Pellegrino e Noeckler: obiettivo salire di livello | FISI Official
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Pellegrino e Noeckler: obiettivo salire di livello | FISI Official

December 4, 2019

I could hold my own in the distance races as a Junior. I then continued to develop and had some experience at the World Cup in the sprint races, so I would have been a bit stupid not to continue I have since achieved a lot of good things in the sprint races in recent years I have always followed the training of a distance athlete, because to make it through a sprint race you need to conserve your energy right the way until the end and it’s vital to have good resistance However, I have also had a bit of a think lately, and I am starting to realize that I want to also obtain good results in other disciplines and longer distances than the sprint In the races against the clock you need experience and you need to know the limits of your body, to know how far you can push it in the uphill to then recover downhill, without taking risks. I am now prepared when it comes to both the qualification and the head to head with the others In the distance races however I still need to build up this kind of experience For me every World Cup race is important, although I also have a close eye on the Tour de Ski with the aim of doing well there too There is then the Tour in Canada, it would be nice to do well there There are two or three long distance races which could suit me. I hope to be at my best for those occasions I really like this year’s schedule. There are a lot of sprint races and I know a lot of them already. So, I go into it already prepared I also like it because the sprint races are often on a Saturday and it means I am then free to take part in a distance race on a Sunday without too many problems If it were the other way around, I would then struggle to win a sprint on a Sunday and would perhaps have to miss out I still have to establish along with my coach what sacrifices to make so I can plan when to rest and when to train, and ensure I am in a position to make it through the season The training has changed slightly compared to last season We’ve increased the amount of training and it’s more intense compared to last year But having said that, it was agreed upon in large part by the other athletes. I was also happy to train that bit more over the summer Like everyone else, let’s hope the season goes well. We will see what happens

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