Paris Overwatch League Roster Reveal, Atlanta Reign, New Shanghai Dragons Players | Akshon Recap
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Paris Overwatch League Roster Reveal, Atlanta Reign, New Shanghai Dragons Players | Akshon Recap

November 6, 2019

After several teasers, rumors and speculation
videos, the Atlanta Overwatch League team owned by Atlanta Esports Ventures has announced
its name: Atlanta Reign. As hinted at in teaser images, the organization
has chosen to go for a color palette of light gray, a deep red and darker charcoal gray
as seen in the hero skin previews of Zarya and Lucio. In the announcement, Atlanta Esports Ventures
president Paul Hamilton stated “We said from the beginning that we are
building to compete. We chose a name that reflects that intention. We want to engage directly with Atlanta’s
passionate esports community and the city as a whole.” The logo for the team keeps to the name of
“reign” as it takes the form of a royal crest with a red phoenix at it’s center. According to the press release, the organization
stated that this design was made in part to honor the city and mark a start to new beginnings. “With the elements put together, the logo
paints a picture reflective of Atlanta, indicating work ethic, reinvention, and excellence.” While the roster has yet to be announced,
the organization over the last few months have been revealing members of their support
staff which include Brad Rajani, formerly of NRG Esports and Selfless Gaming, as head
coach and Cas van Andel as player development coach among others. Now for the first major official roster reveal
of the off-season we now have the full lineup of the Paris Overwatch League franchise owned
by DM Esports announced earlier today during European prime time. The roster consists of many French favorites:
Terence “SoOn” Tarlier, Nicolas “NiCO” Moret, Benjamin “BenBest” Dieulafait,
and Damien “HyP” Souville who make up the core of the team. These members are accompanied by some of the
best talents Europe has to offer to round off the roster including: ShaDowBurn, Danye,
Finnsi, LhCloudy, and Kruise. The community should already be familiar with
several of these players with SoOn and Shadowburn having competed in the Overwatch League during
the inaugural season for the Valiant and Fusion respectively. While other names such as Benbest, NicO and
Kruise have been making outstanding plays at the Overwatch World Cup. Given how the roster is composed of a mix
of upcoming and familiar content, the Paris team has all the tools it needs to adapt to
almost any meta shift and raise up any of their players such as Finnsi who was already
recognized by the Valiant as someone with great potential. Until we see them play and be put to the test,
on paper this looks like a really solid roster capable of making the Top 8. But the only area that the team may fall short
is perhaps in their supports. While there is no shortage of DPS talent,
the team only has two support players to rely on and it is uncertain if someone like Kruise
can match up to the likes of other players in his role in the Overwatch League. All nine players will be supported by former
LA Valiant analyst and coach Julien “daemoN” Ducros who has a wealth of experience working
with players in the Overwatch scene with an impressive resume featuring time with teams
ranging from Gamers origin to Rogue in addition to his tenure with the Valiant. The organization didn’t reveal any branding
but we did get a nice artists rendition of all the players with the Eiffel tower as a
back drop with caption of “EU is getting stronger”. While we could keep going on about the potential
of the Paris roster and theory craft about their power level, there was another major
announcement that happened this morning. Six new players have been signed to the Shanghai
Dragons roster, bringing the squad from the three players the franchise had kept from
Season 1 up to nine. In the Twitter announcement, the team revealed
the additions of former KongDoo Panthera’s DPS player Youngjin, Flex DPS DDing, followed
by Supports CoMa and Luffy. Lastly the organization has brought on former
Toronto Esports player and Lunatic-Hai member Guardian and former Lucky Future Zenith DPS
Diem. Yes, the very same Diem that used to play
with Carpe and inspired the latter to choose his name handle to adopt the adage of Carpe
Diem. The Shanghai organization underwent a massive
overhaul after finishing the Overwatch League’s first season without a single win. In September, the organization cut eight out
of its 11 inaugural season players, leaving only Diya, Geguri, and Fearless. While there has been some disappointment that
the organization has not opted to sign more Chinese talent, this roster will nonetheless
look to make their fans proud and wash away the shameful 0-40 legacy from season 1. A new roster always comes with new problems,
but this time around, the Dragons have made sure to sign players that are more of a known
quantity. Given the strength of some of the talent they
have signed, especially with the likes of the heavily contested free agent DDing and
the core of the old Kongdoo team which came in second at Overwatch Contenders Season2,
the Shanghai Dragons roster is not to be underestimated. Shanghai’s new roster along with that of
its fellow Overwatch League teams both old and new will debut when season 2 kicks off
on Feb 14.

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  1. If it ends up that the three new Chinese teams also end up being almost entirely Korean, I'm going to be both furious and sad.

  2. I'm just excited to see dafran on the stage. I hope the pressure and expectations people have doesn't affect him negatively.

  3. Would be worth noting that on the artist rendition for Paris one of the players has his face hidden and his name as "?" leaving everyone wondering who that might be… A third sup ? Winz maybe ?

  4. This channel is far better than mykl. Why would you guys support that guy anyway? Hes literally making unnecessary videos

  5. Hmmm Outkast comes from the ATL, in one of their songs they say “We reign, reign, supreme, 'preme” hmmmm.

  6. I'm glad Shanghai went with the fully Korean roster because I want them to do well especially Geguri. And for not having Chinese players, there's 3 more Chinese teams now, I'm sure the top tier Chinese players will get picked up.

  7. In the picture of the Paris players, most of the players are wearing the colors: Black (Might be Navy Blue can't really tell), White and grey. So those might be the colors of the Paris Team.

  8. Paris should get Kodak, he was amazing in the Overwatch world cup and is looking for an e sports team. He is also an support so it would fit aswell

  9. The roster doesnt seem to be really strong, but SDB + Soon is probably the best western dps duo. Don`t know why have they signed Danye though. This guy hasn`t had any good results. Anyway, lets see how it goes.

  10. So how many of the Dragons players are still chinese?
    I have no problem with teams being mix of koreans and non koreans, its just I remember they tried to start all chinese players, then shifted to include some koreans. Just wondering where they are at now 🙂

  11. Fucking fair play Geguri!! First female OWL player, and she retains her place in her team whilst 8!!! of her teammates got cut!! That's what everyone girl gamer needed you to do!! Keep on doing what you're doing you amazing Heroine!!

  12. The Paris team have confirmed that they are signing an additional player if you look at the post Paris released a day ago with the announcement itself.
    The last player is believed to be Winz the support player.

  13. This man just said he doesn’t know if kruise can hold his own in OWL, boy he is the second best western main support, just behind neptuno.

  14. ewwww atlanta logo is super cool with the phoenix but do you guys see that the space on the left wing is bigger than on the right…. ugh…..

  15. I'm happy to see Benbest comming in OWL , for me it's the best main Tank of world , he's doing great job with his Reinhardt . Go Paris ! Go !

  16. Lhcloudy is gonna be a monster, most consistently high ranked main tank in EU, he’s also a really great communicator and strategist :DD

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