Paralympics New Zealand: Paralympian Kate Horan on Toyota PARACAM
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Paralympics New Zealand: Paralympian Kate Horan on Toyota PARACAM

January 14, 2020

Everybody I have an extremely seasoned campaigner in the car with me today Paralympian Kate Horan Welcome! Thank you! So Kate, I’ve managed to shoot her on the away because she was actually in the gym and I’ve talked her into leaving the gym, and coming from her drive with me instead. I think it’s time you tell us why you thought you’d put yourself through that and go for two different sports ? Well, I guess While I was running I got to the point where my body was sort of starting to break down and I was having injury after injury So it was kind of like well do I retire or do I just take up another sport? So it was easy choice really ! I thought cycling : less impact and perfect ! And just the other day I realized that it is ten years since I was in Beijing in 2008 and won a silver medal What was that moment like ? I’ve seen video of you winning this silver medal. Can you remember that feeling ? Yeah, yeah I can definitely remember that feeling And it’s just absolute elation and I think to have my family here in the stands to witness it, It was just made it super sweet! You’ve popped up again in Rio but this time on the back of the bike Rather on your own your own two legs How different was that experience compared to Beijing and Athens? On my first start I think switching from running to cycling, it was like starting all over. So I started at the very bottom again, and you’re just working your way up and I really didn’t know if I had any talent on the bike and there was sort of a period of about six months and I was just like I’m scared. I’m scared of the bike. I’m scared of the road, Petrified of the track. So there was a lot to overcome but there was something tat just was like Really loving the challenge. Yeah. I heard a rumor that a few family members joined the ranks Yeah, I have a few training partners The animal variety ! So you generally train with your animals now? Well, I am training in the garage and you know, there’s a pink pig who loves to just sit and watch And it’s quite cool because it’s great company. Yeah. Yeah. What’s her name? Her name is Pipa ! Pipa the pig ! Really original! But it’s great! Does she offer any sort of sage advice or contributions to your training? No, I can’t say that she does but the fact that she’s there and that she sits there quite happy just to keep me company It’s great ! Like at the end of the day, you know, sometimes the silent plartners are the best ones!

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