Perspectives #13 – Dean Garnett
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Perspectives #13 – Dean Garnett

November 17, 2019

okay well listen thanks so much your
name is Matt severe super enjoys your documentary a couple years ago what is
it again last night and we were just talking affair then book it astounds me
as a as someone who doesn’t avidly follow UFC or MMA of any type the first
thing that struck me about that was what you’re putting your body through and you
ban your mind through as well so close to a fight I I was just like I remember
saying to you it sound like surely you’re not gonna perform your best in a
fight when you’re going to do those crazy dramatic way cuts when you’re
sitting there having that iron focus so I totally agree and actually you know
happy record I’ve never done well in the last round the fights I think I
definitely lost in Australia I was getting with the beam on UFC Liverpool
by the way of the contract I the get all clause and me Russian deal that added
ACB yeah it was all on the table at the four-fight deal as a busy guy called on
Neely only in Australia and I got guillotine later Nancy and I remember
law you see me on the video look at the clock that’s cuz I’m starting to go so I
was head I was ahead on the scorecards couldn’t take me down there’s no couple
of times anything that’s where has a plan but as
we talked about before I seems if I did a big weight course I seems of only two
solid grounds in me I’m gonna wooden one the first who lost the second live he’s
tossed out on the fair so you got tainted in the second so and he holds
your heard a guy beats both of them for two rounds lost the last round so I know
the guy who I’m fighting in five weeks is gonna be like we’ve got to keep got
to keep meself in the face until late in the fight and then I’m gonna gonna a
weakened drained version so that’s my motivation
now so coming to fight week 66 kilo 67 on only do four to five in the last week
not bloody seven eight that will be the difference so what why if this is this
clear pattern that you just illustrated in your career there’s been deaths in
the past there must be other fighters with similar patterns what why they not
changing it and what’s it gonna take to change it to think it’s ours on cuz
people are dying more people have died recently and in the last like ten years
so one one championship which is a massive promotion
promotion in Asia and they have a system now where your way in Jordan the week on
your after way in the day before the fight and I think you weigh in on the
day but what they do is they they measure your see every yard and sample
and they look at how yellow it is it’s very simple I think in the poor some on
a little bit of faith but it’ll tell you the hydration levels of the person so
one of my really good mates Alan Philpott and I was guys living in
Australia now when we fall it’s all dead he stayed he’s not fighting on one and
and he’s a bantamweight like me me those very similar coats to me we walk around
the same we do the same regatta becuase if we do it really well the diet we get
down and we don’t have to do it so horribly but he’s on one now I’m with
him fighting at 61 you think he just move up to 66 well it’s right uh and he
was like 68 and he was just passing the hydration test at 64 you got to move him
on some lightweight 70 kilos so obviously it can’t be done that’s where
I come for them and and I don’t know what stop one other promotions following
and because as we say there’s been multiple deaths does not really be in
any deaths bar one night and I love where the guy was killed fighting hmm
and for all we know could he have done a big wake us and there was less fluid on
the brain which increased the risk of him getting a brain injury which he did
and but we know there’s three or four deaths from weight cutting alone if you
look at the 80s and the collegiate wrestlers were the first really to
really develop this process of gene it essentially what you could call looks in
the in the end did you doing something to gain an advantage over your
opponent’s not always but in the end everyone’s doing it so it does it become
an advantage but to show you my do you mean by cutting right down making weight
and then going back up the night before yeah don’t you mean but yeah if you all
the guys come in as a natural rate yeah and you caught 15 pound and put 20 pound
by hunt right so yeah yeah yeah and you and you I suppose as well as well is
your you’ve admitted that you walk around or saw the 68 69 kilos more 72
but you’re you’re doing this crazy extreme process to be able to fight at
61 yeah it’s always probably in the opponents yeah nine times out of ten and
but what I’m with the the wrestlers state they weigh in on the day but some
of them were still caught in four or five kilos for the same day events as we
talked about before if you imagine Phee the body losing so much sweat
without enough time to replenish because you’ve got can only absorb one liter per
hour of fluid and what we see then is obviously lessen performance but
multiple wrestlers died in like a space of a couple of weeks so I think what
they did they brought out DEXA scans for them no no the Texas Gunners so it’s the
most comprehensive form of body scanner and tells you like I’ve had a few like
he tells you the way to your skeleton tells you how much water’s in your left
arm I want muscles everything it’s so so oculus real I insert a new process of
yeah yes the one it’s on it’s on the documentary and so you could do that to
me okay will you lean mass is 68 so safely if we’re saying it’s safe to lose
570 body weight will allow some cotton but you’re 68 lean so he can’t go lower
than 66 that’d be fine I’d be fighting I have no problem getting Zillah wanna
be fighting guys my size but instead I think I was low as I think I can go one
of the guys he talked thoughts on the documentary and a Brazilian guy who’s
fighting at 57 kilos which is a weight below me he tries to go 33 pound in a
week now we have to look at this as a percentage of body weight so if you’re a
heavyweight and you weigh 300 pounds and you cost 30 pounds well that’s ten
percent that’s like me cotton what I cost on the documentary but if you wanna
fly weights and your best mate to heavyweight and he caught stating I can
go 30 because you’re not really understanding the science behind it then
that’s where the dangers come in BO it’s not just I’m amazed well like a kid dive
recently in Taekwondo so take one those another sport with massive gaps between
the weights in boxers very limited compounds in animates 10 pound in the
lower divisions and then 15 or more Jacobo
and it’s the same in psych one though so a young lad died recently and that’s how
I cuando fight it caught weight and so for me as a professional coach someone
who’s now working as an administrator in this poor developing qualifications
coaching pathways and stuff I think what about the legal implications of this so
what if what if I eyes are on my way cause I’ve got a nutritionist dudes
actually I’m paying him to support me to this process he’s telling me how much I
needs a cocktail hour with me I’m kind of doing it myself but often now this
guy’s you sat on a service of way corn and
and not only will they help you the diet put the program maybe five kilo weight
loss for you last week through sweat and then they’ll they’ll tell you how much
salt you lose and so it’s it’s all done well but still what if you die doing it
is he is your for manslaughter is he I guess he would be if he was like the
Michael Jackson thing if he was prescribing you something because he’s
got a juicier K through your but I guess if it’s just advice that’s prolly oh no
I advice comes on dg2 you Kara but they have insurance they have tough insurance
I’m not sure that’s it this is something I found really interesting and what I’ve
done now is like what honest Fiji Bobo if I’ve got a kid under eighteen or any
are mature really I won’t allow them to cut more than five percent because of my
it’s a mature need a child if I’m walking I don’t know the professional is
free for an Oprah pro he simulates the main he’s got my ambitions then it’s
hard for me to tell him what he can and can’t do because I do it and actually
it’s a career path you know you can join the army so mom might sugar yeah we died
in the army let me get a ground them on for that yeah you know what Conor
McGregor vs. Jose Aldo did you see that way cuz he did he was worse than me on
that documentary but guess what he knocked the mountain tears he said
hundun become a millionaire so what what why do you think think is that there’s a
lot of talk about how fast growing UFC is an anime in general and I think
personally as a fan of auxin that the the the smaller gaps between the weights
works really well because it adds to the excitement one of our recent guest Tony
Bell you was going up down up down up down it was interested it was in it it
was part of the intrigued to see how he’d perform at different weights so why
are they not introducing that and what’s stopping them it really frustrates me
and I’m now working and got a major role with the English and the may association
and the presence of that smart God and no Marco these where am I
so he’s one of the main UFC referees you’ll see and so again I thought to me
the role go sit down with doing stuff with sporting and we’ve got an
application and with them now to try and get recognized by by them and be funded
by UK sports and it is on its way to be an Olympic sport I’ll talk yeah okay and
boy yeah I think over time this is surely the common sense things to do and
what we’ve got to appreciate now is 30 years ago when I was a new sport and I’m
we had these great divisions there wasn’t that many fighters but now
there’s loads of fighters we can afford so I have eaten five pound between
weight divisions people got all bunched up people caught them not caught more he
won’t like if I go to featherweight I might give off 10 to 15 pound or a
bunsen I’m gonna be five pounds I viewed all the same where do you think I’m
going yeah do you know what I mean or I said I’ve
made it off myself by not being as consistent so me tired for the last few
years I was necessarily on when I had less stress poor anyway it’s still it it
still sounds like her a choice like you might make maybe thinking about a
long-term career where you want to be the best you know if you think about a
fighter’s mentality you’re training yourself to not have equipment never
quit so that’s probably why I would even more dangerous to ourselves with this
way cotton phenomenon because we don’t know when to stop
yeah and like as you showed you what you I’m thinking am I gonna make great no
thinking like how ours it gonna be what am I gonna have to do you know what
might happen to me when I do make weight not imma gonna make weight so I don’t
know why there’s not more weight classes and I really really really do hope
there’s some changes in my time so I can fight at a weight that’s fair or healthy
for me because right now I can’t I’m gonna precarious position where there
isn’t one that sits well for me you know what I mean so we get get me diet pay
effect yeah that I’m a good bantamweight but even if it’s just you know a little
bit off you come in fight week a kilo 2 to kilo everything you planned then who
knows what health risks you’re putting yourself out so you know so when it
comes to cotton weight and you prep for a fight does that how soon does that
start in the ropes of the fight it depends on you if you’re on a normal
diet you tape them down as it comes up what is it like go all-in till the very
last minute no so look I’ll be dead honest and as
much as I’m someone who thinks I’m a professional athlete that I don’t have
I’m not a fitness freak mmm you know me and I’m not a health fanatic and to any
degree so when I’m not in camp I like to enjoy me foods and you’ll see this in a
lot of combat sports athletes I’m often to make weight creates this yo-yo diet
and source of pattern in our nose and create a complex around food because
anytime you wish you know you can’t push the red button what you want to do want
to push the red button don’t you so anytime you restrict something somebody
that that idea of scarcity creates a certain responsiveness yeah yeah gives
us obsessive compulsives around we were talking to one of our previous guests
Amelia Thompson who’s a former professional bodybuilder and we would
talk about how that sorta like red button syndrome is you’re saying it
could almost develop like food issues disorders couldn’t 7 million % healthy
relationship oh yeah I have got a food complex that’s the truth I’ve got a fear
I’ve got an eating disorder because I’m constantly thinking about food like
where I’m at now when the trainings getting really tough the food calories
is slowly going down you know the average man thinks about sex every 15
seconds I think about omelets you know it takes over everything I’m not that’s
a bit of find hard for me I didn’t say early on in my career
but what can I only add fighting and as I’ve picked up more roles alongside
fighting and I’m more stress and more responsibility actually found that
either mm-hmm to manage me little you know I’m not gonna be a comfort thing
it’s not me feel better about whatever psychology make up my own mind book and
that’s where that fills job to help me out with this and so he’s helping me
with some stuff on this you know what I mean
and I’m what’s an interesting choice I tend to think about things like KFC
gravy acai powder for me I’m trying to be healthy you mean when you try the
healthy nice to be fit KFC gravy though shit yeah so what when you’re it almost
sounds as if like you could do without the fight no because you’re taking on
with your the elements of your business and your life and either educator as we
said earlier and entrepreneur like why you still fine and so I got into
fighting cause all of it and I grew up on a buff council as a teen speak as
Polly Don’s really young and then I started standing up to a few bullies and
found actually I enjoy having a fight so I was never really scared of a fighter
oh no and I was got older starts think I was a tough guy won about
15 16 and uh I thought for a few years there I bounced around thinking I was
are basically action which is normal eighteen-year-old
lotzie often thing convinced but I was one of them lots and I wants to animate
for a while I’ve been watching it on Sally as a kid when I was 12 and I just
thought yeah that’s cause I’m a necessity but also um but then one day
when we, in fact we went to Thailand a group of mates when I was 18
we were in a bar in named Lucas and you could you could fight your mates in this
ring you’re not box there’s a kid actually use the box as an amateur
anyone was like 10 11 mmm so I had some experience younger and
putting in the box and one of me mates and I remember enjoying it loads and I
should look at my watch it follow it loads and I want to get active and I’m
not doing no fitness training so I end up just getting in Sweden at that point
I was studying a degree in accountancy I was like I was every weekend doing what
every student was and I was like wow this is this is my first ever lesson I
was like I want to be a fighter we shall never last want to be a coach
as well those thinking this guy is getting paid here to teach me how to
fight so it was literally that was here I was on I’m sold
it’s off to I was being an MMA gym to meet up map out my life and so it just
felt that much of a fit so I was at next generation which is a really solid gym
and it’s got a lot of history a lot of top fighters there and a lot of top
coaches so I had a really good seven eight years getting introduced into the
sport with them there and built up a really strong record couple of wins on
cage what is by first round leg lock and you know stuff like that started
becoming right I’ve been ranked in the top ten in the UK for like seven years
or something yeah um so it’s progressed from there and then I end up leavin
they’re uncertain of myself with a couple of my close friends Danny Roberts
at the time and I don’t Rob and soon and and at that point as well I remember I
was a couple years into me fighting and I just I wanted to really understand the
culture and roll more for my own benefit as well so I could support myself on me
Janie so I enrolled on a culture and development degree with John Moores
University I think that was the real turn I’m putting for me and in terms of
the other aspects of my career it opened up a whole new sort of understanding of
what I was getting into and being a sports culture being a martial arts
instructor aren’t the same thing and I think what we have an MMA
because MMA doesn’t have a level one coaching but you know level 2 or level 3
is called the coaching pathway box and as a every sport does it every
recognized sport as one we didn’t have one of them I think for me now and I
know as I became actually you know no one know when the moves and the
techniques and teaching them doesn’t necessarily make it a coach makes it an
instructor if you go onto the internet and type in sports coach job
specifications it won’t come off it won’t really say on their most you about
our than the sport specific knowledge that’s a given yeah there’s people who
just train the new gym we’ve got all that so what my all day long did you
actually what I realized I’m gone I coaches to areas of knowledge he has
sports specific knowledge and he has coaching knowledge of coaching pedagogy
so that was like wow I like ball dropped on a four-time gone no one else’s seems
to be on this there’s massive opportunity for me
and all the time I’ve started to understand that I can support the sport
to grow and so I’ve got some some close friends at am a company called LLS
online which is a like student 6-1 Polk 16 they do multi sports yeah so I
started working with them to develop the first ever MMA version of this which
would in our theater you know there’s currently 27 on my MMA program and I’m
with that I’ve been delivering the qualifications the last couple years
start to put a lot of stress on me but now adults we’ve gotta choose to doing
it for us and the gym itself is finished almost and I’ve just lost me business
partner for nearly a year now with this one other leukemia so now he’s back was
brought over Johnny Eduardo is a UFC fighter and he’s 41 johnny is a black
belt he’s out on the pro fights you get include this Muay Thai he’s trained with
those Aldo from his very fierce fight right through to now a number of people
like that so easy now we’re hun at the gym so I’ve built this amazing amazing I
think probably the most forward-thinking professional Academy in the world
possibly and you know I believe that now because people sell my gyms the best or
my gyms the best under talking about a best fighter that’s not how we assess
the quality of a coach unfortunately some of these fighters would be good
even with not the best coaches and so what you should be looking out when you
do coaches if you think about Spore imagine this triangle it’s called the
sport development continuum it’s got four layers the bottom layers foundation
which is primary unlike people getting off the coach the next layer is
participation that’s people who are doing it you know regularly as a hobby
hmm the next is performers people who are now getting into actual composition
and then the top is the elite and obviously as it go get less people at
each level of the continuum so what a coach does is he understands those
levels of a continuum and he sets of programs for each level of a continuum
not cater for the needs of that group on feed into the next so at the bottom
foundation at my gym we have the little ninjas program which is from age four so
that’s very age-appropriate you don’t do any spiral of any kind apart from
wrestling and jiu-jitsu spar no punching but when they come in a four it’s about
developing fundamental movement skills throw one run and catching jumping if a
kid can’t open a yogurt why you teach in America people do seen a video recently
M of two kids chained together one this big one this big eye guards on having us
by how would that chucks in Emma maybe don’t do headshots 3:16 so why would
they do headshots to my kids doesn’t make no sense
and it’s not safe and so you’ve got the bottom like they still developing is
know exactly exactly and at this point at this part the continuum it’s not
about specialize in them to be performers it’s about developing the
whole athletes because as a as a professional coach you know you
understand the problem with over specialization I actually appreciate
that some of my kids won’t feed into my older classes for go off into football
so when will go off into rugby to go off into all the sport but actually I’ve
still got a duty of care to develop them for those sports I suppose your
development skills other than fire as well in terms like discipline and and
all the assistance II and all this stuff you know and again it’s no secret
there’s lots of academic literature on the idea that you know children were
more physically active end up having more friends the underpinner more money
they have better careers the better socially you have more you know partners
in life and so and it makes a lot of sense doesn’t it yeah you know it’s
called physical literacy they as much as you want to be littered with a pen and
paper we should all be physically literate and again it improves your
health but yeah as I’m saying that I go coach
the stands each layer this pyramid and develops where class programs fleets
level and and that’s what we try to do at aspire I thought I think all the
coaches might not be doing not because the ignorance because they haven’t been
given the opportunity to study this stuff and I was lucky enough to go to
uni in there or hopefully if we bring out the coaching pathway level one two
three level ones an assistant coach on is like a DBS and make sure you don’t
just and able to behave in a corner when someone’s fighting level two is running
your own classes with LinkedIn progressive trained and programs that
get more complex and I love linked themes that’s all you to assess on a
normal level to again you can apply this to football badminton a level three now
you don’t know like an athlete development program so that’s getting an
athlete profile in them yeah how fast is he how fast can you throw a
punch okay do we want to improve the lawn of him as a performer and
identifying gaps in his skill set and then making a training program that
incorporates his lifestyle as he inhabits his way of life yeah that’s
what a level three coats do so a level three England boxing coach without the
source of knowledge and expertise but at the moment we don’t have that in MMA so
a lot of these coaches aren’t getting the opportunity mm-hmm to actually
become experts in the field in the field of coaching the definitely experts in
the field of martial arts I don’t doubt that for one second but I didn’t have
all this knowledge about going and study in it do you know what I mean so you
know hopefully we’re gonna have this pathway don’t by the end of the year and
that was a big dream of mine I wanted to be one of the you know one of the key
figures in facilitating that process hmm and I’m proud that I’m gonna be and I’m
proud I’m the first person to pioneer let her a poke 16 course for her often
come on young young golly so these are these are things that relate to MMA but
for me when I was studying my degree I was in uni afternoons I was training in
the morning I was training the night and I was working on my job in health and
social care with people with severe autism and difficulty so and I was doing
nights where as many awake people I was asking to get some Kip mmm yeah I don’t
know for four years four days on four days off and it was hard and it was
really hard to be where I am now a lot of people said you can’t have two job
you talk on a boat I know I want to do all this stuff gonna be hard
gonna get there I thought you know what that’s not how it should be
you shouldn’t have to jump through hoops backwards to be a professional in your
field mm-hm and so I’m open now if I’m slowly
changing nothing this complicates who come through my program you’d probably
stand out Leah Makaha Milan Jones they’re 18 exceptional fighters like
real unbelievable often common armatures and Liam’s coming over to Bahrain
representing England in the World Championships and now they’ve run my own
the for teens program than the highly skilled coaches on the end you know 150
pounds a week 16 doing one-to-one lessons so they’re still pursuing the
fighting but now they’ve got that professional experienced professional
network behind them so when they just decide to pull off the fighting
bandwagon whenever that is so what are the other professional are
you ready to go into yeah and they’ve got all them a qualification beyond that
sporting the recognize so if I want to set up a prop so them to lad settle
thrown be a BJJ program for veterans against over on these programs you need
a recognised qualification to get the fondant ok so this is why you know it’s
a war side this quality you know you were saying before like before that you
obviously you 16 and and you realize that you could face and actually you
enjoyed fight fighting you know you know you throw your heart not and you pop
your hair and then you went and then I went to Union did exclude accounts in
and you skip there so take this in the spirit its intended right you can speak
not many people are going from speak really see you needs to do accountancy
so like what changed there in you well to be honest I’ve quite an old-fashioned
dad um it was very very very like hard line about education so I was always
bright and on you shall I get me out of bed on a Sunday more anime me right
geography textbook so it was quite a master and I’m the older brothers in
accounts and he’s done really well from self he lives in Australia so they me
other two siblings me two sisters got a lot of family out there that’s me he
probably endgame destination ear book I’ve got a passport for there as well so
Andy and boy yeah so you know I did another choice when when I started to
talk about leaving University was like well you’re not gonna live at this house
so John for a bit while I pursue a fighting yeah
because you know they were in support my dad was like you like me didn’t mind me
fighting but ya gotta agree on Real Estate’s and the bone on to real estate
next gotta hnd and not old I’m like two years about as well then I got into
fighting a bit now I was like well actually wanna see a coat so let me
advise now to young people is don’t dive into uni go when you find something
that’s right yeah because you know the government won’t give you the 20 grand
loan talk you know business will give you a 60 grand alone
yeah don’t piss it off the wall or we can then get a get a get a piece of
paper that you’ve got nowhere experience or professional networking like when I
do my degree I was a mature students and it was about 50 of us on the course
whatever and there’s probably about six or seven of us we were involved in
sports at the time and I keep in contact with them do you make forever and now
and it’s paused England and what I’m doing do this don’t do not with it
didn’t do no sport didn’t do no coaching just just gotta go to uni shall do that
and you know that’s a big one now I advise young people don’t get sucked
into the you cuz porn stuff I think it’s it’s it’s it’s not just even the the
academia go and see you in now I think it’s the lifestyle that people are drawn
in more than anything else so go on live another city but I think there was it
that was probably a generational thing because I remember when I was younger it
was all it was all about go get a job go get a job go get a job get a job whereas
I feel like now there’s much more encouragements of you don’t have to work
for somebody you can work you can do you don’t think something that you love them
yeah and very good that the landscape is changing I think now they’re saying
they’ll do eight jobs in your lifetime the average person where is you know I
was only interviewing the kids for the course a few weeks ago and his dad was
like yeah you know when I was a kid I I left school at 16 at on a printing a
planchette from Stella printer I’m 56 mm-hm and I want him to just do short on
these pastors about know blah blah blah so that’s exactly what what’s happened
that is our transition but what other points its are now where everyone’s got
a degree I think it’s not really it’s gonna go at the green now and back in
the day you know people from more affluent families were pushed into that
those sorts of degrees or whatever book you know in in today’s world everyone
can access them now and I haven’t got a lock screen or 16 yeah
don’t think you don’t need one you know but I left you on a sixteen that what
helped me to see less he helped me but it has helped me now because of business
I’m doing something I love doing both well I add all the friends so when I was
star in college at the school of 16 I started college my friends were like
sort of 1819 going out so I wanted to go out with them out which meant that I
wanted to m-money to go out with them so I was like well for college I’m gonna
drop if that’s what they’ve got a job as an office to you anyway so there are
different paths now you know it’s so easy this is all really what the big
thing we push on our six long program is like there’s a winning formular three
things qualifications was not to be a degree though just loads of industry
places that you live in a week in any in everything just known to be a degree for
qualifications you need the knob in fairness as long as the relevance to
what you do we’re experienced in your field I’m professional networking
because I’m forward to me do you know is extremely important and I’m laying out
more and more and more is a good role that I wish away in that case you never
another fear class other with but we don’t so get out there and network with
the people who edit the industry leaders you know in your field yeah take
advantage of things like the positives are social media with the fact that the
world is much smaller now so it’s easier to find it’s easier than ever to find
like-minded people totally so you development like the
people who trained on the individuals the social skills their ability to
interact and network and stuff like that as well
we put networking events on for them we pour we bring in the street
professionals in so the course ID one leads to four main pathways professional
athletes we offered a full-time training schedule that’s a lease we’ve got an
elite trainers center and university obviously progressing on to sport
coaching sport development sport whatever you’ll come in with a boss
coach and see the already with loads of walls and the combat sports industry so
I George your referee a hand wrapper we can build those in so this is a two-year
program you have to sport the industry relates of walls and and then culture
obviously as a professional coach developing your own clients maybe on you
know in coaching business today the four key pathways we low heart and it covers
every single role within our industry now let’s say I’ve got your blog
Joe blog says I want to be a fighter when I say guys you’re not allowed to
just pick that one you have to pick two you can pick any you can pick one of the
other three on the role for professional athletes I’m not gonna allow you to pick
so will you get off to pick two so they’ll say okay well I’m gonna go down
the athlete routes and the university routes and I’ve set objectives to wear
clothes both on things I’m gonna be a coach in a fighter and because nothing’s
guaranteed them fighting you might not make here for the style you might not be
good enough so I want them to have be equipped ready to slot into another role
so one of them might say I’d like to get into a bit of commentary well I know all
the commentators I do some commentary cakes and got a few hundred quid a night
for her so if I if he’s in a second tier I can get him a placement with a
commentator for a couple of weekends just listening in Tujunga and his foot
in the door so they’re the type of things we try and do with these young
people to inspire them and broaden our aspirations because if someone tone is
for me at 18 God knows where it’d be I didn’t walk ins when I’m a medium so
those 19 then start McCombs integrate those 23 so I can only imagine where I’d
be now if someone’s done this for me that’s 60 and I think I’d be at the top
of the game oh really there was a fighter and what
sounds like you very much benefited from ewtodd force and the academics other
things down your neck because you you’re a very busy man
you’ve got like on top and you’re still fighting just signed a new deal yeah
you’ve been in a very successful BBC documentary and on top of that anyone
who follows your on Instagram it’s gonna know that you’re very passionate about
conspiracy theories and in particular don’t like that way it but yeah
vaccinating so wait wait where does that come from the a in the world if we talk
about what the vaccin weird where does your passion for I come
from and so it’s a hijackers questions well but also why don’t you like me
because because you talking about you – even that what I’m saying is a theatre
you know and so they could weird conspiracy theory was coined by the CIA
there’s an operation called Operation Markham bear it’s all about this
information but when people start investigating the death of JFK and
anyone who questioned the official status quo was called a conspiracy
theorist yeah and what I could probably have an hour conversation with you on
vaccines and not mention one theory just purely scientific find that you’re gross
prove yourself like that so what we have to understand about vaccines and about
every other one of these industrial complexes
and we can go through every single one you’ll find exactly the same pan of
misinformation is this science on both sides so I don’t deny that the science
to save our teens where I don’t deny the yeah or the CDC also doesn’t deny that
there’s science that says they don’t where there’s the CDC the Centers for
Disease Control so they’re the lead in vaccine and resit like what senses of
disease control and in terms of the global picture they are looked at as the
the leaders for you know vaccinations and disease prevention now when we look
at the u.s. it’s got the most aggressive vaccine and policy in the world in the
industrialized world and it’s also got the high infant mortality rate it’s also
got the highest rates of autism in children it’s also got the highest rates
of childhood cancer and when you look at the data yeah it is the US come on
the doofy he’s twice a day over there and they’re particularly bad for all
this stuff and so with vaccines the the reason I chose to focus on this now is
because rather than spout out loads of stuff about what’s going in our food
what’s being sprayed in the skies what they do anyway what to do in there it
becomes mumbo jumbo to everyone and no one’s got any time so Lawson’s widdle
hmm so what I decided to do was actually I’m gonna have more of an impact on
people by focusing in on sort or not is affecting young children and I feel like
there’s an attack on strong males and again this will all sound very
conspiratorial but if you get deep into this stuff you’ll understand where I’m
coming from but I feel like Society there’s an attack on strong males if you
want to take over the civilization you just take off first the strong male so
for me now I feel like I want to be a strong male and by a strong man I don’t
mean a physically strong male I mean a her silver bar silver bar has a strong
male but actually he’s he’s kind and caring and he only gets angry when he
needs to protect somebody that’s how I look at this now so I am speaking I was
against vaccines with the hope of protecting children and and I wouldn’t
do it unless a family believed in what I do named on what I’m saying on out clear
evidence because I didn’t jump on this like I said just like some of the others
talk we talk about say a 911 or things defended them family for a long time
first it was only when I actually tried to prove the other people running on a
started stripping myself up and going I’m gone I’m wrong yes the cognate I
understood my own brain better at the cognitive dissonance so let me give you
a 10-minute run-through on the vaccine scandal okay so vaccines were developed
really early on back in the days when there’s loads of infectious diseases
let’s go to the early nineteen hundreds ookay you neither the shades in the
early nineteen hundred’s where did you have one in the shut down the road did
you drive run on water no did you have a washing machine
did you have hand sanitizers vision of antibiotics does it have penicillin you
had none other yeah okay so getting measles back then was pretty gnarly
because guess what if you got pneumonia while you’ll have measles and you had a
tiny baby you were toast makes perfect sense I got it yeah I
don’t want anyone to get the and so we used to have a lots of infectious
diseases and when you look at the data let’s use measles in example in the
early nineteen hundred’s it spikes around 1920 around the first world war
starts declining it spikes again on the world war time by the time we got to
1960 the death rate is no point nor too nice
guess when the var team is introduced so exclus 1963
I guess what it is now no point not one okay so there was over a 90 through the
honestest was over a 93 percent decline in these old death rates before the
vaccine came about so anyway now the big one is antibiotics because if you just
go on your phone say be analogy died of measles guess what a combo cancers on
Google you don’t die of measles you die of measles complications ie
pneumonia but if you get measles complications now I’m getting pneumonia
guess what happens you get an antibiotic and you know longest at that same level
of risk so we have to look at that and go well a lot of people say about
vaccines and autism correlation doesn’t mean causation well
why are we assuming correlation with the decline and infectious diseases means
it’s causations of the vaccines why aren’t we
all scared of typhoid or scarlet fever because they are similar death rates the
measles and at the climb then exactly the same rate as measles but there’s no
vaccine for them if you go abroad I think to make forward to Olivia maybe
maybe applause for some other examples but the
Western world doesn’t know dr. Danny mean like it’s not given to kids when
it’s not on our vaccine might be on the states one of them anyway but I know
ours isn’t as bad as Americas and then party or a party but but they’re the
worst but if they are badly over vaccinating the children and so
basically vaccine manufacturers were always liable for Anjali okay if you got
a vaccine and developed a suppose it was lady who sue the vaccine manufacturer
that you dismiss come from vaccine and they would owe you however much money
right in 1986 the vaccine manufacturers were losing too much money they were
getting too many lawsuits filed against them for vaccine injury and so what they
did was using the lobbyists the lobbied governments to bring about the National
the National child vaccine in the reactive 1986 and not the in vaccines
unavoidably unsafe right so that the legally unavoidably unsafe which is why
you can’t sue a vaccine manufacturer okay
now the idea is it’s risk outweighs benefit all right so are you sorry
benefits are ways risk sorry benefits no the risk is the fact
that the benefits are yet the benefits of the vaccine outweighs the risks of
the vaccines yeah okay hence why it’s so unsafe what we’re getting
yeah but like you know we can’t have everyone Diana measles yeah yeah yeah
it’s I pretend then it’s nineteen on it’s enough you know what I mean and so
after nineteen six you can imagine what started becoming more prominence in the
vaccine schedule more vaccines more vaccines more Latino of your 35 now
you’ve had less vaccines than the average six month old which is Shawn and
yeah then my mates just got a new baby in the schedule and well let me tell you
something interesting about on the one you know babies and again uh I’m gonna
have to send use a lot of information so you can see red and palm for you and I
can show you three videos of doctors who say no no a baby on the one can have an
immune response this is fact this is tours on it’s not on it not on a
pediatricians degree but on a toxicology and immunology degree it’s thought the
compartmentalize the truth right so a pediatrician won’t know this put a
toxicologist will so a one-year-old baby on the one right six months so one is
when they developed the ability to have an immune response to answer
so if I give a six-month-old baby whatever dita that baby’s not gonna make
antigens for purchases cause it can’t right guess on what the logic has behind
this it gets the parents into the routine of
fastening this toughest second and I can show you plenty of stuff on all of this
so given him a pointless injection just to get them into it psychologically ins
the routine of vaccinating the baby now a my aunts on this right so ethyl
mercury or thimerosal is an argument that was used to be used in vaccines
it’s not really used in them now it’s used in a cup ouple hardly any right an
ethyl Mary was made by Lilly which is one of the main vaccine manufacturers so
in in a congressional hearing so basically under oath a congressman
called dambe and interviewed one of the CEOs of Eli Eli Lilly and you’ve sworn
about South Omega T and he said so mercury that you may put any vaccines as
a preservative have you tested on anyone yeah he goes but this the ones he goes
yeah he says well in nineteen twenty nine twenty seven people who would die
in a meningitis got injected with mercury the old died of meningitis so he
ruled the vaccine safe there was the only sleuthy ever done on time and it’s
all open till the late 2008 2009 or 2008 right and that was going into millions
of kids right now it’s been proven and I’m Congressman Tom Barrett and says
he’s got over 1,500 studies I’ve got 165 Studies on it and tariff incentives and
then the Stewie’s breaking down these wonder than 65 studies and they even
show you the video in the courtroom it’s called tenure tation of your neurons so
in your brain you have neurons and they have something on and called myelin
sheath and which insulates the neuron because essentially it’s fine an
electric signal what the me actually does when it comes in contact with this
is it destroys the myelin and it touches the monopoles off the neuron and the
neuron goes in and we have brain injury and ie autism ADHD all these
neurological disorders so this is like a scientific fact it’s known but what the
CDC did they funded six to these and accepted the six to these back or with
their narrative and what he did was he tested for many levels in any order now
there’s a does it unblurred blood in your order now there’s a
psychologist called Ashley Everly check out she was on ABC News in America
having a debate with a pediatrician and the pediatrician says that this blew my
mind it shows you know people think everyone’s in on this on the on the
scandals than not indoctrination doesn’t require other people to lie if you
believe in a lie that doesn’t make it the truth so anyway this pediatricians
like there’s no evidence to say that injecting a baby with aluminium
increases the baseline levels of aluminium in that child okay so the
walls are studied on another another study is welcome in Oxford University
where they test the blood levels for aluminium I’ll come back to this book so
for me I was like that’s like saying there’s no evidence suggest if I blow
air and I bleed this there’s not gonna be more air in the blue okay now if I
was to test the rubber of the balloon not the inside of the balloon even all
the balloon so the Bible eight no there’s no air in the rubber so you can
test the wrong place now Ashley I’ve ever leave this toxicologist quickly
into the ocean says no we already know this but it doesn’t stay in the blood
for long because it’s a toxic chemical compound it’s a heavy metal compound
it’s not meant to be in your body if you eat it it’s you’ve got as a special
system to remove it your skin block to get in see blah but when you inject it
inject it in this criminally right it can now travel through the body
blingle narrow size and a go to don’t call the blood-brain barrier or it goes
into all the tissues now there’s no study on humans
cheston’s issue for these remnants but there are some studies done by a doctor
called Chris Utley on children who died throughout the autism define loads of
aluminium in the brain now in 1997 a French guy called Fleur end donor stood
the use on rabbits and what he did was he he got a loads of rabbits he got a
load of vaccines and he added radioactive isotope into the vaccines
and he used the two aluminium average adjuvants and the reason we use
aluminium a methyl mercury is because the three there are waste product from
chemical manufacturing so these companies sheep’s manufacturer said well
it’s it’s a waste product off then may he love the chemicals so lending okay
well we’ve got that for not in there we’ll stick that another teen because it
stops the vaccine going off well I might want to do our potties but anyway so
wash land on a used aluminium phosphate and aluminium hydroxide which is the two
common are alum aluminium arguments we use today
he put them in solos Roberts and he tested the rabbits 28 days later now I
think it was a pay the aluminium phosphate around 80% of the aluminium
was in the rabbits tissues was in the spleen the kidneys the organs do the
worm is 95 percent right so we can’t use studies based on your land and blood
samples to say heavy metal injections safe because it eat and so on and
injecting it think about how complex the human body
is Yeah right but when you go through medical degree and you get given
easterlies and think why would they lie well that’s what you believe but
actually I can show you doctors you’ve had the same medical degree as people
who have activate and you’ve also researched fact the vaccines got over a
hundred youtube links or no YouTube no official source but it’s an open
platform sitting there listen to a doctor do some research he’s got a
medical degree it’s fine and now I’ve got all the studies anyway because they
always quote the study the something called the pmcid so you never go onto my
instagram dissolve it zoomed with highlights on vaccines and every time i
put a post you’ll often see the pc pmcid on the end of the pmid type that in and
you’ll get to study but what we have to Lohara is all these anti vaccines to
these and independence that don’t buy people who don’t make money of the
vaccines let’s talk about the denmark study recently where they use six
hundred and fifty thousand kids in them right bear in mind Mr Scott one the
lowest vaccination rates in Europe so it’s a stupid place to go into it but a
start okay let’s do it in America because that’s what we’re all working
towards a copy and then so let’s just we’re let’s go to where we if we know
it’s the most rice will be in all this most data and but actually there’s six
authors of that and guess what three of them I’ve got shares in 13 companies so
I thought I put where’s Nemo are you suggesting it’s a big pharma industry
type it’s real complex corruption yeah because what happens is when I don’t
think they mean to kill kids so the kids who died I don’t think that’s what that
intention is no because that’s money lost but me who’s got asthma
I’m fully vaccinated I’ve got asthma got a lazy rhinitis and bad hay fever okay
so I buy medication for life forever now GlaxoSmithKline made most of the
vaccines that I add guess who sells me my inhaler so they create lifelong
customers with these chronic illnesses so before before 63 the chronic illness
rate was 12% in the States with one chronic illness now it’s 54 54
percent of kids have water oh boy okay so alright we’re not getting measles but
measles is a five day mild infection my mates kids no fucks vaccinated got
measles diddly he didn’t know for the first two days he didn’t cry once did
not cry once just bizarrely sick now he’s got lifelong immunity to measles it
doesn’t have to get a booster yeah and now the saying natural immunity like the
type this in on Google measles like destroys tumors so the measles virus
itself will actually eat cancerous tumors so the talking about like when
you develop an immune system naturally it becomes more robust so things like
cancers but for big farmer this isn’t what they want this doesn’t bode well
for them yeah if they would rather us be chronically ill not dead
but just chronically ill you know need mentality than their medication there so
then we start looking at the contents of vaccines as well and so yeah it’s almost
hepatitis B okay Hep B is a very rare infection I’m gonna
quote statistics from America again just because it’s where the data is now happy
over there on here is given to you get it on your first day of life nice so
your being alive two minutes you got a happy injection right now they test your
model for happy anyway Jordan pregnancy so they know you haven’t gotta pee yet
but the only way to get happy is through sex or needle use all right so you want
the old I guess how long the immunity lasts off to happy vaccine cool 10 to 15
years so by the time you’re having sex I may be using needles it’s gone anyway
okay so how much mala minions in the happy Bucky I lost 250 micro crumbs
right guess what the safe limit is according to the FDA the Food and Drug
a DC so after an IV and he sorry finally for the one day old for a 5 kilo in for
the infants which is actually probably twice the size my newborn after Sun 15
micrograms right so I’ve got a friend whose little sister is autistic
um his mum was Pro vaccine and so she starts a lot waa up being Poston and you
get these health and wellness visits but then our health and wellness visits the
vaccination visits so that they come round and where and whatever else but they’re
there to deliver vaccines cuz there’s money in the right uh recently CD
comrades get a flu job and I on me made with the truth so when’s he come in he
goes I’ll machala minions in that fucking shit I don’t know
he’s at unum 50 micrograms she went off you be me say at you this is the poor
girl who’s no idea what she’s injecting into this person an amigo general yeah
do you know what the safe limit is IPS v8 according to the fda unique she goes
no he goes 50 micrograms so you want to ingest 10 to 15 micrograms of an oral
toxin it’s in the name nor doe toxin I think it’s called a neurotoxin it
destroys neural development it’s in the name I have to go on that it’s a
flammable but it won’t cause fire no it will it’s in the name anyway so for the
first in the past when the challenge the moment challenge dismiss she attacked
her but soon as he presents its facts to her
she said she shouldn’t have a pen and that was that another now they got no
problem just turning them away because he could just quote them to not like oh
it’s on a failure to and fifty microns of aluminium phosphate
why don’t you think the media gives more balance exposure citizens you think that
the media according to Robert F Kennedy genius or the nephew of JFK the media in
2018 made 5.4 billion from the big pharmaceutical companies how does he
through market he’s a lawyer by the way he is unbelievable
he is get on him easy Peter Hotez refused to the basin on vaccines guess
why he said he’s a loyalty be best that he’d be best at arguing that anybody
those Peter Hotez guess wonder by he kept saying on Joe Rogan not for profits
the Clinton Foundation what are the Clinton Foundation heavily involved with
child trafficking like this this stuff is messy where do you think all the
Satanism comes from and child trafficking and why do you think all
these elite politicians and involved in satanic ritual abuse there’s a Dutch
banker called an Ronald something Ronald Bernard doing his name is and he
basically got invited to start way home with the Belgian royal family and the
Dutch elites and he didn’t realize he was basically where comfort I call it
the satanic about all the people call it the Illuminati but to me what binds them
is Satanism so he’s working with them for about a year and he’s a chair
amounts chosen if you’re out it’s it’s it’s heart-wrenching
obsess gotten these people have not under gain as well you got to think
about is like if you are a policeman you go into it’s a crime scene
what’s the first thing you look for what we look for fit what do you think first
this person’s dead who benefits who’s that who’s got motive to kill this
person that’s the first question okay so anytime you’re presented with conspiracy
theory always ask that question Peter Hotez gosh fifty two million off the
Clinton Foundation which is being a linked with child trafficking
unbelievably like it’s definitely going on okay that’s who he’s getting his
money off right who’s this other guy here who’s been ridiculed
he’s lost his career he doesn’t make any money off vaccines but he could because
you do make money for self giving vaccines alters as a doctor who’s got
motor via someone’s acting out of ignorance or even understanding of the
thing he booked money and for me the other guy that come to compassion that’s
not strong male attitude I thought about before and so that’s what we have to
question boy this guy he talks about being involved with this movement this
this could be free year and he says I’ll be removing millions of pounds from
government’s account since alike bunch of like terrorist organizations and all
this and this is all stuff I already know goes on from me research into 9/11
its goal problem reaction solution but that’s a different story but anyway so
he’s talking about that face then he gets invited so it has a ceremony that
was about Satanism and he goes to two of these in Holland than he thinks does
just Accenture mmm like they’re just eccentric people then he gets invited to
one abroad then he goes here when he gets there he finds out those two kids
getting sacrificed yeah and they all drink the blood right watch it that’s
what’s going on are at Jimmy Savile he supplied kids to
the elites the Royals I suppose my concern about this would be I’m not
claiming to it on any well any research compared to you and other people but
plausibility and firsthand sources like ever than evidential so that I mean that
guy sounds like I’m gonna watch that when he’s fit you know I thought I can’t
speak for him whether he’s telling the truth or not yeah that sounds like
really irrational know that he saw I’m not seeing these elites
in Holland and Belgium having these satanic ceremonies poor he’s not the
only one though this is thousands this is thousands of young kids as well is it
a danger you just read that when you said you know you’re actually just
researching all the theories as opposed to actual evidence no so what what you
mean by actual ever what so actual evidence what you think is what’s actual
evidence on this if what I’m saying is true
the most powerful people in the world are doing sort of bad do you expect them
to tell you that they’re doing it because in the end that’s the evidence
you’re asking for you have to be the judge in majority so you have to look at
him on other people so another guys Aloha is John wedgie check out John
wedgie he was a high-ranking police officer he’s lost his job he’s lost
everything for trying to expose the pedophile ring in the police and even
the Home Office said oh yeah we’re gonna help you calm down cuz all
you evidence and emping they’re all on them so this is something that’s
happening across industries and again yeah I might be wrong and actually but
again to be honest I don’t believe I am I did that I did I thought the Ollis was
Liza first as you will now but actually look what’s in the mainstream media
about this quite a lot of the mainstream media about this said Heath why are all
these people coming forward saying they were abused as young children but her
corey feldman so often about Hollywood right it’s it’s there it’s higher than
planes you get the investigational no I’ll show you before on the back of the
guy making all claims about the pedophile ring in his cause so that’s
the pedophile Court saying he’s making it off on people who’ve been involved in
this stuff this judge is involved in this like because he’s an easy method so
it making it up hasn’t he for the function yeah and so he ends up being
prosecuted and now Chris oak there’s something called controlled opposition
so they don’t just there’s not just two narratives so they’ll always be more
narratives than one so they’ll be the narrative of the mainstream the status
quo then will be their own controlled opposition art of which tries to mist
Iraq people like me I may all look stupid you know what I mean so if what
I’m saying was to think about the money the power the planning that goes into it
all it’s very you know it’s one that needs investigating so don’t wanna go
into it much further because again I’d rather talk about vaccines where I can
give you the science and and and for me this all links into the Satanism a child
sacrificed off anyway but that song people to go down that route themselves
why would Jimmy Savile be the most prolific PD file and he’s
just happens to be nicer than be made to the Queen and Prince Charles wise Prince
and ro involved with Jeffrey Epstein while Jeffrey Epstein involved with all
these bankers they’re politicians yeah like you’ve got to connect the dots you
have to be the judge because you program throughout life to believe that the CDC
says it’s safe it’s safe at George your quarters he’s lying he’s lying like your
program so law for it an appointed organization as the truth rather than
and I get that yeah I mean the vaccination thing I think this possibly
the point you’ll make before Greg is you’re referring to science and studies
where there’s a lot of the other conspiracy theories the attempts a lot
of the evidence there it’s no it’s people’s personal experiences but then
you join the dots don’t yeah so this Bank is saying I don’t know what’s going
on but this is what they were doing and then I’m gone this mainstream media
stories about Satanism and P the politicians being called to satanic
ritual abuse oh sorry the trees amazed government lost 115
files on West Minister pedophilia like when all these politicians died he
hadn’t met the P the files but when they’re gone
Cyril Smith there’s loads of convicted paedophiles convicted paedophiles so we
already know that it’s happening just well you see that with well there you go
so connect the dots like why is this Bank aligned Google app on Google John
wedge’ watch John wedges interviews the guys
add the guy’s lost his job as a policeman from cover on satanic abuse
sometimes kept in connecting the dots to reinforce opposition isn’t it like
that’s my my concern well there’s two options isn’t he go out get to do the
research and I’ve an informed opinion connect the dots you might be wrong you
might be right all just say what you’ve been told
yeah I mean I think again the vaccination thing you face a lot of
studies and you see sound in terms of yeah the level of research you’ve done
there is just incredible poor but that the path of a problem is I think the
reason that there’s such a lot of momentum behind conspiracy theories in
the last few years I think there’s a link between that and the growth of
things like YouTube because yeah that’s where a lot of conspiracy theories talk
because we’re the theorists also because the way that he’s in the mainstream
platform know what I’m saying is on this scale is what I’m saying is it it’s it’s
it’s been evidence that you can easy go on like a YouTube rabbit
hole especially when it comes to conspiracy so you could watch it on
vaccinations that could then go when you recommend it up something else it’s on
autoplay doesn’t say fall you know it’s three hours later you Paul sleep in some
crazy like theory about other no no I am you know no well I understand what he’s
saying but that’s not out work so I do this stuff and gone from one YouTube of
a doctor talking to another one of an engineer to another one of a bunker you
know the one of a young girl is clearly or isn’t being abused by politicians
yeah so and no I don’t agree with that but that’s how it’s being sold in the
media and that’s why they’re now censored and vaccine information 9/11
information it’s now being removed from the internet on removed from people’s
search options and stuff so it’s being actively sensor channels doing that with
vaccinations as well if you type in hashtag auntie backs on insta gun guess
what comes off CDC website and in Australia as well as what should the
questions on last week in a way obviously a country that you’ve got a
lot of fun the Shaw family out there as well the talk about actually would draw
on and benefit some people who don’t get their kids vaccinated
no a or D do it so it’s really they’ve started doing yeah so I’m what they’re
gonna do yeah so the UN the United Nations for me is like a big part of
this satanic cabal it was established by the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and
and basically what they have is a policy now called a age in 2020 agent healthly
2020 I want to go in force in the next five years probably
it’s we’re talking about this Real ID and the kind of enforce adult mandated
vaccines right now I’m not even I won’t go off on that stuff right I’ve
generally believe it’s doing that links in with all the stuff that I’ve looked
up or again I’ll stick to what is easy for me to pop and but basically what
they’re gonna do is not to stop on us flying or driving if we don’t accept
these vaccines because as much as you’ve got these ignorant people saying get
your own vaccinate the kid away from me and mine they don’t vaccinate their over
35 they’re not protected against any of it announced it’s all ward off so
they’re they’re just as bigger threat as these are patterns or marketing the kids
but I was I was a kid who’s healthy hasn’t got me
give a kid you that’s active against measles measles now you’ve got all know
it’s hair the immunity they go into the unvaccinated kids they don’t affect them
but then they mutate and get the vaccinated kids cool story bro there’s
no there’s never been a scientific studies approved uh nothing that’s just
an assumption so you know you been periods now for a while like there was
two hundred cases of measles in a state and isn’t it like and there’s Neil and I
think it was in any year of declare this day to mean a state of emergency right
soon with cases of measles two hundred people with a rational runny nose but no
one died no one even nearly died right guess how many people died from the
vaccine in that time 24 wrote these 24 dead people well what about them on VARs
now there’s over 500 measles vaccine – I that’s the vaccine advanced vaccine
adverse events reporting system and you know what else is sickening how in your
mandates of product right where the the process of our performs safely is
voluntary so Miami didn’t do a report for my ass mayor but she knows now she
she she would off we have the same VI CP you can get you can get a big I think
it’s in the UK it’s limited to London 20 grand but if you can prove or get a
doctor so by hope that your kid was healthy and
now he’s vaccine injured you can get older than 20 gun pails and you and
won’t get my sweet some our pediatricians and toxicologists you
don’t think the NHS is complicit in in what you say in there’s no because what
you’ve got to remember you’re saying it’s just like they accept they accept
policies together by big pharma right so doctors are policy makers the policy and
force and taking the Hippocratic oath and I I wouldn’t believe that anyone
who’s a GP well I I know then I live her GP I know they’re not really here yeah I
know doctor all the all but that’s where that’s why it’s such a clever waiters to
scam people because those people you’re dealing with died after purest of
intentions yeah and we as humans we I think we can feel these nurses really
care these doctors really care do you really do under amazing people and
you’ve gone and got a job to do the right thing in life and they want to
help people so I’ve never questioned on another will and or are the policies
they’re working from robbed definitely and so that’s that’s
that’s my opinion or anyway you you referred a lot to stuff that’s going on
in America yep do you have kids no okay so in this
country I thought kids either so so don’t know that’s why I’m asking this
question but in this country then what what autonomy do we have over allowing
autonomy here and one things are you asked so you said that the first
vaccination is when they’re born so is that question ask them too though yes so
uh like I’ll be honest now every single day people reach out to me about
vaccines mothers okay that’s and say teen babies to reach mates do we need to
get the EPI and I’ll say well I don’t I can give you the advice mate but I’ll
certainly send you a couple of academic papers on it maybe a video from a course
healing I want men to fear the over doctor talking about what I’ve explained
to you saying why are we doing this yeah this is a corrupt this is a corrupt
vaccine and and then they’ll often say to the nurses we don’t want it in the
nurses will come out with like you know Program the sponsors would then then
there’s couldn’t have a conversation with me about vaccine so just quickly
say Bob we’re not trained on them so with GPS one ask them are the
conversation with my own GP and mmm a doctor chrislam me on friendlies are not
oldest and they all say the same thing you know more about them than me that’s
wrong why do you you know it’s like it’s in the title general practitioner people
in general whereas if you if you’ve any sort of subject within health care if
you’ve studied it for the same level of time you’re gonna know them no more than
somebody who’s qualified in that subject because you have to know so much but I
just think you know vaccines if the liability frame you get them on forcing
them on babies or recommend them is every baby then make them an experience
at ah if there’s something where the lacking in knowledge let it be the flu
or some other site like cuts and grazes or whatever bernucci well they don’t do
any nutrition II then that’s also by by design and please don’t do nutrition
yeah basically writes in the early 1900 to the Rockefellers who own all the big
oil cartels back in the day everyone knew that there was elites people called
the robber barons so your grandparents knew about the robber barons right so
the robber barons was the Rockefellers and the Carnegie’s and all these
families today that all in the corporate world we live in
so back in in the early nineteen hundred’s they started to monopolize oil
um in 1901 he bought out the American Medical Association and that’s what
dictates all these policies so they’ve owned different you know over a hundred
years mmm on what he did was he blows out all
these laws like you can only use farm school Seussical products to treat say
an industry no illnesses so it monopolized medicine I made their
basically a completely petrochemical industry and then in 1902 a year later
they said oh we lost the British people tell you what why don’t we give their
peasants school and they funded our first-ever school curriculum which was
then used the compound belief systems that identified with their industries
they were there to create a nation of where has not fingers you know get in
Lionel’s you end up or wear the same clothes it doesn’t promote individuality
or be unique it promotes so that’s already hardwired hardwired they knows
is to be like sheep and we are and there’s nothing wrong with that but
that’s being used against us Phil Phil steel talked about Milgram to study
where they were electrocuting then people yeah but as an example so do you
honestly believe they don’t not to see why soldiers were shootin Jews because
if you wanted to see why sold sold in which you can use how can you how when
you find out by user not scenario a they’re not soldiers
there’s no good involved you wanna pull on a trigger right and you can’t you
can’t physically see the damage causing okay but what was that about
université ting a human impulse on yeah so to someone in a white lab coat rights
right so anything else that was really about measuring how easily real
surrender our morality on our rational thinker to a doctor or a scientist
that’s what I believe it was about now I studied psychology day level and so for
me there those people were think believe and they were killing someone and all of
them gave the same answer why he was a scientist he worked with the government
so you know for me I think that’s why the study was done the way it was that
was you know it they could have easily got a troop of Army soldiers and sort
them to an island give them guns with with with them blanks in yeah not let
them know they were blanks and said these
nice honorable people they want to take over the US use we’ve got a column and
see if they do see you comes is brainwashing to go and pull the trigger
now you’re gonna find out yeah you know you’re gonna get some relevant results
on yeah yeah yeah anything useful it’s that scenario but yeah civilians
off the streets you’ve never done military training Iran in a war zone so
you know you know this this stuff is is it runs deeper than anyone who cares to
imagine if you look at like people like it’s it’s easy to assume like the reason
I doubted all these conspiracies for a few years at the start was my brain
couldn’t process the idea of these people coming into these existing
institutions in Crofton I thought it’d be too hard but then when you follow
this stuff ba these families that I’m talking about didn’t infiltrate our
governments de setúbal didn’t infiltrate our banks he started them so in 1773 you
didn’t have money sorry not something else put in the
early 1700 we had a lot of like machen Jewish bankers we would go to them and
give them our gold and then keep you gold ingot so you go Queens I never give
you a receipt what he realized was a lot of people don’t come and get the gold
off very often so we could write more receipts than we’ve got gold and that
Sam when he came about yeah now money was backed by gold money was always
meant to be backed by gold right up until the 50s until Nixon said oh look
we’re not well the continued on to the gold but half the states realized the
Americans were printing money out of thin air with the Federal Reserve Act of
nineteen twelve which is the real reason JFK was killed for executive order 11110
but anyway so we’ve got we’ve basically got a lord in a matter who we can print
money off with in here the problem with that is it doesn’t just
affect the matter how it affects the world economy because you’re only
allowed to buy oil and gold in dollars so now that’s why we have the petro
dollar and why you see in the invasion of the Middle East for oil so all these
things are interconnected and all these people are empowered in these
organizations the olden nation-states so in 1773 James wise helped organize
the meeting under the under the instructions of Jacob Rothschild and
again there’s all concrete Avenue this was a lot of documentation around it and
it was back and the Illuminati or whatever you want to call it and and he
saw vault invadin and met her and colonized no matter her and one of
the agendas was to destroy and indigenous populations
who nuanced and live off the land so they could create this corporate future
having been industrialized so you know and it not me it was a lot of the royal
families that are still in control today so the bloodline of our roof Royals is
not Windsor that was changed the winds that Samar had them better to you the
athlete come from the bloodline called the saxe-coburg-gotha z– now the face
bomb dropped in India in in World War one on England was on a school and was
dropped by a goal to bomber which is named after the bloodline of our royal
family you know Prince Philip yeah brothers-in-law do with SS officers so
they’re all in bed together and a lot of what were being presented with by the
mainstream media is false palm to mine baloney crap you know the world was went
based on any unreal they’re based on false flag events like Pearl Harbor was
a false flag in my opinion the sinking of the Lusitania these are all events
that are staged to bring countries into war because the banking cartels like
that the Rothschilds you’ve run the central bank’s they all end so say the
twin Tsar was false we invade the rock straight away George Bush’s got people’s
consent for a big loan off the bank so they got a 240 billion dollar loan and
guess who did give the money to 240 billions who he bought arms off the bin
Laden family in Southie so bin Laden’s uncle actually is you got a big deal out
of them for it and actually George Bush’s dad this is on fun night 9/11
George Bush’s dad is she need adviser to bin Laden’s uncle and if you watched fun
at 9/11 it interviews FBI guys who lost the jobs they done a big report on it
and found out that theity billion had gone from the banks of the bin Laden’s
of the bushes only within a year of 9/11 Othman
so 911s grossed over six trillion for private contractors and all the
politicians who orchestrated ah I’ve got shared Aldens in these private companies
so there’s massive massive massive incentive for Wars spoken fast false
flag events though young you and you name check Pearl Harbor I mean Hitler’s
expansionist foreign policy and and invade and the countries around Germany
and wanting to spread the Nazi Reich across the world basically that to me
doesn’t feel like a false flag events so it Britain’s involve World War two yes
so deeply all our boys Japan yeah a know you so we you say oh well one who was
what I’m saying is Hitler Stalin Roosevelt all of these nations secretly
they know they they not warned against each other they’re working for the
bankers but then they go out and brainwash the nations to fight each
other so when you give an example of a matter have been yeah I’m just saying
that that’s all they because they what you need is pump you need public consent
right carnival without public consent you need an enemy fast so when I came in
as a young lad and seen the suin tiles of fell I was like we need to bomb them
houses and I’ve seen saying racist words and you know that was my sense and hate
being manufactured and when it’s see people whether you look you know Arabic
on was on a plane I got scared I fear response because fear controls
when you can control people’s perception you control our emotions when you
control what emotions you control the behavior so big one is fear-mongering
the more they can fear monger you on measles the more likely you are to
attack me news aunty vaccine you know what I mean even though you know nothing
about vaccines you could probably couldn’t tell me what
ingredients you’re gonna defend there because you’ve been feared into
believing that it’s dangerous without much much of a push
do you know what I mean so unless what given reason so we no question that the
information were presented I like the front that we live in a country and a
society where like if you you know say you have children you go and I don’t
want them some vaccines but that is going to change very soon so there’s a
little article recently saying ministers are considering banning no no job no
school that’s no honey issued you mean introducing it this year yeah it’s all
coming soon well you’ve got a little hot right if you go on to the UN website and
read agenda 21 and 30 that was written earlier in the early 2000s everything it
says in that something and now so for the last five years you can find me
talking about so my dad and brother involved in private property but I’m not
going into the family business rights because in you agenda 20 agenda
2030 it says they’re gonna remove the rights were on private property right so
I believe that’ll happen guess what was in the news yes tea for the first time
I’ve ever seen it politicians are talking about getting
rid of privately owned property right this is gonna matter because we have
these financial crashes which again at all frustrated by the banksters
you know just like the thing in 1930 in the Great Depression so these I’m like
well while I was writing all the vaccines
because it’s been saying for five years they’re gonna mandate them for adults by
2020 I was saying it’s all stuff I’m saying is coming right or not McKesson
I’m looking at the policies that they’ve already wrote saying this is what we’re
gonna do and you just see it slowly but what they do before the policy gets put
on people the other phase of prep and everybody through the media through that
tightly controlled like Rupert Mayer the homes with media you know Romania the
other private meme it’s the reason he was on front-page news
wise wise why is the Prime Minister getting called to a secret Beaton oh
yeah I mean he that family as other malign influence on British policy
policy yes and these are the people I believe of plasters and Satanists and it
is and the reason I believe clear on these child trafficking rings and so
there were a lot of people who research I’m like John watcher is they actually
used them just watch FFT for the user is blackmail so control politicians so they
bring them into these dark satanic circles there’s a really powerful
documentary about Jimmy Savile call them the name circle I really advise watching
it before it’s removed off it might be off YouTube already watch it on your
logo mention that reason watch it please watch it because as you say the evidence
and all this stuff listening to former police officers and
stuff so we’ve lost the jobs is powerful I think that’s that’s evidence for me
resources that’s what that’s what I don’t need that didn’t I don’t mean the
Daily Mail or Sky News or even of course because I don’t believe in the court
system to court systems all fake so we’re on the maritime law that’s why a
course as a doc if you look at all the legalese language we’re under this
stupid law that says we’re lost at sea and we have like her when we when we
sign a biscuit we create this fictitious person this legal entity that the Queen
so the users as a bond to draw down money on the national debt through the
banksters I’m not an expert on that stuff’s all cargo ends with deeply ball
I’ve when I’ve walked into it’s fascinating how there’s a guy called
David Noakes who recently you sorta call GC muff and what you see mouth has been
shown to do like lie semitic so on affecting whatever map but basically
GC mass has been used by some people to treat cancer right now the song called
na glaze which is being found in vaccines and when it’s in the blood it
Hibbert’s are vitamin D receptors who are vitamin DS the Optio regulate to
killer cells B cells macrophages so they change the different types of immune
cells depending on what the threat is now what happens when magalhães gets in
our system it’s an enzyme that’s a catalyst it cuts off these three sugars
started on the vitamin D and E can no longer up regulate but what GC mass does
it cuts off one of the sugars or two of them and leaves one so now they can sort
regulate even when man glazes in the system but anyway this GC master flora
David milks used to secure a lot of people are concerned he got took the
course his wife’s being the pause and he’s being put in jail and unlike it’s
kind of like an the call tonight yet you vamp no one but you’ve gone against the
console act of 1959 which says you can only use farms whose goals to treat
cancer so it’s like it’s not about are we healthy no it’s like this is the
pharmaceutical protocol but what his defense was in court was he tried to say
he was a man of the land or he didn’t believe it doesn’t like hits that’s not
on the common law written a cooperation off isn’t on the common law common law
is like I won’t harm anyone I won’t steal she’s I have committed no crime on
the common law and there are cases where people have one using MA for tea just
threw it out and said now you’re on to this 1972 European saw an art or
whatever generally means some sumac brought about by people elected by no
one in Europe where you know the Magna Carta is essentially dead in the water
now because the corporate office she owns the courts so if you got a
photographic memory you’ve got an unbelievable capacity to remember like
complicates acronyms and dates and research in data yeah it’s big it’s
because I’m having these conversations all the time and I don’t really watch
telly as much anymore like I will watch things now like a medical not a story
and I see all the stuff I’m saying to use hidden in plain sight them drinking
blood and all this it’s all to do with what I believe is going on that’s part
of what they do with with Satanism what why did you like this might sound naive
but like every day I get up I just have a good day I joined a bath of myself I
want to be kind I want a loaf be friends and my family more and all that type of
stuff you’re an intelligent guy why you just focus so much every time and energy
on these subjects okay so the way you said that it like implies that I don’t
want to do a lot and I do love you know I don’t
like a saying you’ve got a guy with a lot of energy yes you know so we’re a
meowt rights as I said before I’m a strong male now I wake up in the mornin
a train I have a laughs III enhanced the lives of other people
okay now just because just what I believe is the truth and reality is
negative doesn’t mean I’m going to shy away for the guy I want to be a
snowflake and live in a fairytale land yeah I don’t I want to deal without
fucks and if I feel like there’s an agenda to poison our children but
specifically to harm young men because or the autism thing gets up there more
employees and again a doctor called dr. pitar believes that the use in
epigenetics to purposely target boys for the reason I’m saying before right and
to be honest I like socks with masculine I think no no no not nothing to do with
that book somehow these these toxins not to use the I don’t know how the autism
more tired and boys right so whatever it is causing it is affecting boys more
than Issei and actually that’s by design he wanted to affect boys more so in my
reality but I want to be kind and help everyone then my job is to expose the
truth so I’ve got kids now I’ve got me – I said don’t vaccinate them mate and one
of them is now autistic right off a vaccine
it’s called regressive autism 75% of all loss the authors the cases in the u.s. a
chorus of autism starts where the child shows no symptoms of autism he walks he
talks he says mom a dad and then he has his MMR and he doesn’t know hurt anyone
ever again in the face and that’s normal that’s normal but if five kids get the
measles wolf stays in an agency but one in one in 32 boys get him that sound
let’s normalize it let’s glorify it so that’s me doing that that’s my way of
doing my vibe if I believe there’s a an evil cabal that wants to control people
that’s have a big grip I’m fine and so over the last 500 years that’s how old
these families have been involved with these industries that long started these
industries off I’ve worked together for this long these people are you know it’s
all there was a BBC documentary where Jacob Rothschild was on it he’s got a
guy called mr. Smithers so he’s tattooed tattooed The Simpsons
you know mr. Baines is based on Jacob Rothschild he talks about the creation
of Israel so Israel was given so did you use by the British crown in the BAL
floor the Balfour Declaration of you know
you have the power for declarations so that was in 1912 wasn’t it and you know
now tops a nation state they’re now causing their own apartheid and genocide
over and thingy so this is our powerful these people are I’m talking about they
can create nation-states from thin air they created the USA like
through stating families involved in it in the symbology if the the American
flag swing of thirteen lines that’s why the the last thirteen thousand thirteen
feathers and everything stay at EMI there’s easy normally number you know
what I mean these people at the meeting in 1773 by seventeen seventy six or a
bit later he’d killed one hundred and fifteen million Native American Indians
they made they put up you could get money for Carolina bison not for the
Bison just for killing it’s all the Indians couldn’t eat off it live off the
Bisons so these these families have got long history of destroying indigenous
populations so why wouldn’t he want to control us like that’s that’s that’s for
connecting the dots be pretty money out of thin air when we went over to
Australia we declared the aboriginals is fauna and flora the others they had the
rights of a bugger carrots so you could do to ricotta what you could do it up
you got a reward you could have a license for shooting live Aboriginal
people that attempt ten baht English temp ten English bouncer killing one
life what’s going on that was it years ago but cook because the likes of I
think you probably disagree very strongly Mears or I’m gonna suggest
playing devil’s advocate because of the way societies progressed and maybe even
I’ll say the UN that wouldn’t I like to hope that wouldn’t happen now the fact
of the known world there’s nowhere else to explore for example in Brazil you
know there’s tribes out there who you know they are left to their own devices
albeit the Amazons getting destroyed but I think partly what you’re saying it was
horrendous the treatment the aboriginals and the nice Americans but is that part
of the time an evolution in history yeah I think it is amazing I don’t think we
need that that’s one for us to become a civilization you know we I don’t think
we need this happen but everything else Paul I just think bands back then they
rule by conquest and now the real I consent so back then it was it was real
by force now it’s real by misinformation it’s easier to control someone’s mind so
there’s a good documentary on YouTube called the story of your enslavement
it’s fifteen long it’s a cartoon but it’s fascinating
right what these people are sensing are is human farmers right what’s the most
valuable resource on the earth oil no you say consensus like that mean you
people resources people ok so what these are senseless giant farms and what’s
happened is the way we be farmers is changing so if you’ve got a slave and
you put them in shackles it’s hard to make him work that because you know he’s
asleep but over time you can give the slaves more freedoms that slave will
start to enjoy his he won’t be able to see the case that he’s being captain if
he’s being badly misinformed and we all go to work for 40 hours a week this is a
very fascinating politician called my friend Michael challenger who’s also a
geologist and he runs something called the Ubuntu movements a lot of times
because there’s loes must’ve had a lot of talks he’s about today about ancient
knowledge stuff these people are hiding from us that’s a whole new story but
check him out he’s got something called the Ubuntu movement some it’s all about
contribution ISM rather than capitalism communism more comfortably these are the
socialism this is contribution ISM so this is about living in a society of
around a thousand people or wherever and I’ve learned that way it’s like that way
there’s people with all skills and trades and if people swap food and swap
clothes and so on all of a sudden we only need to wait three hours a day not
eight so I would happily give up to aspire to have a big watch in a big car
but I don’t have none of them aspirations anymore because of I’ve gone
past the conditioner in my mind I’ve broke off to the only old belief systems
and all my old paradigms that were manufactured through me life growing up
in school and watching telly I’ve changed them now and I’ve done it
through research and getting wrong being being wrong a lot of times like almost
of um preaching you said I was a virus of a man’s against it
I can every time I kick myself alright so for me now hopefully those paradigms
you think just to switch on a theme and we’re gonna wrap opportunity fascinating
but you’ve mentioned a few time at the Rothschilds and then dear straight for
Israel you have to walk a fine line because people cause I’m not saying
because I don’t know what your belief is on the Jewish people the Jewish religion
but because in fair anti-semitism so take it that’s not your position
you know I actually think anti-semitism is being used to the flex stuff away
from them so fit for me like racism’s racism and discrimination
discrimination cuz if you’re a Jewish lovin you listenin to this I’ve got time
you feel attacked by your things no no I’m just making an observation so it’s I
don’t just in my in my in my worldview they’re not Jewish the guys I’m calling
Jews bunkers the Luciferians right and put D pretend to be Jewish yeah um I
love my faith they’re really it’s not the religion so if you look Laura Albert
Pike on his book right he’s one of morals and Dogma he’s one of the lead
and like prophets for these freemasonic satanic circles that real all the stuff
and he saw how long before what anyway it was about the manufacturing world was
and all this stuff so for me they’ve hijacked judaism and christianity on
islam like you know you know hurts your places like Saudi maybe in the Middle
East they wear alongside Israel to destabilize places like Yemen where the
starving kids in Yemen now and the only thing we let in is vaccines you don’t
let food more thoroughly like vaccines and for them more depopulation tactics
program so and for me there were hobbies and Wahhabism is it is a form of Islam
that’s quite new and guess who formed it mohab ISM the British crown so when you
start looking into all this watch don’t go up its elected and start recession we
start seeing eye rolling so for these people they don’t care about religion
because if you’ve got a group of people we’ve got Jewish Christian bla why it’s
different nationalities different industries and you join them all at the
top of industries they don’t kill a monkey’s ass they control everything the
control money the control food control finance it’s just they don’t care so for
me this thing of divide and conquer where Jews they’re not aware this way
that that’s all their their tactics to stop was uniting against then in my
opinion and which is so nuts gone on forever really divide and conquer that’s
why be family were raised with football teams and they put money in the Olympics
and it does create that sense of you know if you don’t add any souls a group
or society they always function better when there’s an enemy so what if you
tell another conquers anyone just divide with it
we’ll divide divide I am a Bluto so yeah idiots poor yeah so boys thanks a lot
for having me thanks for coming we could eat the sausages that was a lot most of
that was well over my other got to be honest for a well it’s certainly
something that you know provokes thought unfair that we said what I would like to
put out there is someone wants to go onto my Instagram page they won’t see
nothing about vaccines I’m actual page because I don’t use it for the poor
means to run stories yes there’s on highlights on there there’s over 200 on
there and I’ve got probably a few more that I could put on there as well that I
need to put up or their pages of studies the pages of doctors talk on
congressional hearings you know it’s it’s the evidence there’s no other
evidence it’s the CDC’s evidence as well sometimes and counts on what they report
on out so they’ll get a real or in depth understanding of what it’s all about
if you used to just watch my stories and even take away ten things and then go
and ask the nurse or the doctor who’s pushing vaccines on yeah i-i’ll give you
two under quid if they don’t back down straightaway because they’ve never had
any training on it they’ve never had any reason to look into it so you know the
only thing between these pharmaceutical companies and these children is parents
oh my what I’m trying to do is so many works a lot of kids is in my belief I’m
protecting children by exposing the truth about vaccines it’s all there you
go amazed amazed thank you

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