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Our OFF GRID Tiny House Hunting Camp

November 29, 2019

Someone dressed inappropriately Inappropriately At least for outdoors All right, so We didn’t cover where we were staying in the tour video because we think this place needs a whole video all to itself So when we were looking To purchase our land when we realized that we couldn’t find a farm And that we couldn’t find a house with acreage. We started looking into raw land we had a couple different options one of our options One of our options was a yurt or possibly even an RV and those two would require a significant investment to purchase either the RV or the yurt and get it set up get our system set up as far as solar panels and or some sort of electricity? Some way of having some sort of water And might require even having the septic put in or even having some sort of well put in if we were to go that route but the other out was finding some piece of raw land that already had some sort of cabin or trailer on it and So that was the better option Because we knew that there was going to be systems already in place for that And it would allow us to transition to the property quicker so when we were looking for property That’s that was a key factor in finding raw land And that’s what we found so what we ended up getting was a piece of property as I said It’s about 20 acres in the foothills of Appalachia and on it is a little of old trailer that has been sort of converted into What we call a the camp because it’s more like a hunting camp And we’ll give you a quick tour as soon as I get this laundry hung. How was that shower? No, it was actually horrible. oh why? cuz it is really warm like I scalded to death like I swear I got burnt, and then I got really cold to the point where I had get out It was horrible, and I could only clean myself in that small half second transition between the hot and the cold So the hot water heater runs on a specific amount of water pressure needs a minimum amount of water pressure in order to kick on the burner to heat the water and There’s not a ton of water pressure up here and you can’t be running like the sink or anything else to like drop the pressure to the Faucet or whatever it is you’re using that you want hot water coming out of So you know just taking a shower and as you had to hot water And then the pressure dropped the boiler turned off and then it was icy spring water It’s not funny Who did this?!? This it’s a person that’s still inside of their laundry oh All right, let’s go in. I’ll give you a tour All right, so this is our small 600 foot trailer that we’re living in We definitely had to Downsize quite a bit to fit everything on the property I’ll show you some other storage options that we have in a little bit, but for right now Let’s give you a tour of the place. This is our living room And this is wet headed marina we just got out of the shower My Christmas tree that we switched over to all LED lights guys I didn’t clean for you, so I mean you get what you get you guys are like real life. This is real life We just moved in a week and one day ago so we haven’t had time to organize very much here, so this is what you get this is our workstation for editing and charging station Like we said in the first video the This place is heated with a wood stove and when this thing gets Rocking this place gets to be about 83 degrees in here So this little thing puts out a good amount of heat it really keeps us nice and toasty And we do have the propane heater in the back if for some reason this wouldn’t work This is our kitchen setup. We do have a regular standard refrigerator this is our biggest problem right now because when the compressor kicks on this thing sucks a whole lot of power and so it’s something that we are going to need to solve because this tends to kick out in the middle of the night and Then we have to run the generator to recharge the batteries to get it to cool down again during the day Its never really dropped so any dangerous levels of all the food in there is still safe throughout the night I know a couple people are going to comment about that, but it is something that we are going to need to figure out We have a little propane stove here with an oven this thing is amazing It’s super tiny and it like works really really well. It’s super efficient. We just made some scones this morning So this is our little sink as Jeremy said in the first video we the water comes from a spring That’s done over the hill. There’s a submersible pump and a little spring box down there It pumps the water up But we do have hot water on demand because we have a hot water heater an on-demand hot water heater outside And because we are on spring water we do filter our water And this is our Berkey filter a lot if you guys have heard of Berkey before it’s something that we went with the Berkey filters Can be quite expensive ours is a scratch and dent We have like a couple Couple dings and dents on this particular unit but it doesn’t affect the quality because the filters themselves still work really well It’s just superficial and so far. That’s all of our potable water comes from As you can see I don’t have any shelving space around here we threw this little fold-out table in here just to kind of have some sort of kitchen space Counter space and everything else is in boxes on the floor hopefully we can get Jeremy to build me some sort of l-shaped Countertop in here with some storage underneath not really a priority right now. This is functional, and it does it does work It’s not pretty, but it does work for us And right now. There’s a lot of snow out there, so it’s kind of hard to build some things and Yeah, so this is what you get take you down the hall, and I’ll show you the kid’s room This is the girls room We have bunk beds in here because there’s not much space and because This is a temporary Shelter for us a temporary living space for us I gave them free rein to do and decorate however they wants in their room and you can see their beautiful Artwork that they did this is marinas up here her Totoro and her sprites on the wall and Down here behind the door is a Lhari little kitty and She’s tucked up under here with her little light I am drawing a cute fox and here is what I am working on So everyone wants to know like for reals, what do you think about moving out here like for real for real? I think it’s just really different from my dad’s house Here you have to like get your own stuff Heat up your own house with the wood heater and at my dad’s you can just click a button and you have heat in your house What about showers At my dad’s house you can have like as long showers as you want and it’s like you can do warm Hot or cold, but here. It’s like either really hot or really cold rather your spring water No do you like it out here or no, I do really like it and we do get a lot of snow So yeah, you don’t get this kind of snow down on your dad’s home. No. It’s not even snowing up there right now What do you not like about it down here? You’re up here. What do you not like about living here um? Showers I don’t like Hot showers and then immediately cold showers or really cold showers, and then really hot showers. What about the out house. Do you like that? We do have an outhouse, but we also have a regular bathroom, let me show that to you All right, so this is our teeny-tiny one bathroom, and you can see we have a washer in here Yes, we do our laundry with a washer. We don’t have to use a bucket or anything Because when the generator is on it will power this and that’s really really good We do huh shower like we said on-demand hot-water Toilet I Mean we probably with the spring box. We probably get like one good. Flush. We do follow the rule of is yellow Let it Mellow so you know we do have to not flush all the time We are a bit conservative with with the water up here just because you know we have only such a strong flow rate going into that well box and it only fills up so much and so fast and again We have to have the generator on to pump the water up here right now because our system Isn’t quite sized to have that off flush on demand which is actually kind of good because we are learning a lot about conservation so That’s the toilet shower taking in our room So this is our tiny I guess you would call it the master bedroom. No. I have to premise this by saying I think it’s really creepy when people show bedrooms to the public. I think they’re very private spaces But for one time only this video I’m showing you guys because I know you’re curious as to what the space looks like in this tiny trailer, so This is the master bedroom It’s light and bright and airy we do have a queen size bed that Barely fits here in this room, but it does fit and right now. We don’t have a bed frame It’s something that Jeremy’s going to have to build at some point, but having the mattress on the floor works Just fine, and we do have called closet space and it functions just fine Right outside the master bedroom in this little hallway. Here is the back door that leads out to? The generator and the on-demand hot water heater This is kind of also that secondary escape route for fires or anything like that, but that’s our secondary door And I’m pretty sure these Curtains came with a very original trailer, but I might just leave them I think I’m gonna leave them here. let’s go talk to marina So you’re happy as long as you have internet, right? Yeah And the fire without that I’d literally want to move out So what do you think about the place? Everyone wants to know what you really really honest thoughts are of Moving out here. I mean, I really like it out here cuz it’s like a remote area and There’s No one just like no neighborhood you can’t like wake up in the middle of the night to like loud booming music from the neighbors or I Don’t know a kid screaming or something like that It’s just quiet except for maybe like a deer or an owl um in the generator outside. (laughs) and the generator um I mean this house I Like it, but it’s really small from someone who has a top bed bunk Thats right you do hit the head on the ceiling yeah, I did last night. I woke up and my head hit the little shelf I told you it’s gonna happen And um I like it out here as long sleek the fires running So in the summer you won’t like it? in the summer. I’ll hate it probably I Will hate it, but I like how snows up here, I haven’t seen it snow in a long time, so yes we were in a teeny tiny place so what happened to all of our stuff some of you guys have been following us for a while know that the house that we lived in was a lot bigger than this it was actually 1,800 square feet on the First floor and then we also had a finished basement that was almost a thousand square feet And we had a full-size pantry in the basement so what happened to all of our stuff well most of the stuff we sold We sold off all of the plasma TVs obviously those aren’t gonna Do very well on a generator we sold off our large couch Which isn’t going to fit in here a lot of our large bulky furniture King-size bed that kind of stuff all that we sold, and we kept only what we needed here What happened to the pantry let me take you outside, and I’ll show you our food pantry is All right out here’s our pantry So one of the very first Problems, or issues that came up when moving to raw land was what to do with the pantry in particular since we were at the very start of winter we didn’t know where to store everything and to keep it from freezing when This property came with this little shed on it That was used for tractors and garden supplies and so the very first thing we did when we moved out here was to insulate this shed with r-13 insulation to try and keep the inside contents from freezing All right, let’s go in Believe it or not our entire food pantry we were able to fit inside of this tiny shed We were able to get the two shelves in here And we lined all the shelves with all of our canned goods now because we don’t know How these are going to do out here in the winter I mean so far They are not freezing the temperature is staying above freezing inside of here But because we don’t know how these are going to do I have not been canning So I’m not going to add to the problem until I know exactly how these are going to Get through the winter on top of that as we start to get into spring and summer when we start building I’m gonna have a whole other set of problems with jars being too hot and that’s something that we haven’t solved yet Might just end up having to put in a root cellar Before we even start building the house just to make sure that our are canned goods Stay safe, but this is our food pantry All right so what about the rest of our stuff as you guys know Jeremy had a lot of tools a lot of work benches and We also had a lot of garden supplies What do we do with all that well that was another Big problem that we needed to solve before moving to overall land and our solution to that was a storage container So what we ended up doing was purchasing a 40-foot storage container We got a truck to haul it up here Which required a little bit of help from Jeremy to actually get it up the hill I’m going to take you yard or a 40-foot storage container, and we’ll show you the rest of our stuff from our house This is for deer All right, so here’s our 40-foot storage container and It’s pretty dark in here, but this is where we keep the rest of our supplies and right now Everything is just kind of stuffed in here because we haven’t had a chance to Organize anything yet like we said we just have been out here a week now Even though we were able to access the property before we actually purchased it And we’re going to talk about that in another video But we we didn’t have a lot of time to organize things so everything’s just kind of stuffed in here for right now But this is going to end up being part storage and also Jeremy’s workshop, so That’s the rest of our stuff Finally the chickens. I’ll take you over and show you these guys. This is their first snow, and they are not happy Hello chickens you’re not gonna come out today You don’t like snow It’s been like three hours, and they have not come out yet, I did put some water inside their coop Which will help prevent it from freezing. But just in case they don’t decide to not come out all day They at least have some water as far as their food. They do have food, but they’re gonna have to come out for that I Got an egg One egg I am just so happy to be out here, I’ve lived in small apartments I’ve lived in McMansion homes I’ve lived on all different kinds of properties and This by far is my favorite Place I have ever lived. It’s just beautiful out here, and I absolutely love the little trailer it’s a little hard to explain, but having a family and When you’re living in a large house everyone kind of can go off into their own rooms and have their own space, but it also Creates some sort of separation with everyone in this little place Everyone’s kind of all together, and we all kind of sit down on the floor and on the couch and have dinner together It’s not like sitting at a formal table. Everything is just very relaxed and comfortable And cozy, it’s the way to put it It’s very very cozy, and I just love it and even though I’m looking forward to building our own place Our own little cabin up on the hill I really like this little trailer and That’s our tour, so I hope you guys have enjoyed it And if you guys like this kind of stuff stay tuned because we’re gonna be giving you tours of all of our systems our water how we generate power some of the different issues that we have and how we’re going to resolve those and Just daily life as it unfolds so stay tuned we’ll see in the next video. Thanks for watching

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