Part 1 – Sensei Roger Vickerman’s 50th Wado Ryu Karate Anniversary – with Sensei A Meek
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Part 1 – Sensei Roger Vickerman’s 50th Wado Ryu Karate Anniversary – with Sensei A Meek

January 15, 2020

We will begin with today Junzuki. So, prepare. Ready Left fighting stance, go! Just practice this movement from the centre Just move your body forward and back There is no movement on the front foot No need to do this *Moves foot* smoothly forward and back Then, at that moment just change Go! Again, just movement So your movement is from the centre flexible knees, keeping your back straight At the same time, you should just be able to move your body. Go! Good natural movement, just natural movement. No bouncing moving the body up except for just the centre Go, forward! Keep both knees flexible, not stiff Then turn So with that movement now, with the front foot and leg just touch. Throw your punch Smooth Just smooth punch then jab one and two Same movement now, move your body Front arm, front leg Then, punch and strike. Go! Go So from here just try to move, feel that stance, then but just finger tips Not *bends body* Because his philosophy was if you make an extra move or use extra energy your opponent knows If you do this *pushes* So try to make this as smooth as possible just stop here before you move OK, try it with your partner Don’t lean forward! Don’t push from the shoulders. push from the hip Think of your first punch, there Then try to move smoothly as possible and quickly. Punch. Try to put into practice how you move smoothly Don’t turn this foot, don’t make a sudden movement with your shoulders just try to melt and relax, afterward you must relax keep good form, but keep relaxed So you don’t kill your speed Turn, upper defence Then, one-two, three Try to enhance your movement from basic to junzuki one-two three, just that Stay low and you should be able to move smooth Three punches All done from one step two punches are on the spot One-Two then the last one. Three Turn So, left-right right right-left left Turn Turn So now, try to make that combination work Slowly Maybe even a backfist Try to keep your knees soft Front row first, all the way to the end Then you turn and the next line Begin Back straight I want to know if my body position is good enough to punch hard push him this you the element of power needed to strike You do not have to punch like in a competition if I push like this I will punch like that No score If I test the distance again I’m using that power that is the principal. That is what Sensei is alway trying to pass on that feel of relaxed power Doesn’t have to be big muscles It is about how you move through this space. Relaxed So try to get in that strike. Use both hands To make them move If you can punch has hard as you can push then you will have a decent technique Try to push them off balance using this technique Punch, then afterward we can turn and aswell. or punch straight So we are going into the elements of movement, dropping as well as side stepping So from this position it is easier to think about your step rather than drop So punch comes in, drop Them punch for wado ryu people gyaku notsukomi turn then turn back again Other side Turn, then punch there and punch again Left foot moves first but my body is down. Then I turn

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