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Our First Live Football Match | University of Sheffield Content Creators

January 14, 2020

Hi, everyone. My name is Ryan and I’m a first year international student here at the University of Sheffield. Tonight, my friend Rachel and I are gonna be seeing our first ever live football match at the Hillsborough stadium. And we’ll be watching Sheffield Wednesday Football Club versus Birmingham City. So first things first, we’ve got to get there and it’s really easy by tram so let’s get right into it. So right now we’re at the University of Sheffield tram station, which is right there. And it’s about a 15-minute ride away to the stadium. And it’s really convenient if you want to take the tram because it drops you right outside the stadium at Leppings Lane. That’s the name of the stop, by the way. So we’re going to get on the next one, going in that direction and we’ll see you there. We’re on the tram right now and for you guys who don’t know this. There are two big football clubs in Sheffield. One is called Sheffield Wednesday. That’s the one we’re going to watch right now. And there’s another one called Sheffield United. So, if football is something that’s really important to you. You might want to consider coming to Sheffield because you can watch a lot live games here. “Do you know which way you’re going?”. No. “Follow the crowd!”. Ok, thank you! Okay, so we are currently walking from the tram stop, but we are very bad at directions, so Rachel’s looking for directions on Google Maps. Ok, we’re only like zero point one miles away. so we’re going to get there soon. Oh, it’s a one minute walk. We’re watching Sheffield Wednesday Football Club, who has very kindly given us press passes to watch today’s match and pitch side access, which is why we’re on the pitch and not in the stands. The game’s starting in a bit. It’s almost four minutes in and Rachel and I didn’t know if the game started yet. *laughs* How embarrassing. Wednesday! Wednesday! Wednesday! The drum goes dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum, Wednesday. Something exciting, something exciting, something exciting. Okay, Rachel, do we kind of know what’s happening? Kind of, kind of – the jist of it. Why did they stop? The ball went out. Someone’s trying to throw it back in. You see that? Tah dah. What just happened, Rachel? Birmingham City just scored. Oh, well, Birmingham scored. The crowd goes not so wild. Yeah. not so wild on this side but really wild on that side. It’s a goal! Finally! Yeah! So cute. There we go guys. The game is over now but thank you for watching with us and following as we watch our first live football match. What do you think, Rachel? I think it was really interesting. The first half was like, okay, but the second half things really started to picking up. So guys, that’s it. Rachel and my experience at our first ever live football match and I really hope you enjoyed that. I’ll definitely consider going to another game. I think it’s really fun and being around so many people who you don’t know, but you kind of feel like, you know, because you’re all supporting the same team. I think that’s really nice. Yeah, it’s just something I’ve never really experienced before. So this has been really fun. If you like football, I think you would definitely like the experience in Sheffield because apparently a lot of teams come to Sheffield to play matches and who knows, your favourite team might just come. And if you haven’t seen a football match like I haven’t, I mean, I don’t even know the rules very well. I mean, as you could tell from the video. What just happened? Wooo, what just happened? I think it’s still worth going to a football game, just at least once while you’re here with just being immersed in the culture. I’ll see you guys soon. Thanks for watching. Bye.

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