PENTAGON’s Tour in Europe! Let’s go together!
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PENTAGON’s Tour in Europe! Let’s go together!

August 19, 2019

PENTAGON: One, two, three! TENTASTIC! Hello, we are PENTAGON! HUI: Hey Universe! We are here to share some good news with you! WOOSEOK: Wow! YUTO: What could it be? WOOSEOK: PENTAGON are coming to meet Universe KINO: in Europe! PENTAGON: Yeah! JINHO: We will be performing on October 17 in Milan HONGSEOK: October 19 in Lisbon SHINWON: October 22 in Berlin YUTO: October 25 in Paris HUI: and finally October 27 on Moscow! PENTAGON: Wow! JINHO: And most of all, we want to thank our Universe. YEOONE: It is thanks to all the requests that our European Universe made through MyMusictaste, that we are going to Europe! YEOONE: Thank you very much! WOOSEOK: Wow! KINO: As much as you want to see us, we really want to see you too! HUI: We prepared special things for our concerts in Europe. But the details are secret! HUI: But we’re preparing for special and powerful performances! Please look forward to it. SHINWON: Not only in Europe, but everywhere in the world, we really want to meet you. HONGSEOK: If you wanna meet us in any other city, please Make us on YEOONE: Stop wishing, PENTAGON: Start making! HUI: See you soon in Europe! HUI: It was PENTAGON! PENTAGON: One, two, three! TENTASTIC! Thank you, it was PENTAGON!

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  1. Thank you! ❤️ Now bring Monsta X to Portugal bc they are the most requested kpop group in Portugal and we've been requesting them since 2017

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