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Pear Plays – Rolling Sky

August 30, 2019

hey whats up guys it is pear the most
extreme game of all time it were playing rolling sky rolling sky that sorry I kind of hipi fide it there i
went for rolling you know like Fred Durst’s at roll and
roll okay we’re not doing that oh oh well
well well well okay why is it skipping I don’t need
that I don’t need that in my life all right let’s try the skin okay
grabbing the jam jam for the jams yeah you know what ok pop it over here happen here okay so
you just got up you got to move the ball around and ok
hits those little platforms and jumps all right now we’re okay whose broad
hammers to this man that’s not cool all right all right I’m feeling it oh
well okay got a little crazy move it around a little bit too much
thirty percent that’s pretty good it’s pretty good to start out anyway all
right grab them gyms Janet for the gym 0 what gerald ok hop over here oh but wait wait
how you guys doing today I hope you are doing super awesome oh
okay don’t go down the middle because that just okay yeah thanks thanks for the tip i don’t have thumbs
you jerk way to rub it in I swear he knew that i was playing this
game and was like hi I’m going to make fun of hair because he doesn’t have
thumbs but don’t do that bro what would all man
okay now I started off so good beginner’s luck that’s what it is you
guys get that I get that a lot where the first time I play something
I’m awesome and then every subsequent time I’m like okay it’s like I have and
I’m silly and I don’t know what’s happening in light anymore I can’t put two and two together
yourself hope not too much not too much okay yeah there we go there we go oh yeah I’m feeling it and feeling it
and feeling it all come on bro broseph broheim the bro
nadir what are you doing bro sauce come off bring it home ok so this is
it’s kind of like what’s that one game geometry wars ah where are you you if you giving a puzzle
and it’s kind of a memory game and you got to remember where things are and you
got to do it all over again he’s going to start from the beginning
like all things you know it starts at the beginning although you know I really want to drive
preferred we could just you know hit checkpoints or something because that’s
a bummer I hate starting from the very beginning
okay yeah now we’re rocking it o trees are growing around me that’s okay I got
this I got this yes moving over there whoo that was
close with oh god oh god oh god oh god oh all haha oh yeah yeah rocking this out oh gosh no holy moly
who’s shooting lasers at me who brought lasers this is not cool man all ok the hammer
almost got me it’s where all oh whoops how the slimy
slop what the heck is happening oh my gosh I can’t believe I’m up I’m
alive right now I made it through all that garbage that
was insane ok jumping through this that’s cool
that’s cool Oh over there ok got this you got this you got this
you guys yes nailed it nailed it hundred percent first time well not at
first time but that I’ve you know what I’m saying I’m like first time playing
this game and I made it through the first level that’s right rocking a pair style stop telling me to
go I don’t have a thumb dude sup stop rubbing it in oh gosh oh gosh
this is got it – okay okay I’m sure yep hit those triangles that’s what I
assumed what’s that holy crap okay things are happening so fast gosh
whoo-hoo ok that didn’t turn out the way i had hoped i actually like with as much
is going on and I’m surprised I made it that far ok so here I don’t think you even have
to move in the beginning part so you guys have all shoot man i thought
okay it’s screwed me up see again beginner’s
luck i played the first time went through that whole part didn’t have a
problem and then what happens the next time i
die i’ll see I did it again my brain is saying go to the right but
it’s going just keep going straight okay i can remember it now I got it I got it like I said it’s one of those memory
games just got to keep it in your brain you gotta keep it in your brain hole
there you go just don’t move there we go oh yeah I
got this oh crap okay well that was difficult you guys have this game how far have you
gotten it I’m really curious i did I feel like I
just rocked that first level so hard like the developer probably watched me
play that that level and cry because it was all oh ok crushed and then shot with
lasers perfect perfect that’s what we’re doing
that’s what you bring to the table huh while that no more mr. nice guy or pair no more mr. nice pair that’s what we’re
saying right now huh okay okay I got you I got you bro yeah there we go 00 now we got the beat oh yeah well crap oh crap oh well what
the heck what the heck ok so i gotta roll all the way over
there now alright so we start from the beginning look at how far have you guys gotten to
this game let me know in the comments below could you rock that first level as hard
as I did so kind of feel like those a you know it was kind of a pair special
right there I mean maybe I’m wrong maybe everybody
beats that level like right away they’re like BAM y’all one here and up ok that was I just
beat that part of time before why did I run to into that time I’m sorry okay I can do this hairstyle
for rocking it ok just gotta harness that power man got
just rockin it yeah but anyways maybe maybe everybody
just beat the first level right away and that’s that’s nothing i don’t know let
me know that comes below if I’m just getting excited over nothing you guys are fully moly okay yeah i got
around that are you kidding me right now are you kidding me right now I kind of
feel like I didn’t even touch that guy like even pointed it was so slight that
I don’t think it would kill me which is kind of bounced up with a little bit come on give me something like eating
with some slack for oh come on man yeah there we go ok get that laser
coming bo that’s why why do you was bringing
lasers man i’m a bouncing ball what kind of threat mi to you see those things are actually
gosh darn it I keep moving it over way too far not working at all for me
something about you can do this rock this i know we can I got this I got the
power I got the power with a very yeah sorry
just getting myself pumped up here you go yeah yeah yeahs use that group you that
group I’m gonna prove and yeah going to move
it and groove it oh my goodness you can wash in a rage
quit here pretty soon all man any balls are great okay hold on
balls you just like me to say balls don’t you balls ok I had to watch the video to get three
balls but i’ll cut that cut that part out so you guys gonna have to watch it ok here we go now we’re now we’re
groovin it now and I’ve got more balls is don’t you don’t joke it no jokes guys
come on now serious this I am I am a giant ball and we are in
bouncing a castle right lodi ascot hat right in
the son of a gun right into the head of the hammer guys think it’s hammer time
MC Hammer got my parachute pants going on what’s happening what’s happening if
I wear pants i would but i would definitely wear some parachute pants if
i had pants oh okay you can do this we can do this
guy’s much your cum yeah yeah yeah hair is awesome pain pair Oh for crying out loud okay
don’t go to that side that’s you don’t want to go to that side
you gotta stay to the right and then go over to the left right because then
there’s that other one I can see behind it but I’m happy you
got it I got this I got this don’t worry don’t worry practice level move the pair
is possum the pair is awesome p so extreme extreme
extreme possible that pair is possible that there is extreme yes offer let’s sort of a gun the cake is a lie it’s all the line I
can’t believe it I had a man i had it was I don’t you
that you could just move the platform over just a slight it’s just a just a
little bit man just a little bit for me could you thank you very much there is awesome there was extreme he’s got extreme his bones even though he doesn’t have
both that’s fine he’s a dream here yeah there we go I for
crying out loud I make it I seriously make it like two
inches further each time on this Katie you know this rate all beat this level
in I don’t know that 2048 that’s what i’ll
be just like what do you guys think I’m gonna beat this level let me know in the
comments below estimate the year it will take for me to get that cheese can’t
believe it ok feel good about this one oh yeah rocking and rolling through my soul ok here we go ma’am what the heck what is this what is that what is that can you name that can you name it did
you give it a name what do you call it I call it done bare
my unfair uncle that just sounds weird never never mind
it just ignore what I just said it’s not unbearable because that’s how you guys
give it a name let me know in the comments below I don’t even know what we’re naming it
at this point I’m just trying to get past gold further than one inch in a level
without dying day rabbi all I knew was coming we knew was ok ok
I’ll remember this time I will remember this time ok I got in my brain I got stuck in my
brain hole how far have you guys gotten in this
game let me know in the comments below I really dig this game but its horror
it’s really hard but I i I’m so with three do you know what I mean I’m pair prepare
prepare me and I’m breathe I’m the best you’ve ever save save whoa yeah i’m judging from your left and
right yeah its peers night to shine they have all you got you got me but
didn’t get man i’m not enrolled in a gay bar no son of a gun man I was kicking so many butts so many bugs
52-percent that’s it I should that feels like it should have
been at least ninety percent man i had this whole rap thing going on it was
awesome extreme in its style hooba take it
alright guys well I think that’s enough for this level episode thing whatever
you got going on I did this game for me likey playing it
and stuff you know hit me up in the comments and you know throw me throw me
some some some some pear messages gimme gimme gimme that knowledge in that
those good vibes yeah give me those good pair vibes k yet
hit the like and subscribe buttons you know and keep extreme it guys you know who you are you are awesome Oh
later out peace and extreme in it to the max laters like it trust me I get trip to
the White House your hmm trucks running the White House ended
abruptly let’s try that again what what what was
what these floating watermelon down there okay Trump you got to stay in there I know
it’s not a very big basket we got it

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  2. Wow! I'm playing the new version and I got all levels done! I'm SOOOO happy!!!! 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

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  4. I’ve done so many of the levels! They get REALLY hard. But once u get the hang of it, the first levels seem too easy

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