PA Late Season Flintlock Hunting
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PA Late Season Flintlock Hunting

January 28, 2020

a tough archery season left me with
three unfilled tags for the Pennsylvania late archery and flintlock season I was
more determined than ever to stay fit and in shape to continue pushing deep on
public round the weather conditions and frigid temperatures of northern PA can
challenge the most passionate hunter that combined with high-pressure deer
after a long archery and rifle season make harvesting any whitetail on public
ground a real feat just weeks ago hundreds of thousands of hunters took to
the woods hard at their chance of filling their buck tags those same
parking lots that were filled with trucks on these game lands are now empty
the challenge is not only finding deer but mastering a primitive weapon more
temperamental than the weather you get a spark but the flash pan doesn’t ignite
the flash and ignites of the barrel doesn’t go back the barrel goes off
caused the slightest flinch sending your ball just off target
but then there are times when it all comes together the lead doe comes down
the trail you expect you aim your gun pull the trigger igniting the flash and you
hold steady and in a moment the gun goes off filling the air with smoke just shot the big mama with the old
flintlock nice big doe Wow you got her all gutted yeah Oh
was it a little bit back huh no okay yeah I’m pretty sure looks like I got
her the top of the heart and lung you got frost on your head there got blood it’s so cold in 20 minutes not even ten
minutes it’s frozen already seen of the crime

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  1. That is one of the best videos I’ve seen in awhile. I got a Lyman .50 Deerstalker for Xmas and went to the range like 10 times to get used to flintlocks. Got out twice to hunt. Learned the hard way that hunting from elevated means your powder will run off if your rifle is positioned vertically. Had one doe walk by and my shot didn’t go off. After fixing that I got another opportunity and missed. Was hunting from a saddle and was completely free hand positioned for that shot an And missed. Came away anyway hooked on flintlocks!!! Guys at Lancaster archery told me they are fun and that’s no joke. I wish more people would use them. Part of a great tradition.

  2. Great video and congratulations! Boy, you sure made the most outta your deer season, I’m an early season archery guy, weird how I can tolerate fishing all day in super cold conditions but when I’m hunting I have a limit, admire your perseverance. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Congrats. thats a great Pa late season, I was able to fill one tag here in PA as well with a flintlock and chose to wait for a buck but ended up eating the tag.

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