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  1. I think this hospital separation will be good for Owen. He'll find his roots, he'll be incredibly happy with Teddy, and he'll become the man we loved so much in the beginning. And for God's sake, let him stay happy with Teddy. He's the happiest he's been in ages

  2. Instead of actually developing Owen, and developing Towen as a couple, they are making Tom the bad guy so that Owen can look like the nice guy.

  3. Haha omg whyyy are all the characters becoming so annoying! Meredith f****d up big time and they are supporting her? Doesn’t make any sense!! Uuugh i don’t like this storyline. If Meredith and Weber had been smart, they would have asked direct help to Bailey and Catherine before doing something that stupid.

  4. I swear it irks me when people say they're gonna stop watching the it seems that the number one reason given is that they don't like the many "changes" that's been happening over the years in the show.

    I don't understand that.

    As with ANYTHING in life, there's bound to be a change, sometimes SEVERAL changes.
    If a thing can't change, it can't GROW.
    Anything that can't change or grow can only be considered as either, "dead" or "non-living" (YES, there IS a difference between the two).
    I am a TRUE Grey's Anatomy fan.
    I don't care WHO LEAVES or DIES. I'll mourn it for a time and then move on.
    I'm riding this train until the wheels fall off!

  5. Guys, I think what they have planed is to put this to hospitals together like in season 6 with the Mercy-West but this time with the pac north hospital!

  6. As much as I sometimes dislike Owen, he’s a great guy and an even more amazing dad. He’s obviously an awesome doctor who will thrive at PacNorth.

  7. Not really sorry to see Owen go. Hope they keep Greg Germann, he has flair. He was great in Once Upon a Time. But it is a TV show so they have twists and turns like every season.

  8. How does no one not notice how huge their baby got? And if that is Leo where the hell is their baby? Who watches their kid? These Dr's are all abandoning their kids at the daycare…

  9. I blame bailey for all this…. ever since she became chief she’s made decisions that contradict what she’s done in the past, and now ppl are leaving and I don’t blame them. They’ll probably come back but I wish bailey saw the error in her ways and stop firing people who had her back

  10. Pac North's now have Karev. and the great Weber. Now they have Hunt. uhh ohh.. once meredith join PacNorth it'll be the end of Grey Sloan. lol

  11. I don't like Owen's character, he is an ass. He is always yelling and hurting people, never knows what he wants.
    Hope he doesn't come back.

  12. Am i the only one bothered by them bringing their children to the hospital …. they filled with atb resistant bacterias …they re putting their children in danger

  13. Instead of fighting behind her people Bailey fired Webber, Karev, and Grey?three of the greatest in their field. Karev was an excellent peds attending and at this point bailey is burning bridges left and right so much so that it’s just gonna be Memorial Hospital. I understand what Grey did was wrong, but Bailey just FIRED EVERYONE?

  14. I actually like this season so far ngl. I’m excited for Amelia’s pregnancy and baileys. Also scared cause Ik someone is gonna die this season

  15. … if all this turns out to be the build up for another show I'm not sure I'll keep watching. I mean there obviously are people who enjoy the crossovers with Seattle Firefighters and the writer/s are smart about it with splitting couples between them so you HAVE to watch both to get both sides of a couple's storyline (Bailey&Ben and apparently Jackson is dating one of their characters soon? Well, not really sure on the last one, we only get the new season in 2020 over here) but at least for me another one would be too much.

  16. As long as the whole Owen drama ends really don’t care where he works I was beginning to get really bored of his relationship drama

  17. I remember when Cristina Owen part the hospital  and Bailey did like the idea that Cristina was her boss but hey they have the money to keep the ship up float and beside the hospital was going bankrupt too and with out the money Meredith .Cristina Derrick Arizona  Mark Lexica  they would not have a hospital to work at

  18. I could see that bailey was jeliouse of Meredith   because she was her mother daughter and Cristina too she a fast learner and that why she does need Bailey as

  19. What I don´t understand is why everybody is blaming the "characters". They´re just actors. There´s a production behind them, people who write, who direct, who produce. So… put the blame on them. And in my opinion, this show has lost its centre since Yang departed. but just an opinion.

  20. Have a feeling they will get somebody interesting for Tom. Have a feeling he might get involved with deluca sister… Both strong persons.

  21. I find it interesting that Owen took a “paternity leave” but then left one baby with his mom and dropped the other one off at daycare, then took another job anyway.

  22. So…who will take care of the baby? That day care seems amazing ,I mean there are no age restrictions ,my dream place honestly????

  23. Owen:”It’s not a dirty word Tom”
    Tom:” Yeah but it’s a dirty place”

    Lmao Korasick is one of my favorite characters

  24. I think little by little, they're gonna abandon Grey Sloan and join PacNorth, but then Bailey is going to apologize for the way she's been acting and eventually the doctors are gonna let her join them and it sucks because there's a chance they abandon the Grey Sloan name.

  25. I feel like PAC north and Grey Sloan should merge. It might introduce new characters to the show. Of course after Meredith, Richard, and Alex make up with Bailey

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