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Our real Brexit crisis: ’No one cares anymore’ | Anywhere but Westminster

October 9, 2019

Anywhere but Westminster
began 10 years ago speaking to people on the street about
politics and exploring the gap between politicians, the media and the rest of
the country. Now the ruling party wants to use that same gap
to have a people versus parliament election, it’s time for us to get back on the road. Sorry to interrupt,
we work for the Guardian, the newspaper … We’ve got somewhere to be, apologies. No, no bother. We all have. I think we’ve reached the end of this. I really do. What’s the way out of the mess this country’s in? Oh my days, I can’t answer that. This whole vox pop thing …
we don’t know what we’re asking people. If we ask them all the old questions,
we know what all the old answers are, right? And they haven’t really got
anything to say to us about anything because they don’t know either. He says what it is. And what is it? Well, he speaks the truth. Politicians … you can’t trust them, can you? You know, we’re on the coattails
of Europe, run by their rules and tariffs and once that’s gone, I think the sky is the limit. Very good. Right, we’ve got to go, sir. Lovely talking to you, thank you. It doesn’t work. It picks up interference. I want his voice booming out
across this Middle English high street, do you know what I mean? Radio: I give notice that Boris Johnson is elected as
the leader of the Conservative party. Our new prime minister. Boris Johnson on radio: I say to all the doubters, dude,
we are going to energise the country! Boris Johnson on radio: We are going to
get Brexit done on October 31st and take advantage of all the
opportunities that it will bring in a new spirit of can do. He says the thing about Britons … We’ve got have more belief in ourselves, positive thinking. You’ve got to seize the day. I’ve been here five years
and I’ve had nothing but problem. Why did you come here? Because I got transferred, housing situation …
I ain’t getting no luck with jobs. You are out of work at the moment? I am, yeah, I’m on universal credit. Are you? Benefit mashed it up for me. You know, sanctioned me. From when they’ve sanctioned you, you know, you’re getting into debt. I’m homeless, even though I don’t look it, but,
I mean, I am sofa surfing, I’m a single parent. And when you last worked what
were you doing? Parcel company. You see what it is as well, yeah,
I say this in the camera as well, yeah, people like to judge, yeah,
people like to judge from the colour of your skin, from the way you dress, from your lingo, yeah? I’m a carer. That’s what I was doing in London. Right, so you moved up
here because you’d have better housing here and you’ve ended up with no housing
at all and no job. I’m a trained carer. And you could be doing the world some good. For eight years.
I’ve got eight years’ experience. Man, I’m crumbling. We came here a week before the 2015
election when Britain was at a real fork in the road. The Tories were not only promising a
referendum on the EU but whipping up the sort of resentments that
have led us to where we are. The place you get a sort of politics
of low-level grievance, it tends to be aimed in
particular groups of people, you can probably guess who they are. Benefit claimants, immigrants… These people are not starving,
they’re never going to starve, they probably buy cigarettes
and then they go to the food bank. There’s no excuse in this
country to be hungry, I don’t think. Their benefits are so high,
they don’t want to go to work. We’ve got all these immigrants, you know, I’m not anti-immigrant,
but what they don’t want to improve is the infrastructure, schools, doctors… Let’s face it, Scotland have so much for free and yet, they’re all on the back of our taxes. I’m only laughing at the absurdity of it all. Something very, very serious
is bubbling away under it all. I really feel the UK starting to
pull apart like never before. Well, it’s a wet Monday afternoon. This is a Tory-held seat and yet people are gathering
in Macclesfield, in Cheshire. It’s a very pragmatic town that lets an
awful lot go by so, the fact that 100 people
have come out is pretty something. We have to show that we are against it. If you keep focusing on my T-shirt,
it means I’ve got Parkinson’s. If there’s ever any problems
with the supply of drugs, bye bye. God, this is very real for you. This is very real for both of us. I’m frightened. Jacob Rees-Mogg on radio:
I must confess Mr Speaker, I’m surprised by my right honorable
friend’s astonishment because I’ve been making the case
for WTO rules for some time. There’s no sense of the gravity
of the moment, this is all a game, this is what happens when you put
public schoolboys in charge. It’s just all knockabout and bon mots and quips and all that. And there’s no sense of, you know,
there are people who are really, really worried whether their Parkinson’s medication
is going to be available or there’s gonna be food shortages. This is all being talked about as a sort of ‘aristo’ knockabout. It’s sickening, that’s what it is. So, in the midst of all this noise about
Brexit, parliamentary motions and all that, we’ve had a call from Charlie. He’s a fella we met about six months ago. He was struggling to make ends meet
on universal credit and angry at the mess the government had made of both the benefits system and Brexit,
which he voted for. Hi, how are you doing? I am all right, John, thanks.
Thanks for coming. Tell me why you got back in touch with us. I went for a job and it was advertised
as full-time, 40 hours, and it was an agency. I did two weeks then I just kept
getting texts often … ‘Hi Charlie, just to let
you know no work tomorrow morning.’ You’re thinking you’re clocking on, at what,
8 o’clock the following morning? And at half past midnight
you get a message saying: ‘Hi mate, don’t go
work in morning please.’ And that means you’re not getting paid, right? Yeah. And then there’s quite
a few of these below that, right? ‘Orders have dropped,
I’m having to cancel a few people tonight.’ Keep going … ‘Is there work today?’ That’s you. ‘No, there isn’t today, mate.’ Next one, ‘Hi mate …’ ‘Hi. Please don’t go work tomorrow.
I’ll ring you sometime during the day.’ But I didn’t get a phone call. But how can you even budget
through the week? I can’t budget during the week. I’ve got potatoes and carrots instead of buying bottles of milk, you can make up to about 10 or 11
pints with that. I’m not a baker,
but I’ve got this mincemeat and I keep going,
I’ll split that packet into four. Now, I know it’s not a meal
but when you’re hungry … All I’m doing now,
and I don’t want to be a martyr, I’m just eating to stay alive. I didn’t go out of the house for three weeks. No appointments on my phone
so I stayed in the house. Because if you’re moving about, it burns
what you’ve eaten in the morning, it burns it off. Christ. And how much do you owe your landlord? £2,475. And he is threatening you with eviction by when? Well, I’ve got the eviction order. ‘You are required to leave the below
address after the 4th of October 2019.’ How do you feel about a system that
instructs you to take a job, you take the job and you end up in an even
worse position than you were in to start with? I’m not a suicidal person but I can
I can understand why people … I mean, I’ve not got mental health issues yet. I do worry, I do worry where it’s all going. How do you feel about
the state of the country and politics? I think somebody’s going to get killed. You think things are sort of spinning
out of control? They are spinning. Everybody needs to have half
an hour reflecting what they said. But you want Brexit to happen? I wanted to leave. The leave that I wanted has been twisted. If there was a ballot paper in front of you now with
leave or remain, which one would you pick? I would just pick remain. Would you? Just for all this to stop. When you voted to leave
what was your hope for the country? I wanted us to be fairer,
we can make our own laws and thingy, there should be a caring, like you two
came up today, I know you’re going round but you took an
interest in me and that’s made my … I don’t know, it’s made my day. It always brings down to me the misery of
the autumn being here. The conference venue. The millions that are in food banks,
the millions that are homeless in our streets … all the degradation he’s caused, the racism he’s caused. All these difficulties that
people have experienced, a lot of it has been blamed on immigrants. I’ve been called the C-word
and told to go back to my effing country. I’ve sort of spent the best years of
my life working for the NHS in this country. I was actually asked to stay after
I finished my PhD. Just before Brexit, I felt for the
first time ever, and I had been here for almost 20 years, that I didn’t want to speak,
I didn’t want people to pick up that I had an accent. Are you going to be able to stay?
Do you know that, if there’s a no-deal Brexit? I don’t know whether I want to stay,
that’s the main thing. Wow! Of course, are you surprised? No, I’m not surprised. I’ve lost all my sense of security
and sense of belonging. I love this country so much and I felt so welcomed
and so appreciated and I don’t anymore. At all. Some people would have you believe that
conservatism under Cameron and Osborne was very different from the 2019 version
but the seeds of where the Tories and Britain have ended up were planted when
they were in charge. Britain is on the right track. Capping welfare, we’ve cut immigration by a third. We are the party of hard-working people
and to anyone who questions that, take your argument to Bury or Morecambe. We were talking about today that everyone was getting money off the government, benefits and stuff. We’ve spent too much money
on the benefits system as a country. Yes, we do spend a lot. Why should people from other
countries come to our country and be able to claim our benefits? If someone else has got to work for you,
you can fuck off and make it yourself. I remember that. Did we? We hit the town and we talk to people
and we try and thereby divine what’s going on. I’m, you know, a bright woman,
I can, you know, I’m OK with this sort of stuff
and I am just confused, I think, at this point. What’s the question? You don’t even know what the question is. Come on, man, it’s not a big deal. Excuse me! No, I’d rather not. I wonder what you think
of the state of the country at the minute. I almost get the sense
that people know that people like me, talking to people like them
about what people think, is sort of, it’s been done, you know? Oh, I get it you want one of them things
where I tell you what I think about Brexit. No one really cares anymore. About what? Anything. At all! Tell me more about what kind of society
you would like to live in. People look after each other,
it’s not all about what I want, it’s about what’s good for everyone. Brilliant. Hang in there. It probably is that bad, but hang in there anyway. Do you have a sense of the future of the country
in the next five or 10 years, looking ahead? I just wonder how you feel. Nobody can say what it will be like
in five years’ time. What else are we going to lose? It’s almost like we’re living
in the aftermath already though, isn’t it? Do you know what I mean? Like it’s happened already. Like all of these dysfunctional,
crappy bits of English society that were just, you know,
festering tensions that were left and made worse by austerity and all that,
and they sort of exploded in 2016. And I think everything else is aftermath now. Isn’t it?

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  1. To be fair one of the reasons Charlie can't find work is because of high levels of unskilled imigration imposed by the EU. Nobody should blame the immigrants directly (they are only looking for a better life) but It does flood the market with excess labour, more than there are jobs for. So we end up with people like Charlie in 2019, on the edge, fighting to find work. One more reasons why we must leave the EU.

  2. The real crisis? Through all the lies, false claims, false enemies we're now left in some form of Nihilistic vacuum. The fact that human mentality will more likely double down then admit to making a mistake. We're in the post-truth era, where you'll win if you repeat the same thing over and over, without scrutiny.

  3. Truth 3 yrs of waist 36 billion given away would of re-created all these towns city's… Agency's run on a byass selection system young British force to work out on towns while immigrants are appeased within local firms…

  4. These communities are been ignored by there council's.. Shop rates to high for buniness to compete… Been left to force there choice to change… Councils playing political games with peoples life's… Truth

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    We all need a minimum of exercise everyday and that helps the body regulate itself better, so you won't need more energy especially, and on the contrary it's probably going to give you only benefits.

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  9. 1:05 "We're on the coatails of Europe, guided by their rules and tariffs", pretty sure we operate under no tariffs at the moment mate – this will happen once we leave

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  12. It’s funny, people are so sure their views are right even though they have not a shred of evidence to back up their statements. It’s no wonder Britain is in the political mess that it’s in.

    If people can’t be bothered to check to see if their views are views worth holding then frankly they should keep that view to themselves or admit before making a comment on the topic they don’t no but….. because Democracy doesn’t work if you don’t take an active roll in it and brexit just proves this as you hear the same arguments time and time again that have been proven incorrect countless times over

  13. Poor Charlie, if Neu Labore hadn't let some many illegal immigrants into the country then the state would be in a better position to look after him. I feel for his situation. Tony B Liar you have a lot to answer for.

  14. All political systems are broken but it's what we've got and it kind of just about works and we get by, real change will come form a completely new social structure, it could be digital I honestly don't know but ATM we require the normal working people of the planet to take charge at ground level a bit more, stop consuming, stop wasteing money, stop being wasteful, treat people better, educate yourself and stop makeing excuses and blaming the top, vote with your money, build people up, make a real difference

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    Maurice Strong the father of it gave this speech.

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    Maurice Strong – regarding Generation Investment Management LLP

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    I'm starting to understand how feeling insignificant can make a person want to kick the wrong entity.

    It's the Tories that made us feel like it was every man for themselves. Being aware of, and interested in, the problems of another person is what holds that lonely desperation at bay. Zero hour contracts are not an EU thing. The phenomenon is a product of the uncaring capitalism of the Tories.

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  21. No, that is not what is wrong with Britain in one person, that's what's wrong with that person in his person. If he is on benefits and a single parent he should not be smoking and walking around like a big shot, but humbly be looking for a job. He is on benefits and has the guts to criticize the working people. What a waste of space. Who in their right minds think that Britain is to be blamed for that loser? I have friends who went to London without even speaking the language and managed to work and build a life for themselves they could have never dreamed of back home.. this is all nonsense..

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    I CARE.

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  32. I am in tears hearing Charilie (c 6m 20s). I'm a stoic bloke and been around the block a few times. But sometimes it's not the extraordinary human fight for survival in a war or disaster zone that gets you. It's when the quiet desperation is experienced behind walls or normality and nobody pays much attention. I am more convinced than ever that it is not about the Governments we elect, but who we are, that elects the Government. Community, care, connectedness and compassion is only really experienced at a local level. We all need to rethink this.

  33. I bloody well care ! Give us a second referendum!! The 2016 referendum was illegal because it broke all British election commission expenses laws and data protection laws using stolen Facebook data to micro target voters into voting against their own best interests.

  34. John and John respond to your comments and give an update on Charlie in a special episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vke_jagbJ40

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    Why should people in foreign countries be forced to tolerate our exported wars, labour exploitation and general waste?

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    3 & 1/2 years after Brexit i’m eagerly awaiting new report.

    Brexit debate has become depressing because the debate was finished 2016.

    Everything since has been toys out of pram.

    Reminds me of how i would behave loosing a football match in the playground to the worse team.

    So i perceived it.

    Years later i see clearly.

    It did not matter

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