Outdoor Bound TV New Mexico Archery Elk Hunt Part 2 of 2 EP168
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Outdoor Bound TV New Mexico Archery Elk Hunt Part 2 of 2 EP168

August 12, 2019

This week on outdoor bound TV it’s part two of our archery Elkin from Lincoln County, New Mexico with a father-son team who have their sights set on harvesting a true, New Mexico giant on Last week’s show the duel had several very close encounters with good bulls But as the hunt starts to wind down will they have enough time left to hang their tape on a true monster? New Mexico bull We did it cool, right? Yeah Outdoor bound TV is brought to you by mission by Matthews and vortex optics The capsule visible first place check Excellent, oh, there’s a good one Awesome, beautiful fish look at how he ate that to their Googler, dude this is the Google I it’s available in a live bait series and then a launch hook shank series and what we did is we Took a blast rattle and built it into the middle of the wrong jig head and just bouncing it that hits the bottom that’s blast rattles rattling and That’s sending off vibration in this dirty water in this river and that’s the results right there That goes Branch I can get drawn out of he doesn’t see me Doesn’t always work out that way I Tried to show in work Come right down here Okay, I heard I thought it was 30 yards away There’s a branch in the way down Now he’s seen me and I just walked out bidding I ran off again, I I can’t let me stop but he’s Yuri see me Alright, let’s go get another one The spot Let’s do what you don’t have cook another one Too many balls we were surrounded Like a County New Mexico probably 7 o’clock I think we set up our And for close calls that balls is just going nuts right now. They are screaming What’s on Henry Direction what time we groups up? while we had to repulse with know which way to turn It’s on He mustard is walking up here anyone comes he but You see It’s always 30 yards away. It’s my Peter And he sat down first once I get my bed September 2nd Outdoor bound TV is brought to you by Mission crossbows and HHA sports You So exact days text it’s our last set in Lincoln County, New Mexico for elk hunting We’re hunting a tired drinker and evening. That’s for The ranchers were water to cattle and also the outcome to it do in the evenings Speak out right? So it was a hot day today so they should need some water My father said here tonight to go one shot just a beautiful ball like We got some balls bugle it up here behind us, which is a good thing they’re not far away We hunted this morning trying to go chase them Just ball spilling everywhere up in here. So There’s plenty of elk around and its Last day ever on the last evening and we’ll see what happens So we gotta break that ball coming down the hill it’s about 200 yards so it looks all by himself bugling Hopefully gets here with enough light left button de nimes coming this way sometimes he ain’t open don’t come to the water for whatever reason but See what happens Oh Oh Well Last minute the last day we did it full stop Good shot He was probably drinking at the top for 10 minutes, you know Exporters tell me I can’t do anything about it and we got sit here just perfectly quiet and We’re gonna go put our hands on this guy in a little bit take some pictures Doesn’t get much prettier than that beautiful luck in Harrow come along that’s what you want to see It’s nice to watch him fall down and look what’s right behind me Look at this thing. Ah, what did we do? As a beautiful 6×6 beautiful beautiful bull big bull Double lung went about 40 yards, maybe I Stood here for a little while and then piled up so good fronts good tops Daggers are good dirty too. Nice Just a beautiful beautiful, New Mexico balls, I’m thrilled Good jobs, he was standing as a drinker 22 yards He puts a 20-yard pin right on him. I Like Big John says just shoot him high watch him die. He was pouring just slightly. So I’m gonna say I was gearing here nice nice Bowl Talk about last minute, how man? You down to the wire who? the last the last Day the last hour the last minute. Yeah So we did it cool, yeah Outdoor bound TV is brought to you by Acme tackle and Mountain Dew Hunting gear visit southern Wisconsin’s largest archery dealer for all your hunting needs take advantage of our archery classes or show your Competitive spirit and join our hunting leagues whether you’re a beginner or an experienced shooter You’re bound to have a great time hunting gear offers a full line of brand-name hunting gear Accessories and apparel our experts will help you find the right equipment to meet your needs just off highway 39 in Janesville Hunting gear might as well have the best Mcfarland serves all of south-central Wisconsin by providing our customers with a wide variety of quality Kubota products McFarland’s combines outstanding Kubota product knowledge and customer service We also offer a full line of Kubota tractor rentals for weekend food plot projects try before you buy And let McFarland’s help you find the right Kubota for you McFarland’s one block south of highway 12 at 780 Carolina Street in Sauk City open 7 days a week. We’re service is a family tradition You You Outdoor bound TV is brought to you by ethics and BMC books So this sign I was being pretty picky about the sizable I wanted to shoot I wanted to shoot a big mature bowl so we Passed up probably two or three different opportunities legit opportunities at smaller bowls This is my best Bowl to date It’s everything I could have asked for in a bowl. Oh, it’s a bowl of a lifetime Beautiful beautiful animal Better shooting light Quite a bit bigger than anything I’ve got right now on the wall. I’ve got orders for health on the wall So I’m running out of room But we’ll make room for him Hope door bow on TV. We’ll be right back after these messages

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