People Who DON’T Watch Football Guess NFL Helmets
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People Who DON’T Watch Football Guess NFL Helmets

September 23, 2019

It’s not that I don’t know sports because I’m a girl. It’s that I don’t know sports because I don’t really care… – Who is this team and this city? I’m pretty confident. 90-100% Dallas… Oh, s***! This is the Dallas Cowboys… I recognize that Dallas Cowboys! – How do you know the Dallas Cowboys? …They have famous cheerleaders Yee Haw! – What is the name of their owner? Rickey Barnes. That sounds Texan, right? – Jerry Jones Jerry Jones! They both sound like comic book, like, newspaper magnates or something… – Who is the Dallas Cowboy’s best player? *snickers* Is Tom Brady on that one? Peyton Manning? Is he on it? Is one of the Mannings on it? There’s two of them – Who is Tony Romo? He is a… football player Oh, OK. Like the restaurant? I think this is the Rams? Is that right? – Yeah, what city are the Rams? New Orleans Rams? No? – Turn around and look outside OH… The Los Angeles Rams! What am I looking at? – Los Angeles… Really? There was all this big hub-bub when they came back, and people are mad, and people are happy, and… football… I don’t need to know the sports team of the city I live in! – Where were they previously? Uh, some other state I actually know this because my grandpa used to play for the Rams, and he won the Heisman Trophy – What! Who was your grandpa? Glenn Davis. I’m actually going to a game, for whatever reason. I’ll probably leave early… – We’ll follow-up more on that… That’s a bird of some kind It could be like a raven Blue jay Hawk Sparrow Eagle Mockingbird Black Hawks… Oh wait, that’s hockey… Wait… That might be a Jaguar I’m going to exhaust my bird knowledge… It’s a hawk, is that right? – Close Sea Hawk? – Yep. Where are they? The Myrtle Beach Sea Hawks? They are in Seattle I think I’ve heard that before… – Where have you heard that? Probably on a box of Wheaties Chris Pratt is a big fan of theirs. and I’m a big fan of Chris Pratt, so… I know this The clubbers cavaliers The kings of hearts? Looks like a symbol from the Webelos from Boy Scouts That’s like a little French, like a, fleur de lis? fleur di lis – Do you know what that is? No… Oh. OH! New Orleans. Frenchys – New Orleans Frenchys? Yeah Those are the New Orleans Saints But a Saint would be a terrible mascot, right? They just want peace They played against the Vikings, which are my dad’s favorite team; and my mom, just to spite him, wanted to support them Uh, Detroit doves, just because it begins with a ‘D’ It looks like something angelic and nice. Not a violent bird Eagle? – Yes Yes! The spread eagles The Philadelphia Eagles That sounds familiar. From the movie with Bradley Cooper It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia did a whole episode about that They really like the Eagles… Silver Linings Playbook Mark Wahlberg, Invincible – You got zero correct Yeah, I did great I don’t know sports very well, but I thought I knew the NFL… Apparently not Apparently I got one wrong… I do not believe that – It was the wrong city… It’s still the right team!

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  1. AFC:
    Pittsburgh steelers
    Cleveland browns
    New England patriots
    Miami Dolphins
    Baltimore ravens
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    Cincinnati Bengals
    Houston Texan
    Tennessee Titans
    Buffalo Bills
    NY jets
    L.A chargers
    Denver Broncos
    Indianapolis Colts
    Oakland Raiders
    Kansas Chiefs

    Seattle Seahawks
    Atlanta Falcons
    Chicago Bears
    Tampa bay buccaneers
    Minnesota Vikings
    Detroit Lions
    Carolina Panthers
    NY Giants
    New Orleans Saints
    Arizona Cardinals
    L.A Rams
    Washington Redskins
    San Francisco 49ers
    Dallas Cowboys
    Philadelphia Eagles
    Green Bay Packers

    Try remember this name's in NFL (football) only the people and nerds who don't watch football

  2. Just hearing the dude that said Tom Brady and the Manning brothers are in the cowboys just made me wanna fade away from existence

  3. That guy that said Glenn Davis's is his father can suck my cock with his fruity mctooty having ass with his I got a cock in my ass having ass

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