September 28, 2019

♪ (upbeat video game music) ♪ – (FBE) Today, we’re going to be doing
something a little different. Any ideas?
– I’m not sitting. – If you’re standing up,
you’re either dancing or VR. – (FBE) This is an HTC Vive, a virtual reality gaming headset.
– Cool! Yes, that’s awesome. I feel like I’ve seen this before
and I’ve really wanted to try it. – It’s really cool. It really makes you feel
like you’re there in the game. – You know, I have
a difficult relationship with the Vive. I don’t really like
virtual reality stuff that much. – (FBE) We’re going to have you try it out and play a game
called Paranormal Activity VR. – Bye, guys. – I’ve never even seen the movies. I’ve never played– I didn’t even know
they had a game to be honest. – I’ve seen the movies!
I know what it’s about. Ghosts and demons and stuff. Some– I don’t mess with! – (FBE) Unlike a lot
of small indie horror games we’ve had you play,
this is a full-length horror game, so we’re going to have
you play about the first 30 minutes to see what you think.
– Okay. Thank god. – Scary games, you know,
they’re pretty bad, but I can just shut it off when I want to. But this– what,
am I supposed to close my eyes? Damn, dude, I’m going to die. I’m going to shit my pants. – Bruh! I’m already tripping on this. – I see blood on the wall. That– oh, that’s my hand. – (softly) Oh no, the door is open. – Do I have a flashlight yet?
No, I don’t. I really don’t want to go in there. – I’m in the woods.
(crickets chirping) Already super scared. – So this is where everyone
gets murdered in the movies. – Oh snap! There’s a flashlight. – I can’t see my hand
and that scares me. (dogs barking faintly) – Look at me. I look so stupid. – Oooh! That’s crazy. – There’s no path. Oh my– (shrieking)
(bird wings flapping) (whimpering) – Oh, what the hell, dude? (grass rustling)
– Bro, why? ♪ (rumbling music) ♪
Hell no, bro. (dogs barking faintly)
– No, don’t do this. Come on. Turn back on. – This looks kind of like Insidious. Not too fond of that. – It’s a crow! That’s all bad, bro. Crows mean dead. – What does this sign say? – “I swung by to return the key. It’s in the usual hiding spot.” – If I were living here, I’d probably hide it
under a mat or something. – People usually put them
in… garden pots. – My flashlight, it’s not…
(clicking switch) Ah, shoot! Where’d my battery go? Well, that’s useless. – Oh, I see it. – Oh, hello. I need you. – I have a key. I really don’t want to use it though. – Let’s do this.
(door hinge creaking) Oh shiiiiizz. – The lights are on.
It looks old in here. (door slamming)
– What…? Yeah, I didn’t shut that. – I don’t like this. This is not what I came here for. – “Notice for foreclosure.”
I wonder why. Open this, please.
♪ (music box playing) ♪ Nah, close that. Those sounds are bad news
in these types of games. – No one has lived here for a long time, and yet there’s a fire burning. – “Needs… batteries.”
Yes, we do. “Need food.” I mean, that’s not a priority–
oh, batteries! (clicking flashlight)
– Oh! – I got to be careful with my flashlight,
on how much I use it. – I don’t know what
the point of this game is, but I’m nervous. – Girl and a clock. – “I am scared.” I would be too if I lived in this place. Jesus Christ. – I’m going to set this down gently. (loud thump)
That was still too loud. (loud thump)
– (whimpering) (picture frame clatters) – We shouldn’t make that much noise! (sighing)
(door rattling) What was that? (door rattling)
– Oh, what the–?! Was that me? – Three doors, one that’s already open, two that are closed. Let’s get this over with. – There’s a camera,
so if something happens to me I got evidence. I could sue some people. – Okay, can’t turn that on. – A teddy bear? Are you for real? Noooo!!! No, no. – Does this door work?
Nope, it does not. (knocking at door)
Oh my gosh! I got to run. Run, run, run. (knocking at door)
– Yo, no, I’m busy. Leave me alone. – ‘Sup? ‘Sup, homie. Oh my god! That’s open now. – (in game: thin gasp) – Noooo! No, no, no, no! Who is saying that? – (in game: sharp exhale, thin gasp) (door rattling) – Guys, guys, guys,
guys, guys, guys, guys, guys! They boarded the door closed
and I want to go home! – This is literally like, “Hey,
I want to live a nightmare.” Jesus! (clock ticking)
(huffing) (doors slamming)
– AAAH! (doors slamming)
– YARGH!!! Fudge! – All right, I’m gonna just go–
(doors slamming) Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!
Oh my gosh! (huffing) – There’s a girl in here. (sternly) Listen, little girl.
This isn’t no game. I’m not playing with you. – This is why you don’t go
into random houses that say they’re going to foreclose. – Just some creepy girl
just running across the thing, yo. Something you see every daaaaay! Now that door’s open. – Guys…
– (girl) Hey! It’s after me. – It’s after you? You think I’m gonna come after you? No, boo, this isn’t how it works. – (girl) Hey!
– (gasping) – (girl) It’s after me.
– Oh my gosh. Oh, is that–? Let’s go upstairs. Let’s go upstairs. I can help you. – Person, a light knocked over. The door’s open.
I have to go in that door. Hey! (bookshelf crashing)
– AAAH!!! – This is some creepy music playing– (bookshelf slamming)
AAH! Jesus Lord! (squealing) Okay. (panting)
This is a game. (door rattling) ♪ (eerie pulsing music) ♪ – How do I– I just want
to know how I got here. – (groaning) Here’s a picture right here, and it’s of the little girl again. – Here we go. We’re going to turn.
♪ (creepy music) ♪ Oh, I hear creepy music. I was wondering
how this was going to come and now it’s here. (insincerely) Awesome. – It’s just music. (door rattling)
– No! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! No! No! No! ♪ (creepy music) ♪ – Okay, that’s enough. We can leave. – Oh! I used to have
one of those Bozo punching bag things. – Ugh, aah, ehh! Leave me alone, leave me alone,
leave me alone, leave me alone, leave me alone! – The door’s open and I’m not a fan of it. ♪ (creepy music) ♪
– Ooh. (footsteps)
Oh my gosh! There’s a girl. – That’s some marks– hell no, bro! Hell no! – Get out of here! I’ma– I’m about to beat
the shit out of her. Boop!
♪ (rumbling music) ♪ Come back. – ♪ Hey, scare me right me now ♪ ♪ Scare me, scare me, scare me ♪ ♪ (threatening music) ♪
– (sighing) There’s no other door here. – Cigarettes, more booze. – Video of the little girl.
THIS is terrifying. – So this is a security camera of earlier. At first I thought it was me. (white snow) Oh snap! (white snow) (thumping noises)
– No! No, no, no, no, no.
Someone’s walking around. – (gasping)
– (girl gasps in fear) – Oh, it’s me. It’s me. – (girl gasps in fear)
– Oh! What’s up? – (girl) She’s going to get you! – Wait, come back. – (in game: faint crying) – Stop crying. Let me in. – Wait, did she go this way?
(creaking noises) – (girl gasping) (girl whispering menacingly)
– Fuuuudge! – (girl gasping)
– Okay, I’m trying to help you. – (girl whispering menacingly)
They shall rise! – Okay, aaaah! Whoa, whoa, whoa!
– (girl shrieking) What was that?!
Did I just die? – Go away. No!
(sickly thud) Did I kill her? (white snow)
What just–? Oh, am I supposed to run away? – Nope, nope! See you later. See you later. Run! How do I turn?!
(shrilly) How do I turn?! – Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. I need to walk around. Oh my god. Oh my god. – (in game: faint breathing)
(thumping noises) – Can we– can we shut–
can we shut the door?! Please?
(heavy footsteps) She’s stupid. – There’s nothing happening. It’s dark. ♪ (eerie music) ♪
Oh my god! There’s a satanic ritual behind me. – I have to get this flashlight working. There’s no way I’m going to go in here
without a flashlight. It– it– the battery’s in
and it’s not working! – It’s a red hallway.
This is definitely a cult. – There’s candles on the floor,
but there’s TVs… – (in game: faint crying)
– I hear that little girl crying again. – It’s dark and there’s shadows. AAAHHHH! – So this is… (gasping) Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Run! Run! Run! – Guys, I can’t see.
That’s what makes it tense. I’m scared! I don’t have a flashlight. ♪ (scary tone) ♪
(shrieking shrilly) What the fudge?! (shrieking) Okay, she dropped the teddy bear,
as if that’s normal, you know? (glass shattering)
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! You can’t just be throwing stuff.
(door rattling) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! This is TOO real! – The clown has moved. Oh my god. There’s so many of them. – Is that floating?
This is so crazy. – Man…
(thud) ♪ (music stops) ♪ The record stopped. – Now they’re all facing me?
Are you serious? – What is this shit? (toy squeaking) What the [bleep]? – I’m in Stranger Things right now,
in the Upside Down. (toy squeaking)
– Things are happening. (window shattering)
– Aah! Oh my gosh!
Windows are breaking. (windows shattering)
– Aaaaah! – Oh my god. (sharp gasp) (glass crunching underfoot)
– Please, flashlight, turn on. – I don’t know why I always expect
this house to be NORMAL and that’s a soccer ball. That’s normal. – “Choose your path.”
What’s the path to leave? – Let me choose my path. (barbs flying) (spluttering) Holy sh– – Is there anything even down here? (sharp gasp) No, no, no! – Just ignore the windows
that are breaking and everything. Whoa! Okay, just a bunch
of giant sharp barbs. (door slamming) – Eeee!!!
(faint slamming) (booming noises)
– Aaah! Aaah! There’s two doors.
(gasping) Oh! This is like a choose your fate. – It seems like whatever’s
on that table is lit up, and that isn’t. I’m going this way. – Nooooo! Like you just expected to walk– (floor collapsing)
Whoa! Whoa! (floor collapsing) – Whoa! No more. (rattling noises)
There’s a present for me. Okay, thanks. (furniture rattling) – Yo, this is like
H-E double hockey sticks. I want to go home. (loud rattling noises) – I did it. Oh shoot. I fell. – My hands are legit shaking right now. – Oh, it’s– there’s… ♪ (creepy music playing) ♪ I’m back. – I’m back in the room. But it’s not demonic looking. – (FBE) You’re in luck! That’s all we’re having you play today. – Wait, really? – YES! YES! – I feel like my blood pressure
just was out the wazoo on that one. – That was intense! My hands are shaking right now
and they’re super sweaty. Jesus Christ, that was horrible. – Oh my god! The only time I’ve ever screamed
like that is on a roller coaster. – My heart hurts. Usually, in scary games,
I’ll just be like, man, I know it’s gonna scare me,
but I got to do it. But I really– I really
didn’t want to do it this time. – I’m glad I went to the bathroom before because I literally
would’ve peed my pants. With the goggle and the headset, it feels like you have no escape. – It was virtual reality, which is– it just makes it
like you’re literally there. I’m not that big of a horror dude, especially with those kinds of game,
I would totally stay away, but you know what? I think for the thrill of it,
I’d probably do it again. – Thanks for watching
us play Paranormal Activity with Vive on the React channel. – Thumbs up for more VR gaming. – Subscribe if you want
to see more Gaming episodes. – Bye, guys. – (sighing) Man, I barely
got away from Bigfoot. Oh, hey, guys, Zach,
producer for the React channel. What games should we play next? Please let me know in the comments. Woo!
(creature jabbering) Aah! Look out!

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