‘People’s vote’ march: up close with anti-Brexit protesters at the ‘biggest ever demo’
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‘People’s vote’ march: up close with anti-Brexit protesters at the ‘biggest ever demo’

November 18, 2019

What do we want? People’s vote. When do we
want it? Now. This is normal people just saying what we’re
doing now is not right. And we need to go back to the people and do it again. Excuse me, lost my beloved. We have got even the ones who voted to leave, this what we’ve got now, is not what they voted for either. It’s the far-right of those people who are
getting what they want. A few people, with the loudest voices. Y-M-C-A Stop Brexit. What do we want? People’s vote. When do we
want it? Now. I wonder if this can translate into a majority
in a second referendum. We’re surrounded by people who think the way we do but there’s
a lot of people in Britain who aren’t here, there’s a lot of people not signing that petition. I’m snowed under. Do you think any of them
are taking the consideration? The work I’ve got to do after they’ve all gone home. No.
Not one of them has come up and went ‘thank you for doing a good job mate’. I don’t want
no appreciation, a little handshake every now and then. ‘Cheers mate, I appreciate your
hard work’. Don’t get nothing off of them. So why should I vote for them? So would you back a second referendum then? Yeah, just to see how it turns out. If it don’t turn out then, you know, chuck them
back in the deep end. Can I have two please? – Two, what colours?
– I don’t know, give me pink and orange. How is business today mate?
Not the best, a lot of old people not interested in making a noise. Too civilised. It wasn’t, the blame that’s been put on the
EU is actually misplaced and should have been put on our government and all the governments,
the previous governments. They have all neglected the north, they’ve neglected the NHS, they’ve
neglected education. I understand their anger, I am from the north and I would say put that
blame where the blame is, which is our own government, not the EU. Infact the EU have
done more to protect our nation than our own government. There’s new kinds of party and it’s time people
woke up and realised just what’s going wrong in our society. Because in ten, 15, 20 years on we’ll
all be saying ‘why didn’t we do something about it?’. And we’ll have to do the whole
Blair, Brown thing all over again. A description of how everyone feels about
most things these days, I think. So it’s not just Brexit.
Not just Brexit. Certainty is overrated. I fall on the side of lets not go, but I think
that the whole process and every side of it has been spoiled by people being too sure
and not listening to anyone else. What’s going on? Well that’s a very good question
mate, if I had the answer to that I wouldn’t have to come on this March would I? If I knew
what was happening. Nobody knows what’s happening, that’s why we’re here.
I don’t support a people’s vote, I think it would be divisive. I would prefer, rather
than have a referendum, that we have a people’s assembly. So that we can debate the issues,
we can all have our voices heard and come to a decision through deliberation. Rather
than a one-day winner takes all referendum because what we need to get out of this is
some kind of consensus, and the people’s assembly would start the process of bringing people
back together again. I think one of the genuine problems is I don’t
know how you carry a referendum that isn’t one or the other. Yet it feels like that’s
what we need, it feels like we need the people who want to come out as quickly as possible
deserve an option, the people who say actually May’s done the best she can and they deserve
a voice. And then those of us who felt our future is properly in Europe we feel we deserve
a voice as well. So how do you safely conduct a three option ballot. I don’t know how to
do that. And what I’m impressed by is places like Ireland, where they’ve had the referendum
and they’ve made them processes that worked out how to pose the question and then get
an answer that people can accept. We need the public to get together and have
five strong speakers, public can stand behind them and agree with what these speakers are
doing, not what these MPs are doing. If I wanted to get a Kinder Egg and people
left Brexit it cost one pound and then it might be ten pounds. One million. One million people.
One million no, it’s two million. No no no, it’s from internet.
No, no. Internet no, look, Marble Arch, to Big Ben. It’s too much. Look, everybody tired.
Everybody tired, the legs. We are not going home, we are not going home.
We don’t care how late it is. I’m trying to find the next collective of
people that have some music. Police can only turn off so many sound systems. We want a people’s vote, we want a people’s
vote now.

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  1. I wonder how long until that blue flag is flying over the houses of parliament, if we are lucky we could be an extra star.

  2. Leave, the EU is not going to last 25 years let alone 50 since it looks like it's going the way of the Soviet Union.

  3. EU referendum Leave voters – 17,410,742 Remain voters – 16,141,241. Petition= 5 million. LOOKS like 11,141,241 remain voters changed their minds, so you are 28.248,661 votes short if you want to remain lmfao

  4. Of course the Remoaners can muster in force in London; it's the only place in the country where they're a majority.
    Fight them in the streets!
    Blood and Iron!
    Burn The Grauniad!

  5. EU = clandestine Marxism, featuring a single global government. just what the CCCP tried to do. Anyone who defies them, will be shut down

  6. Honestly the remainers fucked up on the apparent million that went, only 35,000 arrived. We've had a peoples vote in june 2916 deal with Brexit.

  7. Biggest ever demo until today when the leavers turned up …you lot are a discrace..sold our children's rights so you can buy posh room in cheese ya snobby bstards

  8. Kids will be learning about this event in their British history class at school in about 20 years time … this is "BIG" ….wonder how will they call this period ???

  9. cannot find one remain voter that can put forward a sound argument as to why staying in the EU is so great, yet they seem to be in full consensus that brexiteers didn't know what they voted for, the left wing loonies all with conceited contempt.

  10. A "Peoples Assembly"? WTF? Really Billy? It would cause more division and would just be another Parliament……unless of course they fill it with remainers…..in which case it definetly will be another Parliament.

  11. Whinging public sector workers, middle-class trustafarians and Billy Bragg…. says it all really

  12. We had the vote, you cannot keep voting until the outcome you want is achieved, otherwise we need to keep re running the lottery on Saturday until my number is achieved

  13. There you go remaining man in a dress with makeup, proves remainers are unhinged and should not be listened to from now, mentally unwell to think you can keep voting not normal, need to accept the vote and be mature

  14. As John Snow would say, 'All i can see is white faces' alot of white faces… whats your point John? and where is your comment on this march.. typical dishonest agenda driven fraud

  15. So you want to pay a non County EU business so we can trade with other countries lost the plot you lot you pay your taxes and you want it to got to other countrys lost soles

  16. I voted to leave but I wonder, was I right to do so?

    If you think I did wrong then watch my YouTube video and answer my question. 

    Click on FILTER, select ‘Today’ (if it is today: 03/04/19) and enter ‘Was I right to vote for Brexit?’ in the search field.

  17. "Caroline Lucas for Prime Minister"……lol….Hilarious, I can't think of anything worse TBH….Deluded.

  18. Why do these people want the UK to become a small region within a superstate? Slowly but surely the EU is enacting the Werner Report and turning the union into a Federal State.

    And Freedom of Movement would be a great idea if the UK wasn’t so small and taking in a disproportionate number of EU foreign nationals. If France was to take in another 80 million people it still wouldn’t be as densely populated as the UK is today. The UK hasn’t got the land to sustain the current population growth. If you think I’m wrong then tell me: how many square miles of land will the UK lose to development over the next fifty years to support an annual influx of 250,000 people? Every Remainer should know the answer to that question.

  19. Sure, everyone who wants to leave the eu are far right, fascist, racist, Nazis and are old people… Erm no

  20. These people are idiots, they already had the "People's Vote" & they voted for Brexit! Seeing what's going on from America, it seems that politicians are trying to thwart the people's decision for Brexit. Make Britain great again and leave the European Union!

  21. "Experts in crowd estimation put the number at between 312,000 and 400,000." According to Full Fact Uk's Independent factchecking charity. Looks like The Guardian are off by at least 600,000. Bad Journalism.

  22. Billy Bragg wants a “people’s assembly” aka a “Politburo”.
    He thinks it will be a place where we find concensus, I suspect it would be a place where wrong think is will be rooted out and sent to a gulag, until the whole “assembly” finds that no one disagrees with the “people”.

  23. Its a Great FACT that the ILLEGAL WAR on terror and zero EVIDENCE of any kind of WMD'S And the MILLIONS of women & children in Iraq and Afghanistan and the middle EAST who have been murdered a there country DESTROYED its a Testament that our MAIN stream MEDIA will just report what ever THERE TOLD.
    We voted to LEAVE The European union and 4 years later we have still been told sorry NO….!!!

  24. Brexit breakdown; A bunch of Dictators from Brussels/world bank, Imf bank and the likes want control of the world and are using any means to destroy their Arch-foe freedom and the free markets, hence the pushback of peoples creation of Brexit.

  25. Here's an idea… re-run the referendum and this time allocate a remainer to each of us silly leave voters to help hold the pencil and make sure this time we put the 'x' in the 'right' box… of course last time there weren't 'enough' remainers to go around so there would have to be a bit of doubling up!!

  26. A second referendum is a way to bypass democracy and give the losers another chance to get their own way. The damage this will do to UKs citizens faith in politics and democracy is unfathomable. and that will include both leavers and remainers.

  27. Please be assured that Turkey is next in line, although shelved at present. The talks are ongoing and eventually they will join. That will mean free movement and more cheap labour, our services, nhs and schools at breaking point. have remainers really weighed everything up?

  28. Despite the shouting, screaming and demands of the Remain camp, a silent majority spoke on the 23rd June 2016 – and again on the 23rd May 2019.

  29. The brilliant writings but castigated as untruths in the "Protocols of the elders of Zion" only highlights why items like this are viewed with so much contempt by people who want to rid themselves from the Semite controlled European parliament.
    We know the real truth and they know we know…..

  30. Well done guys, you managed to split the remain vote, whilst all of leave get behind Brexit. You should have compromised on a soft Brexit as damage limitation and then gone for a 2nd ref afterwards. But yeah, let's gamble and roll the dice again, if we even get to do that….

  31. Remain. A deluded cult of time wasting and lost causes. Windowlickers. They didn't like the answer so have wasted the last three years trying to change the question.

  32. Whats this "Peoples" vote fanny???….Who do you think voted in 2016…..Bloody cauliflowers?…We have had a bloody peoples vote… FFs.

  33. Well was it worth our granddads going to world war 1 & 2 you people wants the germans to run our country well I don't want that like many thousands we voted out so I have faith in boris Johnson I lost my granddad in world war 2 was it worth him dieing gave his life like so many others, u need to have faith in our country.

  34. What a pathetic bunch of poor losers! Note to self . . . don't ever engage in a game of poker with any of this mob, if they lost they would start blubbing and refuse to pay you your winnings!

  35. Can't wait for the drama to unfold when the people who voted leave march after these rich scumbags manage to revoke article 50.

  36. If a right-wing character such as a Mussolini, Hitler, Pinochet, or Franco became president of the EU, and started to inact right wing policies accross the European superstate, I assume remainers would still be remainers? After all, it's all about principles, right?

  37. To the bin man: that's what you get from the woke, privileged remain middle-class mob who look down on you, the working class.

  38. BOJO, only way out for you is INSIDE (a comfy cell inside some jail), you and tories far right extremists destroyied the economy.
    tic toc , jail awaits you , and all of your suporters

  39. It’s as though remain had the majority in the referendum and it’s being revoked.
    Leave was the majority FFS if Brexit is not delivered blood is going to be spilt

  40. EU is not europe, big difference, stay quiet brexiteers, theres enough racket out there and as you know it's the quiet ones to watch.

  41. 1:44. Having picked up litter : smokes a cigarette then drops and stubs it out on the ground.
    There are bins for cigarette butts ! (I believe ) surely in central London.

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