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Parts of the Archery Arrow | Archery Lessons

August 10, 2019

My assistant Vicky will take an arrow out
of her quiver. And an arrow is a very simple thing. It’s a shaft of course cut to the proper length
of the person who’s shooting it. The length of the arrow depends on the person’s
height a lot of times and how far back they draw the bow. You don’t want an arrow to be too short where
it would fall off the arrow rest on the bow or too long where it would add extra weight
that you don’t need. The shaft of an arrow is usually made out
of wood, fiberglass, aluminum, or carbon. And some arrows are made out of a combination
of carbon and aluminum. So there’s a lot of different materials that
are used to make an arrow shaft. The point of the arrow can be a target point
or it can be a field point, which is used mostly for small game shooting, or it can
be a broadhead or a razor head which is used for big game hunting. The back of the arrow has a feather on it. It either has a feather that’s made from believe
it or not turkey wings or it can be made out of a synthetic, a plastic or a rubber material. The back of the arrow has what we call a nock
or a notch which actually clicks onto the string. Usually made out of a plastic material and
it can be replaced if broken. This is the most vulnerable part of the arrow
is the nock. So, it is replaceable.

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  1. Best way to kill zombies is with a bow or crossbow. I think the assistant is way better then the teacher is she giving private lessons?

  2. "Arrows can be made from aluminum, carbon but some are from carbon AND aluminum"
    Fuck nigga shit getting real, my nigga right here got dem aluminum n carbon round iight? bitch ass nigga best shut the fuck up 'fore u get shot the fuck up POW POW POW

  3. Dude I have to tell you that I laughed so hard at this comment, it's just watching the video how she pokes her self in the eye is very funny XD

  4. Shoot just like field points>>> Devestating wound channel, lots of blood, super sharp blades. I can't imagine I will shoot anything else again. I love these broadheads!

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