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August 27, 2019

– Hey guys it’s Karina
and today I’m with my dad and we’re gonna do the, – Pause! Slime Challenge. Pause! – Can you like, unpause us? – (chuckling) Okay unpause. – Okay. – Ah okay. – So today we’re doing
a pause slime challenge, I’m making slime with my dad. Ronald, is gonna be behind us pausing it. (Ronald laughs) – That is very scary. – Oh yes (laughs), I’m deadly
with my pausing remotes. – So if you don’t know
pause slime challenge, basically we’re just
making slime normally, but Ronald is randomly gonna pause us and we’re gonna have to
freeze and everything, do whatever we want to our slime. (record scratch)
– Whatever we want? – Yeah but he has to be– – He pauses me to do whatever we want? (kids yelling over each other) – Yeah but it has to be, pretty. – It has to look beautiful.
– No it doesn’t. – Yes it does,
– No it. – It does, it does! – Try to make mine as beautiful– – Pretty. – Make mine as beautiful as possible. – Wow. – Will do yeah. – All right so, lets begin! (claps) I wanna go for a purple
theme so I’m gonna grab some of this purple glue. – Okay I’m gonna start with clear. – Thinking I can pause it
while Karina snatches bottles. (Ronald laughs) – Is that even legal? (jail door clanks) (beep) – You should have paused her doing that. Okay I’m starting with clear. – Pause! – Yeah that’s perfect. – Pause! – Exactly lady, stop that. – Unpaused Dad. – Okay. – I didn’t say unpause yet! – You’re paused! Wait, wait. I need, I
need the first ingredient – No, stop! – Unpaused, Karina. – Hold on a second.
– Stop! – Share okay. Sharing is caring. You have two of those. (Ronald laughs) – Okay we got pretty good so far. – Okay. – Clear and purple. – I’m waiting for the best moment. – All right I’m gonna make a small slime. – Next I’m gonna add
some, glitter I think. – Add glitter. – Where’s the purple? – Pause! (crickets chirping) (Dad laughs) – Yeah it’s okay. – I’m helping you see? – Thank you, this is perfect. – [Karina] That’s good. – I think there’s no more. – Karina pause. – Okay. – I didn’t say unpause. – You’re confusing me okay. – All right I need this purple glitter. (record scratch) – Hold on you’re paused. – You’re paused. – What are doing Karina? – I am? – Yeah.
– Everyone’s paused. – I’m unpaused. – Okay I unpause to all of you. – Good. Okay what’s next, should I add
some yellow orbies, I think? – All right, I got some clear glue, just a little bit, like a tiny little bit. – Pause dad. – Yeah it’s perfect already, whoa! (Ronald laughs) Is this helping? – Yes. – I unpaused, Dad. – Yeah and a bit of this. – All right we’re still okay. – Pause. – Yep okay. – No, no, no! – Now you’re paused. – No, no, no!
– Just breathe, it’s not coming out, no!
– Help me! – Unpause me, unpause me! – I need a better glue! – Unpause Karina. – That’s a better one. – Okay I added way too much
clear glue, I need more glue. – Okay what’s next, activator I think. – I need silver. – Pause Dad. – Okay that’s enough
I think that’s enough. – Its not enough you need more. – Its too much now. – Unpause dad. – What? What am I gonna do with this? Whatcha doin? – Nothing. – Are you sure it’s nothing? – Yes. – My next ingredient
will be this beautiful. – Pause Dad! Nice silver you got there. – What excuse me can you stop this? No, no, it’s too much. – Pause Karina. – It’s too much. – Unpause Dad. – All right. – No don’t, stop stop stop stop stop! (Karina yells)
(Ronald laughs) – You got enough I think.
– Unpause Karina. – I need more clear glue now. – Ah how do I fix this now? – You don’t. – How do I fix this? – You can’t. – I need glue I think. – You need white glue. – White? – Yeah. – I need to add a lot more glitter. – She put too much black on mine. – All right lets mix this
and see how it works. – Okay mine is gonna be
like all gold and black. – Pause Karina. – Okay hold on a sec
lemme fix this for you. – No please no. No no no no no no no no! – You just get whatever
was left, you want more? – Unpause Karina.
– I’m good. – Okay, next will be more Orbies I think, because why not. – I need more clear glue. – Pause Dad. – Um thank you. No thank you.
– You’re welcome. – Unpause Dad. Pause Karina. – This is gonna be a disaster. Okay how do I help you now? Hold on a second. – I’m good. – I think you need beads. – No I’m really good. That’s not that bad. No no no, that’s terrible it’s really bad. – Karina unpause. – Okay I need more glitter. – Okay what do I do now? – I need silver.
– Do I mix it? I think mix it, because I have activator. (gasps) this is beautiful, well not
so beautiful with the black thank you very much. – You’re welcome. All right lets mix this. – I need more gold, I need more gold. – I need some more glue. – Pause Dad. – Okay? Do you want to add some more gold for me? – I’m not gonna do
anything because I’m nice. – Am I allowed to do something? (crickets chirping) – Are you gonna unpause me? – Unpaused. – Thank you. I said I need more gold and
she didn’t wanna add more. I have to add more, look
how beautiful this is. – The colors are shining through and I don’t like it. – Pause maybe? – Pause Karina. – Yes, yes! – You like it? – Yes. – Okay. – There, more orbies for you. – No, no, no, unpause me! – Unpause Karina. – I’m gonna take all these orbies out now. – Karina don’t make a mess. You gotta clean it up. – Oh no, you had that
green ones, I can’t even, you couldn’t even add the good ones. – Okay my gosh too much. – The white glue is the best to cure it. But you have to have a lot. – I have too much dye,
too much coloring in here. – I wanted to add the
small slime and look where it has lead me. – I need clear glue. – It looks like poop. – Pause Dad. Now you’re standing paused. (laughs) – There’s no more clear glue. Karina, can you, can you stop? – Okay unpause Dad. – Get out of here. – Can I like, restart? – No. – What kind of glitter can
cover up all this mess? – I need something nice,
I think this is nice. – I want orange and pink
because that sounds fun. – Pause Karina. – No no! – You need more of this it’s beautiful. – No unpause me, unpause me,
no unpause me, please no! – Ahhh! (bomb explosion) (beep) – Lets add, lets mix all
this glitter together and hopefully it will fix this. (Dad grunts) – Squeeze! (Dad grunts) – Okay good to know, for some reason there is so
much green glitter in mine. When did I put in green glitter? – I think almost looks like poop. – It does look like poop, pause Karina. – How do I fix it for you? – Oh no no. – You shouldn’t have
told him what you needed. – You need yellow balls right? – Sure. – Look, it’s gonna be perfect. Is it better now? – Okay unpause Karina. – All right, I got some pink dye. – Pause Karina. – For the second time. – Perfect. – Just do this. – Karina just needs everything right now. – And blue. – I didn’t say unpause. – Sorry. (all laugh) – Okay unpause.
– I think you’re making a disaster. Pink and blue.
– Pause! – What is it gonna turn out? Okay just squeeze it, just do it. – Pause Dad. – Me? – I didn’t say unpause. – What! – It’s so confusing. It’s so confusing. Hopefully I’ll make purple, I don’t know. – I think I’m done here,
I’m just gonna mix it. – Yes. – Oh my God, it looks like, it looks too black. – I think you need more white glue. – Yeah? Is it gonna fix it? – Yeah. – Okay, let’s do this. – Just a bit though. – Now all my slime’s turning black. – Pause Dad. – What you tricked me, no! – Yes! – You tricked me, no. – Mission success, a hundred XP. – My slime doesn’t get more black. – Pause Karina.
– Black is better than brown. – Are we just gonna stand here? – Yes. (laughs) Okay unpause both of you. – Oh wow, what a disaster. – What an awesome disaster. – Okay my bowl is already full. – My goal is for you to overflow. – No I don’t think so. – So guys who’s ready
to add some activator, because I am, with my remote control. – Not yet. – I have already had my activator. – Oh you’re waiting for
the moment of glory when I’m not looking at you? You see, lots of white glue helps. – No it doesn’t. What is this? – There’s no more blackness. – Oh my gosh. It’s a disaster. – I need more dye but I
don’t have any more of the squeezable ones that look good. – Yours actually looks very black. I think mine is better than yours. (video game alert) – ‘scuse me? – Yeah. – I have to add more glitter. – Pause Karina. – How can I fix it now? – You know I think it’s already fixed. – You need more something. How about blue balls? – Sure I guess I’ll make it
look more purple and less black. – Unpause Karina. – Gold, that’s what I
need, I’ve got lots of gold so I’ll add that. Perfect. – No amount of gold is gonna fix that. Trust me. – Eventually it will fix it. – Pause Dad. – Hmm what do I add? – Ten more seconds remaining! – Uh nothing. Oh thank you, that’s what I needed, exactly what I needed. – Make it overflow! – Bring me a towel, two towels please. – What is that? – Okay towel please, oh my gosh no. Ronald, (record scratch)
pause Ronald. – You can’t do that. Pause Karina. – Oh please no. There’s nothing in there. – I need both of yours to overflow. Next time grab this. – You’re stilled paused. – Unpause Karina. – You’re paused, no you’re
paused, you can’t do this. – I just unpaused her. – Oh you did. – Pause Dad. – Can I get a towel? – No. – Where’d you put it? – Can you not put your hair in my slime? – I need to grab the, activator. – No, you cannot! – Come on open it fast! – Two towels please. – Make it overflow! – Shower cap please. (beep) – So guys, I think you guys
have enough ingredients that now it’s time to decide
who has a better slime. – I think it’s me. – Obviously mine is better
look how beautiful it is. – Yours is drenched in activator. – But it’s still pretty. – Yours is drenched in blackness. (laughs) – Yours is just– – But mine’s got so much
glitter, look at all its glitter. Blindingly, look at that. – Your is just black, mine
is at least kind of blueish. – Kind of. – So guys now it’s your time to decide who won the challenge, my glittery mess, or Dad’s blue overflowness. – Or my remote control, I think it won. – So yeah this is my slime up
close if you can even call it that, so basically it’s a lot
of blackness with a load of glitter in it, and there’s
some Orbies in it if you look closely like little Orbies. It’s kinda gooey, it’s really gooey. And it’s a lot of glitter,
and that’s basically it. If you think my slime won, comment down below, #GlitterMadness. – Karina pause. – Oh my God, Ronald, stop! – Okay guys so I think my
slime is definitely the winner, it is like blueish, it’s
gooey, it also has Orbies. It has some gold glitter and
most of all it’s super stretchy like you can see here, look at this, (latex stretching sound) – [Karina] Eww. – Yeah I know it’s the
best slime I’ve ever made. – [Karina] Orbies are flying out! – I think I’m the winner
so comment down below #FreddyGoesBoom if you
think I’m the winner. – So guys don’t forgot to
comment down below, who won this challenge, me or Dad, in the comment section
down below or on Instagram. We hope to see you smash that
like button, and we’ll see, – Pause! All next time, good bye! – Ronald, we were supposed
to say it together. – Unpause. (chill music)

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