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Overgrowth Funny Ragdoll Montage – Wolfire Games

November 30, 2019

A few weeks ago we asked you guys to send us a bunch of Overgrowth ragdoll clips and… Woah… you did NOT disappoint. Jessica and I are thrilled with how many of you were as into this idea as we were. So, without further adu: It’s montage time! Thank you all so much for watching this video, and an extra special thanks to everyone who took part. We had a blast putting this video together and we hope you enjoyed the end result. If you’d like to keep up to date on all things Wolfire, including any future events we run, you may want to consider subscribing to us and enabling notifications so you never miss an upload. This video was written and edited by Jessica “Do my job for me” Morris, I’ve been Cameron, and… hey… wow… We finally got through one of these videos without me getting injured, this is fantastic! I think we’ve finally turned over a new chapt- ARGH!

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  1. Someone needs to make another arena pack with some of the locations from the campaign like turner vs midnight level or the water hole level.

  2. lmao it was a blast doing my part even if it was a hot mess (I'm SiscoLink btw :3)
    Thanks for fun (and challenging on my end) idea to do ragdoll shenanigans! ^w^

  3. I miss the old alpha development videos . I realize it's unrealistic to expect more of that. But it's what I originally subscribed for, and I didn't want to disable notifications before saying goodbye.

  4. In my opinion I think it'd be a good move if you guys took everything you made for this game and started working on building an even bigger and better game.

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