Painting Craftworld Fire Dragons

August 25, 2019

you welcome rootstem guys right in this
video today we’re gonna be looking at Fire Dragons got some red all my gloves
already previous we’re gonna be looking at Fire Dragons now these fine cast fire
dragons I’m not impressed refine caster made a good video of how to how to work
with fine cast because he’s not the greatest substance in the world but I’m
being said we’ve got some fine cast fire dragons now what we’re gonna do with
these is you’re gonna have yellow to red going in and ascending so I’m gonna use
the airbrush we’re gonna layer it and we’re going to rely with from yellow
like a dark red on the top and then the armor plates so majority that’s gonna be
under suit yeah my place for then I’m just gonna paint black as if it’s coal
and then of course we’ll highlight that and then we’re going to hit the weapons
with a bone color and probably put a bronze on the end this is basically
because these are part of a commission and the weapons majority of the weapons
and the commissioner unless it’s some formal infiltrators are going to be RIF
born like color a fun colors a bone color resilient at the end of the day so
yeah we’re going to basically have base them up a sprayer mechanicus standard
gray and then we’re gonna airbrush it starting with the bright yellow we’ve
got all the way to the darkest red at the top and then I’m gonna don’t know
whether or not to keep the helmets as the red door or whether or not to
actually have the helmets suppose actually there’s a ridge don’t know I
don’t know I might might have the helmets normal or courses have the
helmets black and maybe have the X ax helmet with the different color on it
because you can see there as a crust so I might ignore a helmet just keep the
helmet gonna be a black helmet at the end of the day a lot of gems looking at
different cool pretty cool right that’s crack on so paints for the transitions
we’re going to be going from flash gets yellow to Uriel yellow to Avalon sunset
the troll Slayer orange to evil some scarlet Timofey stand red to corn red if
you’ve got alternatives such as the Lay’s you’re not a problem just have a
look and there’s lots of different areas online where you can
to correspond the different colors I use workshops because I’ve got some Vallejo
model colour you’ve seen me on some of the previous videos use them it’s just
easier for me to purchase these my local store gives me a discount so it’s just
easier for me to get hold of Citadel colors I do use other things like green
stuff world’s colours as well for specialists but this tends to be more
range so let’s hit you base that and that yes it’s gonna be quite an intense
layering brush sets and then that’s the middle so when I get to the middle of
the figure it needs to be troll Slayer orange and then that’s the extreme top so next we’re going to be doing the
darker areas we’re going to be hitting that recessed shared culbreth crimson
and then we’re going to be using cassandra yellow for the lower areas so
we’ve got two different inks going because of course that will be too dark
to put onto the lower recess so next up we’re gonna be hitting it
with the black I’m gonna hit our panels I fink should be covered so wipe the
knees this little thing here maybe little bits so but kind of gotta go for
a reverse so it’s not gonna be dark to light it’s gonna be light underneath and
went dark on top so I painted the BOK we’re going to be
dry brushing the black waved out Reaper van mechanicus standard gray a lot so
got an old-school dry brush this is a Games Workshop small dry brush look at
the nib on that yeah that’s gonna be good for some dry brushing right but in
the meantime while we’re waiting for that to dry properly we’re gonna paint
the weapon his main gun we’re gonna use steel agent up of it underneath and then
on top we’re going to use carat stone before dry brushing it all with you Shep
t-bone rubbers time let’s get this dark reaper
on this old-school brush i’m gonna go against the grain he could use an
airbrush on the helmet if you wanted to I am just gonna dribble shit on this is
a very old-school driver shit works very differently to the ones that Games
Workshop have at the moment just try get used to it
basically just let’s just dry brush all back because I don’t want it to be very very
light and I can’t go stand it I said well this picker look just it down yeah
and be careful with this one just one hitches that off-screen I don’t no focus got some color going on there so we’re gonna go to a new style of fair
and you a style off to dry brush tyrants cult that’s gonna be applied all over
the weapon apart from the end because of course we’re gonna paint now I say I’m
going to use some screaming Bell this is gonna be a massive colors now we’re gonna wash the weapon all in
Seraphin sepia okay so we have Perks focus school
that’s it we put the screaming Bell on I’m currently waiting for that to dry
and I’ve put it also on this Ben aid and of course there I’m gonna do the cloth
now so the loincloth itself the majority RV figures are supposed to be like an
orange craft world so I’m gonna do an orange well like a red light red to an
orange going down at the cloth I’m gonna be using a wet palette for that so I’ve
got me wet palette zooming lose him alight here I’ve got me red I’ve got me
orange it’s Hebel son Skylar its troll Slayer orange and I’ve got me mixed in
the middle and we’re just gonna base it the blend that in on here so cloth dawn and then I’m just gonna
add some egg rocks a shared to the ends of the weapons I’m also going to
airbrush a little bit of black maybe a bit of black ink just to give that a bit
of a fuzzy sort of like used metallic effect we’re gonna pull more green into
the eyes I’m glad about off camera because trying to do that on camera
I’ve gotta get right to my face to be able to do it you know so basically I’m
gonna do that suggest well it about off camera and then I’m gonna put some
quickly a green shade in there to give it the shade in and then we’re gonna do
the usual we’re gonna paint all the gems in I’m gonna actually do it down I’m
gonna do it in cold red and then the feast and then wash it off of him a
feast and again and then a little dot of white in the corner wrong with the right
off camera because that’s gonna be something that’s going to set me off to
do so hopefully this looks alright on the camera it looks okay in your life
it’s just one come over there vanish gloss varnish I’ve done the base I’ve
done focus I was under be seen and I’ve just got to wait for the black trim to
drowning I’m gonna put some grass on and that’s basically just like an
alternative version of the fire dragon so a bit like a reverse by a dragon
where it’s more like a black armor I know some of the armored panels are
coloured up but it’s more like a blackout wave a flame like on the suit
and yeah that’s nice feud and few guns a bit more bit more fiery it’s a bit more
crazy and vanished especially cause he’s a metal figure you do varnish about
three times right if I go very much for watching that one I hope you enjoyed
looking at the craziness that is it’s very different even I after I’ve done it
I’m thinking it’s very different but I’ve enjoyed it hope you guys have –
I’m gonna be doing a couple more out our videos maybe some alternative these are
all sort of like alternative Eldar so maybe hold it out but I am gonna be
doing one with some flyers as well eventually and of course I’m gonna be
doing some swooping Hawks all right guys if I go very much for watching and see
you next time oh yeah don’t forget to Like share
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