… …either the edges are completely worn out or the skis become more flexible, it no longer has that acceleration out of a turn which is very important Plus the development of the skis continues and it is important to keep improving The ski manufacturers work very hard on this, even during the season and that is extremely important because we rely on that

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