Parks Spotlight: American Legion Archery Range
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Parks Spotlight: American Legion Archery Range

August 14, 2019

[MUSIC PLAYING] This archery range is probably
less than six months old. We had one here for
a long, long time that was getting in
pretty bad shape. It was basically
just some targets and a chain link fenced in area
with a couple of picnic tables. So it was pretty low key,
wasn’t ADA-accessible at all. This facility is
fully ADA-accessible, has this elevated
shooting platform, which as far as I know,
is only one of two in the state that’s set up. If you need to shoot
out of a wheelchair, we have some fold-down
sections of the fence. We had groups show up at the
interested parties meeting that said, hey, look, we don’t hunt. We just like to
shoot long distances. And so we changed the design
of the range a little bit and got some targets that
are a little further back. Our staff did all
the concrete work. We had the targets fabricated
by a local metal fabricator. But our guys did all
the installation. Our guys made the
railing, and the stairway, set all these
retaining wall blocks. If we would have had to
contract this out totally … it probably would have
cost three or four times what it actually did. So that’s the advantage of
having our own construction staff. We can get a lot of this
stuff done fairly cheaply. Everything I’ve
heard, people love it. There’s people out
here all the time, especially now that
it’s deer season. So guys are tuning
up for hunting. It’s a lot better. They’ve really
improved it quite a bit compared to how it used to be. It was just a single
fence in the background and just a couple of targets. And now they’ve
completely revamped it. This is the only bow range we
have in Columbia, Missouri, at least outdoor-wise. And without it,
we wouldn’t really have a great place for people
to be able to come and practice. All these targets can lay down. They can set a
line of targets up at the very back of the
range, or if somebody comes in and wants to have a
tournament where everything is set up at 30 yards, again, we
can lay the short targets down, and they can set up however
they want to set up. So it’s a really versatile
range and can accommodate a lot of different kinds of uses. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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