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Paris, capitale d’Italia | FISI Official

November 19, 2019

Name, surname and nickname? I’m Dominik Paris. They all call me Domme What’s your job? I’m an alpine skier. Disciplines: Downhill and Super G and a bit of combined Your first race as a child? I only really remember that I started to race at 6 years of age Your first win? I don’t remember anymore! As a child I won almost all of the races (laughs…) Skiing for you is.. Skiing for me is my life Right turn or left turn? I’m stronger on the right turn, but every now and then I do better on the left Narrow or wide? As straight as possible! Fresh snow or icy track? Well, I’m happy with both conditions. The main thing is that there is snow! Jumps. Do you avoid them or take them on? I like to jump for as long as possible. Nice and high and nice and long! Favourite track? I really like Bormio as a track and Wengen and Kitzbuhel, which is the most extreme, most dangerous and for those reasons I also like that one How do you travel to the race? I often travel with my ski-man, as he leaves from my house and I can go with him. This way I don’t have to travel for hours alone in the car! Do you have a pre-race ritual? The only thing that I always do is before leaving the hotel and heading towards the track, I put in my head-phones, turn on my music and I take them out before the race What do you think about when you are skiing? (laughs) No, I don’t really think. I have the track in mind and just think about my job Do you say anything? While I’m skiing? If something goes wrong I have to shout or say something, yes! Your free-time? To play music (laughs), to spend time with the girlfriend and friends, lots of time for myself What music do you listen to? Metal! Would you sing us your favourite song? Without music, I can’t ! (laughs) Is there anything that you would never do? Never say never! To have remorse or regrets? A remorse is better What annoys you? Dog droppings, because that smell makes me sick Sweet or salted? Sweet! What in particular? Nutella Who takes care of your look? Me How do you like to dress? Comfortable clothes Explain Tracksuit A more casual look? Shorts and a tee-shirt Even in the winter?! If it’s not too cold (laughs)! No, then jeans To charm the ladies? Jeans and a shirt Is it easy for a World Cup skier to have success with the ladies? The more you’re on TV, the more you’re appealing to the ladies! (laughs) Sex before a race? I’ve never tried, I wouldn’t know What noise do your skis make? I don’t hear, because of the wind and the helmet. I only hear … What would you be if you weren’t a skier? Maybe a chef Good-bye Paris and thanks for your time. Well done on your excellent season so far and keep it up! Bye everyone, see you soon!

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