Overwatch World Cup | Agents Recall | Meet Kryw (France)
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Overwatch World Cup | Agents Recall | Meet Kryw (France)

October 15, 2019

I’ve been living in Dreux since I was born. There is nothing special here, it’s just a small town. What I enjoy most outside of gaming? Maybe… Walking around, walking in the forest, doing simple things. My name is Jonathan, my nickname is Kryw (‘crew’) and I play for Misfits. I’ve been a gamer since I was three years old. It started when my brother and sister were playing on Super Nintendo. It was Secret of Mana. When I was 11 or 12, I saw a documentary about Fatal1ty. He was playing FPS in competition. So, I told myself, I have to play esport. And then I started on Counter-Strike and ShootMania. I was World Champion two years ago with SoOn & uNKOE. Then we moved to Overwatch when Blizzard announced it. My roles or my heroes? I guess it’s off tank like Zarya. Because I can push, I have to shield my mates with a really good timing. Off tanking is more like being a dps. You have to be aggressive on the enemy team. You do damage, you kill them, you put a lot of pressure. Especially with Zarya, because she can protect herself with shields. And she gets Graviton… And if you shoot her, she can come back with high damage. I like payload map because my Zarya game style is better in payload. – Oh, what the hell! Big Deal!
– Brilliant stuff! It looks like France may well have just done it! Zarya is a game breaker. With graviton, if you put six enemies inside, you can wipe them. So, it’s really a game breaker. The first time I saw Jonathan playing Zarya on competitive match, I was surprised to see how strong this character could be. A few years ago, I played American football with my brother. We played together for 5 years, it was very cool, but dangerous. We won some titles. We had to struggle against opponents together. What I learned from American Football? Team spirit, team play and to never give up. Let’s say I stopped, because I wanted
to continue my career on esports. I’m a pro-player since January. I started my team with skipjack and SoOn. A few months after, we joined Misfits. We won few cups with good cash price. Then we failed a bit at gamescon, but we never gave up. My favorite moment in a Blizzard game was at Overwatch Open. It was when we beat Rogue. There is a rivalry since ShootMania, with winz. I always dreamt to beat him, because he’s like a veteran in France. He won so many world cups on different games. All I learned in American Football is never give up. Just play as best as you can, stay focus. It worked, we did it and I was really happy. …and ending Rogue chances here in this tournament! I’m super proud to represent France. I always dreamed about a nations cup. And, it happens with Blizzard, so I’m really happy. My French teammates? There is DeGuN, from melty. He was my ex-teammate. And Jean-Louis, alias KnOxXx. He’s a friend from Rogue, so there is a rivalry. There is Kitty. She’s a cool person, nice person. Really calm, every time. And AlphaCast, a great Overwatch focused YouTuber. And there is Mickalow. He plays DPS for us. Honestly, I think France can’t win. Like If we face Sweden or Finland… Who knows, who knows? Sometimes
the smaller team wins against the bigger one. I think they have the will to do it, but… They don’t have… maybe the experience and the skill level. Even if they want to win, it is gonna be hard! You can beat the odds and… I don’t know… I try to give him all the support that he needs. And obviously, I’m very proud of his success. It’s very cool to have something like that happening in our family. Yes, it is very strong!

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  1. FIND THE SOMBRA HINTS QUICK— Wait… this is blizzard.
    The only hint is going to be a countdown clock in the background.

  2. Je sais que au moins une personne de l'équipe de France verra ce commentaire et donc je vous souhaite d'aller le plus loin possible, bonne chance et allé les baguettes !!

  3. I love that Overwatch is doing this. Thanks for making these titans more human, makes them so much easier to root for.

  4. i think the thing holding a lot of esports back is lack of diversity, for CS: GO and Overwatch, in america. get black people interested in the game, mexican people interested in the game, we need announcers, we need players, we need beef, trash talk, heros, villains, powerhouses…

  5. allez, pense positif comme to frère haha. Les chances sont mince en effet, mais ça n'empêche pas d'y croire ! Il ne faut pas déjà déclarer défaite ! Bonne chance ! Toi et ton équipe on tout notre soutient

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