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Packing for an Archery Elk Hunt | Mia’s Motivations

August 11, 2019

Today we are going to work on getting all
of this Into this. These are some of the items that I pack in
my pack. What do you put in yours? I start by putting my personal items into
baggies to keep them separate from everything else. I also throw my big jacket into a pouch. Next, I flatten and roll base layers, pants,
and jackets, so that when I’m looking in my pack, I can easily find them. If I cram them all in, I have trouble and
then I have to pull everything out to get what I want. Keep hats, gloves and balaclavas together
so that when you get cold they’re ready. Remember your knives, sharpeners, your calls,
hygiene and other first aid items. Place all the items into the pack in order
of priority of use. Don’t forget your knives, cords, wrenches,
and any type of tools you’re going to need. Keep them in a separate pouch, so they’re
not lost amongst your clothes. Also, keep gloves and hats accessible for
when you need them. Mountain money should always be placed in
an accessible pocket. I mentioned these items. What is the one thing you cannot leave without
when you go hunting? Mine is my binoculars. Let me know in the comments below and let’s
see what else everyone else cannot live without. Happy Hunting!

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  1. You are lucky to live in a state where you can hunt Elk every year. In Michigan when you apply for a tag you enter a lottery, you might have to apply every year for 10 or more years before your tag is drawn.

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