Our Cats Pick Our Slime Ingredients Challenge !!!
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Our Cats Pick Our Slime Ingredients Challenge !!!

August 22, 2019

>>Hey guys, it’s Karina!>>It’s Ronald from>>Sis versus Bro!
>>Bro!>>And today we’re doing cats
choosing our slime ingredients Challenge!
>>Challenge! Part Two
>>Two. So, basically we got our cats here, they’re hungry and they want treats. They’re struggling to get inside the bag, but they just can’t figure it out. So essentially, what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna have two
of a different category of slime ingredients and
we’re gonna put a little treat in front of each one, and
whatever treat they eat first, is the ingredient we’re gonna be using.>>Yeah (laughs)>>George is trying to get inside the bag. Alright so, we got two different treats. We got these ones. I have no idea what these are, I think it’s chicken or something. In case they don’t like it we’ve
got Canadian bacon/chicken.>>Yeah. (laughs)>>’Cause like our cats are technically Canadian because we are Canadian. So, they gotta love this.>>Yes.>>All right, our cats are
ready, maybe Chibi isn’t… I don’t know but she’s
kinda just sitting there.>>George is like give me
the powers of opening. (laughs)>>So let’s begin. So, guys as always we gotta
do rock paper scissors to find out who’s going first.>>[Siblings] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!>>Yes! (painfully screaming loudly) (laughs loudly)>>You tried to bite through the bag.>>George! So guys, we already did part one of this, and now its part two, and George is so big and he is actually ready,
he wants to eat the treats. Last time he was like, ugh, treats. But now he’s like give me the treats, I will bite through the
bag to get the treats.>>And when we pour it he’s
probably gonna not be interested.>>He’ll be like, oh, it’s just treats. All right, George, Chibi,
are you ready to eat things and choose our slime
ingredients, are you ready? (crickets stridulating) All right, let’s get to slime ingredients. Okay guys, we got two
different glues to start off. We got green, ew. And we got some clear glue. Ronald’s holding George back
because he just wants… (heavy metal music overrides talking) Chibi is like, (scoffs) whatever. All right so which treat. (laughing) All right we’re gonna
get this treat first. The one George was biting
through the plastic for. So guys I got my treats, let’s
put ’em in front of there.>>There you go, go! (cheering)>>Yay, good George, yay! You picked the clear one.>>So guys I got the clear
glue, exactly what I wanted ’cause who wants this?>>I mean, I want it.>>Okay. then you take it. All right, now it’s Ronald’s turn.>>So guys, I’ve got my treats and I have two options clear or green; hopefully they go for,
actually I don’t care.>>Ronald, I think you should go, ’cause George is running away.>>Go. No, please, please George, we can… We can talk, no!>>You don’t get the other one, Georgie already picked,
you can’t choose both.>>Oh, it smells gross, ah!>>What?>>Smell your fingers.>>Ew, all right, Ronald you put this back.>>No. Guys, George picked for me the green glue, so Karina has clear, I have green. Dun dun dun! (sings)>>All right, now let’s
put it inside our bowls.>>Mhmm. (grunts)>>It’s like an egg.>>What? It’s nothing like an egg.>>You smash it.>>Blop!>>Blop, blop, blop!>>Very liquid-ee.>>All right, I think I
got all of my glue out.>>Yeah, I definitely got all of mine. All I hear is air.>>Okay. So guys, for round number 2,
we got some clear purple glue and some white glow in the dark. Both are pretty okay. I’d rather have this one. I love my clear theme:
clear purple, clear glue. Pretty good. All right and I got my two little treats, I’m gonna put them up front. George is already coming. George which one you want?>>He wants that one. (laughs)>>George, you can’t have these yet. Which one you want?>>Go green, go green, green, green.>>Purple, purple, purple. Purple, purple, purple.
>>It’s the green. (laughs loudly)>>George, look how much damage
is already done to this bag, there’s so many holes everywhere. Can’t eat the slime, George.>>Yes!
>>No!>>What?>>He just touched it, he didn’t eat it. George. Maybe Chibi wants to pick.>>Chibi do you wanna pick?>>Not really.>>Aw why don’t our cats like treats?>>Like they were, at the
start of the video… (heavy metal music)>>And now they’re like just treats.>>I mean I’ll just go for
the one in the middle. And put! Green, green, green.
>>Purple, purple.>>No, not that green.>>No, George come back!>>Oh, you’re so fat. (laughs loudly)>>That’s nice.>>Look at Chibi. Ah, ah!>>No, you don’t know how to hold a cat.>>There you go. Why! And put down, go.>>Green, green, green.
>>Purple, purple, purple. Purple, no!>>Yes! Yes! Yes, oh yeah, oh yeah.>>I mean it’s okay, but I
would’ve rathered the purple.>>Aw. So, guys now it’s my turn
to get purple or green glue. I’m hoping to get green because green plus green, equals green. ♪ Quick math ♪>>Take one out. Oh, it smells bad, okay. Who wants to do their stuff?>>Chibi? (gasps) Yes, yes, yes!
>>No! No, why, Chibi. I thought we were friends. Okay so guys, I got purple glue. Not the best, but I’ll take it.>>I got the glow in the dark, actually… No, I don’t really want
it, but like still. All right now let’s
dump it into our bowls.>>Duh dun duh! (sings)>>Mine already has clear glue, so this will all be
erased once I add this. All right let’s blop it in. This is usually hard to squeeze out. (grunts) So guys, for round number
three, we got pink clear glue and blue glue, I don’t
really care which one I get ’cause I got a pretty clear base. I got clear glue and white glue so… I could get anything, it would look good. All right, time for the treats. Actually, we’ll use the bacon ones now. You know what, we won’t use them ’cause
I can’t open the bag. All right, two treats
for my two little babies. Hey, Chibi. Oh, okay you’re going straight
>>What! for the pink.
>>How?! Wait, which one were you hoping for?>>I guess I’d rather have the
pink ’cause well it’s pink. All right, good job
sweetie, good job, good job. Okay.>>Hey guys, so it’s my turn. Chibi, are you ready? Hopefully, so let’s add. Blue, yay! Chibi goes straight for the second one. Chibi, we don’t want you any
fatter than you already are. So guys, I’ve got green,
purple, and now blue. This is gonna turn out
to be brown, probably. Blue goes first. (grunts)>>All right, now time
for the pink, squeeze.>>Chibi is doing some destroying.>>She’s trying to get something through the destruction that George made earlier. And now you’re just kinda
sitting there like… Guys, he was so hungry before like… What kinda cat would have done that and now he’s just like thinking
about his life decisions. He’s thinking about why he’s so cute.>>Maybe.>>So guys, this is round number four. We’ve got orange foam
balls and white foam balls. I really hope, really,
really, hope he’s going to go for the white ones because
I really don’t want these. All right, where the treats at? Who took the treats, there they are. All right, Chibi are you just licking over yours from the last treats? I think she is, all right. Cause’ its finger licking
good, not sponsored.>>It’s like Cheetos.>>All right, Chibi, we’re ready for this.>>Go.
>>Go.>>Go.>>And in this race, go!>>Who will win, Chibi or George? (laughs loudly)>>[Siblings] Three, two, one, go.>>No, no, no, no!
>>Yay! How could you do this, no. I guess I got these. Chibi, how could you do this to me?>>She’s like, yes my master
plan is going into place.>>We were family, how
could you do this to me.>>Life without poop for
the rest of your life. So guys, round number four for me. White foam balls, orange
foam balls, two treats. Who’s going to win the race?>>[Siblings] Three, two, one, go.>>Chibi’s going for it.>>Chibi’s only after… (laughs) Orange, no.>>You got orange, orange will
suit me more cause I got pink. (yells)>>So guys, we both got orange. I guess that’s Chibi’s favorite color right after pink or
something, I don’t know. All right, so let’s just add these in. So guys, my orange balls… Oh, whoopsies. (laughs) My orange balls are ready, obviously cause they just
came out and now it’s time to put them inside the bowl. Perfect. Well, not that perfect
’cause they’re orange but like almost perfect.>>So guys I’ve got my
orange balls and it looks like they’re not so ready
but they’re going in anyways. Go inside. Okay I’m gonna let a few of
them survive this time, lucky.>>So guys, we’re at number five. We got white glitter, it looks
like snow, it’s so pretty. I really, really, really want this, and also, we’ve also
got some red fish balls. And a little off topic, George is still sad and sitting there.>>Is he hibernating?>>I don’t know, he’s thinking
about his life decisions. He’s meditating, I don’t
know what’s going on.>>Should I go up to him and be like, hi?>>No, let him meditate.>>Hibernating. All right, I got my treats almost ready. Okay, I promise Chibi,
you’ll get your treats.>>Don’t eat that.>>Where are my treats. Okay. Looks like Chibi knows what to do, she knows the game, all
right, are you ready? Go.
>>She basically gets to select
>>Go! Over here.>>Here or there and here.>>Chibi look, look over there, no here. No, not here, over there look. Chibi look, over there.>>Don’t point at the white one, no! Why!>>I was pointing at both.>>She always goes to that one, the first one is on the right.>>’Cause she just loves
these ones, look, Chibi. Did you just take the second one? Chibi why’d you take the second one?>>Bad, Chibi. You need to save some for George. So guys, Chibi got the white
glitter, I’m really happy about that cause it’s the one I wanted. So guys, turns out, Chibi is
the star of the video today. She just wants to be on Youtube. George is still hibernating.>>Thinking about life, it’s so adorable.>>So now, it’s time for
my turn on round number…>>Five.>>Five.>>Wait, wait, yes, yes. (cheers)>>Aw, Chibi, you could’ve got those. No, Chibi, no, you don’t get any more.>>So guys, Chibi chose white
glitter for the both of us. I guess she just thinks
it’s really pretty.>>Or she always picks
the one on that side.>>Maybe, all right let’s dump it in. All right, I don’t want my
slime to be completely white, so I’m just gonna sprinkle
in just enough, all right.>>Sprinkle sprinkle, sprinkle
sprinkle, sprinkle sprinkle.>>I feel like this… Oh you added so much. I feel like this is sugar, I must add a lot to make it super sweet.>>It’s December in Canada
everybody, very snowy today with>>It’s snowing.
>>some white yellow balls.>>We’ve gotta shovel through the snow to get to our driveway. So guys, that was the last round and now it’s time to add activator. Chibi and George will not
be picking our activator. Cause at the moment, we only got one kind.>>Ah, yes.>>All right, let’s just, pour some in.>>I don’t even know how much I need.>>I think that’s enough for now. All right, now it’s time to…>>[Siblings] Mix. Butut before we do that… Comment down below what
color do you think the slime is gonna be. I think mines gonna be a super light pink from all the clear glue, the
white glow in the dark glue, and all this white glitter.>>I think mine is just
gonna be brown with all these different colors and lots of snow.>>Yes, all right now, let’s
mix, three, two, one, contact. All right, let’s mix, it’s
looking really pretty. Actually, (mumbles) blob at the moment but that’s okay.>>Dun dun dun dun! Oh my goodness, there’s lots of blue, I did not even realize. Oh, green too, oh, it might
be like blue or green. Yay!>>So guys, we’re gonna keep on
mixing, we’ll see you guys in>>[Siblings] three, two, one.>>So guys, these are our slimes. Mine is white and looks like a vanilla ice cream with sprinkles. It looks almost good enough to eat almost, because it’s slime and I don’t
think slime is very tasty. It’s obviously white as you
can see and has some glitter if you look close enough, you can see some kinda
blue-ish tinted glitters. It’s also super stretchy.>>Ooh, look at that. And it’s also very satisfying to poke. Feels so good. So, if you think my slime is
the winner, comment down below #VanillaIcecream.>>So guys, welcome to the magical land of Ronald’s teal slime. So guys, if you come and enter
the awesome magic teal slime, you’ll see I added a whole lot of green and a whole lot of blue,
and I got some teal slime. I also have some yellow balls,
which reminds me of yellow balls; like beach balls kind of. In the beach water,
just all over the place. You could call those
bananas if you want to. It’s very stretchy and
it’s fun to play with. It’s very satisfying when you poke it. It’s very stretchy and you
can make it a waterfall. (sings) And then you could twirl it. So guys, if you think
my slime is the winner, comment down below… So guys, don’t forget to comment down below which
slime do think is the winner. The cupcake slime or the ocean slime. And special thanks to our cats for helping us make the slime. I think they did a pretty good job.>>And special thanks to
George for meditating.>>Yes and special thanks for Chibi for eating all of the
treats and now sleeping. We hope you like this video,>>[Siblings] If you did,
smash that like button and we’ll…>>Meow on you next time.>>[Siblings] Good bye! (upbeat music)

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